: How come riot expects us to play to win when they match us with totally different skilled players??
By having -1 you understand that far that you get whole comunity licking Riot as s whatever they wanna do so you got alot of brainwashed dumb kids who have no clue to think for themselves...Matchmaking is trash and total combined lp is looked on when making the team not the elo,skill lvl or anything else...It's total garbage... I support you INUK UK i have 9 out of 10 games with garbage players who dont know what ward is nor anything else about the game...I will stop playing i suggest you do the same break free from this.
: 14 day ban without warning or previous penalties
Same here with 14 days ban..It's idiotic from Riot to do what they do because they support trash unskilled players over hard core players and care more about the chat then anything they lack to do because they don't know how to fix matchmaking and how to make tutorials to teach players how to play this game...
: Almost a month passed, have the same problem here :S
Jel imas sbb internet? instalirao sam tune up utilities malo mi bolje radi kad sam ocistio komp i kad sam uradio defragmentaciju diskova....Probaj to a i ako imas slucajno avast antivirus moze da se desi da zbog njega ako ceka update da ti laguje.I dalje imam lag neuobicajan uvece ujutru i popodne slabije do servera je 99 % ali mozes malo da poboljsas ako proveris antivirus i tuneup utilities ako instaliras.
: Got suspended 14 days for standing up for myself... THX RIOT!
Suggestion to you GuardinGates #....Never tipe in chat just ignore ...The people who made this game are mason member witch means that they push hidden agendas.They support gay people,they support emo,they support everything to push new world order objetives..Right or wrong you are irrelevent in everything because people in higher places have more of you being angry then you being happy :) simple as that :)
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Fajerk (EUW)
: The problem with old art assets is they require a lot of time replace. There is only limited amount of artist available in given period of time, and they mostly work on new splashes for skins, new champion splashes or VGUs. If you imagine that it may take week (or even more) to make one splash and you get couple of them released every patch, you would need a lot of talented artists just dedicated to these. That would mean that there would be way less of everything else. Also value is not there. Updating old splash while not touching in game model seems often kind of pointless. Because you will eventually need to update the in game character and then you will also have to change splashes again. That's months of work for nothing. It is currently considered more practical to only update Splashes if champion it's self receives visual update, and visual updates are currently tied to the gameplay updates as there are a lot of "old" champions who also have old kit. In addition please note that while splashes take a long time to make, they pretty much show up only out of game. There are many other assets that actually are in game, be it skins, various spell effects, icons, map assets and more. Then there are other promo materials that you can see out of the game, which also require some attention. While having "up to date" art would be great thing, it would require even more time and resources to make it happen than having "up to date" champions them selves. Even now there is a long list of champions that are waiting for their gameplay rework or VGU, so making up to date art will take even longer than that. About small gameplay updates like Xin one, they are usually done by very small team of designers and they have very limited "budget" so to speak They are often having limitation in terms of art assets, such as they can only re-use some already made but currently not used stuff, or only they can have one or two ability effects made for them. It is possible they will get some assets made later if there is free artist time to do so, but usually it is rather low priority.
Alot of good points that you told and i completly understand you and feel you.But for sure you can't tell me that games that are practicly new like Smite can have in 2 weeks around 5 new skins ,5 new splash arts or updated old God with everything updated and it's done amazing..And i can bet they don't earn 50th part like LOL is earning so the budget to get new artist is not a problem.Also hard core Rioters can explain to every single detail what they want to Splash artist and chaged it until its perfect to fits the champion character and skin concept.They updated Renekton and they left Outback Renekton Splash art years ago that has nothing with updated vgu..I mean maybe i am thinking from one perspective but if other games can push it harder and faster does we are years and years old players can't have that haste to make game perfect in every way.????
Zanador (EUNE)
: Riot does have a team dedicated to champion updates including splash arts. The majority of your concerns can be answered by two things: 1. It is not a good idea to tie splash art updates to balance updates. A game update should not be delayed just because the splash art is not ready yet. And since both kit reworks and art are based on ideas, it's not exactly possible to line both of those up in a neat schedule for the coming years. 2. While i'm not an artist myself, i as i understand it, most artists do their best work if they can take the time they need, or at least close to it. I don't doubt that Riot could pay both their in-house artists and their outside crew too to start pumping out a dozen splash arts each week, but somehow i think that this would only lead us to splashes that are outdated the moment they arrive.
1. Dude i understand its preseason almost 2018 and everything but they constantly push new meta every single patch just changing the power spikes from another champion to another they will never balance the game out like this ever...Always will be 30 high elo champs and the rest if you want to win only play if you really like the champion.THey must change like they wanna change in 2018 major changes so that every single champion can be played and if player right and properly can be win with him..That's just not the case for years in this game because so many champs are not played because they have low win ratios simply because Riot with items and runes forces meta. 2.They can pay artist and hard core Rioters can explain to every single detail what they want to see in a new Splash art for every single update and every single champion every Riot personel who is hard core can do that.A splash artist will have paper with concept witch he can show up skeces of his plans and when he draws the final he can start coloring it.I am sadly very poor so i didn't get education of collage to work on programs to draw but it's not a problem for a good artist to do a Splashart even in a week notice.In game like Smite they push so much Arts that's impossible to tell me that Riot for 5 years before even Smite existed and now 4 more years can't have enough people to update Splash arts .Its a joke .The most played game in a world for sure ...There is on excuse...
: Same here.
Entire week i have that kind of lag and ping spikes.Sometimes it starts good then during the game it starts to lag.Idk what to think anymore really...{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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DeRoo (EUW)
: Do you play on wifi?
No i don't play on wifi i turned it off if anyone on earth or in neighbourhood wants to jump somehow on it to rise my ping but with turned off wi fi nobody can do anything i have 15 16 ping internet and it hurts to play game with 3000 lag at some point and loose games when it's not your fault at all its servers problem...
Abrûpt (EUW)
: In my last game I had 30 of ping and the turrets don't attacked the minions and players, it's just lagged the lol server disconnected me and all the players of this game, I need help, any suggestion? In all this week I'm begin lagged all the time, help! When I have 30 of ping, it's increase to 600 of ping, in the last game all the players of the game, had lag. Thanks, I have the same problem.
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Hazafrios (EUNE)
: see I lag with 90 ping and my ping doesn't increase, but i lag as if my ping is 600 and sometimes I disconnected. this started to happen some time this year, I played this game starting from 2016, and I had an issue with joining games but it is gone and every thing was fine until 2017, In April i started to lag for unknown reasons i asked rito for help but they did nothing but making it worse. I have seen many discussions taking about the same issue that suddenly they started to lag for no reason and it seems rito doesn't care, GL with your problem.
In all game modes same thing...I just finished coop game to see if still lags it goes over 2000 ping...I don't have anything on to take away internet or to increase the ping or jitter...I tried other game like Smite online it works fine it don't lag so it's the problem with LOL.. so idk what to say this is my second post about lag topic nobody cares ....
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Macleod T7L (EUNE)
: Will you start to update Splash Arts patch to patch over 120 outdated????? Question for Riot Employe
https://%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/sailor-gangplank-skin.jpg Treycos this is fine to you????
Treycos (EUW)
: Being old doesn't mean being outdated nor being bad Everytime a champion got reworked, it's splashart got updated with it Almost none of them are outdated
Over 120 and i can write and post every single picture and texture for them here.This what you wrote here is joke....Its not problem with being old its problem that texture and splash art don't match at all not a single bit so how can you say that i simply don't undestand...
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Who isn't you can't never adapt now..You must play whatever mirror matches all op champs every game the rest will never be played if you want to win a game....
: Can Riot please introduce a properly balanced matchmaking system to Leauge of Legends?
If they are not dumb and know how they would already make it better.....SImple as that ...Preseason torture of how it mix players with the skill lvl of a potato vs 3000 games on zed main diamonds and masters vs silvers...Fair who gives a fuck riot will still make money dumb kids will still play the game they make content for them not for a normal thinking person..We can't be exploited!!!!
: Silver? how about bronze vs 3plat 1 diamond and 1 gold....
If you think you can't do nothing i feel the same against 3 diamond 1 2 players every game with gold teammates :) same shit everywere Riot sucks so much
Rioter Comments
: Nothing to add, I just agree with everything.
How will we deal with new client when he goes live that's a bummer..
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Min Yoongi (EUNE)
: Or maybe it was for worlds? Idk...
no it was done for all the skins renekton ryze working just fine only alistar has no voiceover from worlds..... and i doubt anybody from riot even looked at this bug post to fix it....
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: Championship Jewls?
It's something build for you to waste 150 ip x(n) and to get 20 essence points when you discant them..Has no use will never have any use exp that...:)
Riryz (EUW)
: im not sure what you expect from riot? you are doing nothing. why would they give you something besides the icons for doing nothing? you have an entire game for free. youre practically demanding that more people should be winning the lottery. i absolutely do not get your point... why do you think you are supposed to get something for playing a free game that updates every 2 weeks and keeps putting out new content? you should be giving riot things, not the other way around.
I am doing nothing.Dude if you have a clue about economics you wouldn't say a think about "i do nothing".Every single player in the league do something by playing the league..Players all around the world with money from buying skins build a game if nobody cared about league Riot founders would close the game because it would had no profit in first place..Regular people are support the game to stay alive by buying content so i can see that has no clue how real World works..
Najns (EUW)
: So I "obey what Riot does" because I understand how the Pick'Em works? What, do you think Riot randomly changes the picks of players so they don't win?
Nope.They don't give fair goals we can attend to achieve.They don't need to change anything we pick etc. They are so calculated to give something that you feel that you had a chance but if you think it trough in deep you will see that odds to get that is 1 / 4000000 to be precise :) I wrote this post because you me and all the players in the league deserve something for the end of the season for the Worlds because i bought tons of skins skins to rise Words pool everything and they gave us 2 icons for Words not anything for millions of players that's what hurts me..Everyone would be happy with the lowest tier skin because we deserve it how much we support Riot and play hours and hours a day..Victorius skin at the end of the season still has nothing to do with Words...You need to play ranked and to play good to earn Victorius skin so that is for dedicated ranked players i am talking about some event that needs to have more love for regular players..
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: You have a FULL GAME for free. No micro-transactions, no F2P limitations other companies are pulling, no bull-crap. I do think that is enough already. Secondly, you don't like the way RIOT runs their show, leave it. Easy as that. Thirdly, to your original complain, it is and was meant as a LOTTERY type game or more likely like some SPORTS BET type. You don't see 123213213123 people winning the lottery, do you?!
Clap of honor for you with both hands for entire minute :) Obv you haven't seen other games to say something like that how much other games gives compared to Riot and how do they draw a new players into it by actually respecting every single player in the game and honoring him for playing the game and choosing the game...Another bw..
Najns (EUW)
: How is it Riot's fault? It's not really their fault we predicted wrong. And it was not supposed to be easy. Edit: Hi.
hhh :) millions of players they put something only 1 player in entire world can get and you say they are fair...Really i don't remember the last time i seen a player who actually think for themselves and not obey everything Riot does..
Riryz (EUW)
: so? why would they reward players with 3 ultimate skins worth about 60 euros total for not even achieving something?
Dude it's not about 3 ultimate skins i personally don't like none of them..It's about how brainwashed people are to never question Riot and how you guys just nod the head that everything they do it's perfect..Nobody has more iq to think and to say "hey we rise the Worlds pool by millions and only 1 player in entire Worlds gets something for the event".That is nothing compared how much we put into the game and we should get more rewards for playing the game and supporting the Riot..If they gave at least 260 rp skin worth i would still say they remambered all the players in the game and honored them to support the trough the years before and to come...I don't understand that you people all are this much braindead washed to say that everything Riot does it's good before putting any real toughts into it...
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: It seems like you're not having fun with League anymore. If you have so little fun then why do you play it? Just asking.
7000 - 8000 games player from season 3 start.This year i finaly unlocked all champs :) That's how calculated league is to push you to play until you play 10 hours a day.And before hextech i had only captain gankplank and zyra champion from riot for 4 years almost .Now i have few skins 4 since hextech but still its so little how much fast time goes by..
: One of the things that makes me actually somewhat angry: Uninformed, ungrateful comments.
Sure it is :) 4 chest per month you get 4 chest and unlock 4 skins if you are lucky from that you can't even get 1 skin to perma.You trade 4 5 6 skis for essense to buy and unlock perma 1 and you tell me i am uninformed :) dude :)
Najns (EUW)
: So... Riot gives you free skins with Hextech crafting ad you still want more? If you want a skin, buy it. You want to know what is one thing Riot gives us for free? The game. If it was pay to play, I'd understand if people wanted more free stuff, but it's a free to play game.
In few years you will understand how much time you put into the game and hours and how little you have in return ;)
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ortusolis (EUW)
: First of all, your arrogance is rly annoying! Thinking that you are better/above others simply because your in Plat. And yes I am a "silver noob", so no need for you to look that up. But i do agree that a basic tutorial on when to take objectives and how to close out a game would be something nice and could rly help players in lower tiers.
It's not arrogance you guys have weak everything,farm,map preasure,ganks everything is weak and telegraph.And it's not your fault you or someone else is placed to play with higher divisions because it's not fair its the matchmaking problem from Riot.Because you should always and 100% always play 1 or 2 divisions down or above your current..In your team and vs team never to have unbalanced 2 silvers 2 golds 1 platinum vs 4 platinum and 1 gold...that's not normal will it ever be normal and nobody can carry out that kind of imbalance .....
Weelah (EUNE)
: ***
Dude i checked the mmr and elo of the people i wrote in here its not guess you can check my matches to and see..It was 3 golds and 1 silver 2 broken matchmaking.. totaly... What can i do with them nothing they dont know to play at all they dont know what to do in order to win a game they just play simple as that!
Shrewdo (EUW)
: if you're plat you wont be matchmade with silver silver2 can't have premade gold 4. the problem is the hextech crafting has fked the ranked players troll pick in ranked for a fucking chest, they play champions with 0 masteries or lv.4 in ranked and make our games get fucked. you dodge several games because an idiot in your team wanna jungle morgana and top caithlyne, you get queue punished, like riot is saying to you deal with trolls, you dodge a queue u lose 3 lp and get queue punishement 5-30min riot saying to you go in ranked with trolls and lose 21 LP or go fuck your self deal with it. silver division is the elo hell.
i can show you the match history to see if i can't be matched with silver 2 and the rest golds.. : i searched after the match to see why they are so bad and when i seen that they are gold 2 silver 2 gold 3 4 id remember all of them but they were at least 5 to 8 division down and they dont know to play in general classic silvers golds mentality i am the challanger but i am in silver and 10 deaths to 15 deaths i have its nothing report me for telling them to stop group mid and go take exp and farm top and bot....unplayable
Rioter Comments
: >women cry all the time.."they" took away manhood from tons of guys :) You just proved my point. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
:) you are to young to understand what "they" means ..its not for women its for people in high places "illuminati" people who control everything the food you eat what you watch on television what you will do everything :) you are program to do what they want but you still think you are free that's the point of all :)
: Did your father teach you to be misogynistic too?
Nope i adore women but i can't stand this much people in community can't take simple talk without writing in that the dude who writes him back is toxic flaming etc...Man up and take everything as a man women cry all the time.."they" took away manhood from tons of guys :)
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