: He does have to take it literally because that's literally what you said.
Those who do have no actual valid arguments which why the latch on it.As you do.Rioter was clear, rules are clear, reports of players are clear.You need to learn to respect that your opinion can be wrong and you need to learn to respect opinion of those players who that player affected in game.
: I often disagree with people's picks but I don't encourage my team to falsely report them for playing what they want. It's just because I'm not toxic like that.
Look at riots rules.The team disagreed and she shouldn't have picked it as simple as that.Your definition of toxic is ridiculous! I don't report anyone for their picks but what he did is ridiciouls and he deserved the ban.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=MadClown,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=3K7fBWYF,comment-id=000400000000000100000000,timestamp=2016-11-22T14:28:05.840+0000) > > You mean that "off meta" pick? Yes, that off-meta. Meta states that support is supposed to play in the bot lane*. He played it in a different way. Hence: off-meta. *No, contrary to popular belief, the support wasn't put in the bot lane by God almighty himself. The fact that support plays in that lane with an adc is merely defined by the meta, and nothing else.
Boys that cry over that ban and think of it as unfair are truely special snowflakes.
: Wrong on all accounts: 1. AdelaideSkyhart communicated with great excess to his team when he was explaining his playstyle and strategy. So much that a he filled up 2 sentences in champion select to the max. (He hit the character limit). You can't argue that if a person hits the character limit twice when explaining his strategy, he is definitely communicating. (There is photographic evidence of this) 2. As said in #1, taking Singed support with smite is part of his plan. Firstly, Singed is not a champ that doesn't have any supportive capabilities. His AoE slow and his fling/stun are great tools for supports. Secondly, by using smite you can potentially deal more damage or slow a target enemy depending on how you build your smitem (a smite item), which, again are useful tools for supports. 3. His strategy, he counterjungled on level 2 to cause a disadvantage for the enemy jungler. Which in turn helps his own jungler. Let me remind you that the support is the team's backbone, not just the ADC's private bitch. Yes, his ADC took a minor disadvantage for farming alone for a while, but undeniably, the entire rest of his team was helped out because of these reasons: 1 - Enemy jungler is now weaker, so his/her ganks will be less of threat, and will probably be too little to late. 2 - Ally jungler is now stronger, so his/her ganks will be more of threat to the enemy, and will greatly improve the performance of all lanes that he/she ganks. 3 - With this, top and mid will be doing better, and since it's a teameffort, top, mid and jung can help out bot to make up for the slight disadvantage in the early minutes, all while top and mid completely dominate their lanes. Also, it's worth mentioning that, once AdelaideSkyhart has caused this disadvantage for the enemy jungler, he would not leave his ADC's lane until the laning phase was over. So it's only the first few minutes of the game that he played "off-meta" to ensure a strong mid to late game. (When I say "off-meta" it's worth mentioning that AdelaideSkyhart had well over 50% winrate with this tactic, which by definition makes it "meta"). No, it's just people that are not so nice and report people for playing something that they're personally not so happy about, and the collective toxicity and not so happiness of people cause a punishment for people that have an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset. I think that this case is a great example that it's in fact the majority of the community that is toxic, and not a vocal minority. Because if it was just a vocal minority of the community that displaying toxic behaviour, then AdelaideSkyhart wouldn't get nowhere near enough reports to actually get banned. Lastly, to see how Riot's support team dealt with it proves that Riot is fully backing up the toxic players in the community, and not the players that renew the way LoL is played by introducing innovative tactics.
He had a pre written copy paste thing he always writes.His teammates would disagree he would still pick it, and that right there, regardless if he is a genius for this new strategy or not, is a perma ban for refusing to communicate and you can't expect 4 individuals to suffer from 1.This is a team game.Thats the whole point of reports, you report what you dislike that's how riot learns what majority doesn't want!Thats why there are bans for those who say GG EZ, because most people think it's toxic.And your last sentence made me laugh if anything it proves that riot actually pays attention to reports, and what players DONT want in their game.We should all respect that, we all have to adjust to certain rules we dislike about this game.
: According to Riot it is.But imo its the dumbest thing ever.At the end of the day it's still trash talk and you aren't hurting anyone(except sore losers).I write it accasionally at the end of hard games,for example my last ranked
Funny thing is it's always the sore winner with worst KDA and cs on team that says that.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Look up AdelaideSkyhart's case
You mean the dude that queus up as support doesn't actually play it, takes singed as "support" with smite, leaves adc alone,and refuses to communicate with the team that stated that they don't agree with his intention of picking singed? You mean that "off meta" pick?
: If you have had another ban (2 weeks probably) then this ban is probably related to toxicity. If you have been boosted then why even bother posting here? If you are legit. You will get your account back through support not through boards.
And if you actually read his post you wouldn't comment that ;)
: thanks for edit but it's not helping {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Well considering its your third season playing you could have learned the names of champions.But if you want help before you make topics like these make sure you understand the game before you complain. And no i dont understand it myself hence my elo, and hence me not making threads like yours.
Horuz (EUW)
: so you dont understand it and call me stupid hehe xd i win
Do humanity a favor, don't reproduce.I am dead serious when i say this, its like you are oblivious to the things you have written.You lack basic knowledge in certain fields to make such dumb comments, but then again people like you who are uninformed, and average are always the most opinionated and vocal ones.
Horuz (EUW)
: well people dont learn then bad things happen to people who might not always deserve it but you gotta handle it and not bring it into an environment where no one knows anyone that makes no sense
What you said first time and now also makes no sense, just sometimes keep stupid things to youself thats all
koradorn (EUNE)
: I've been cheating and using hacks
Let me guess you aren't the real owner of the acc?
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Agree with Riots decision. You can play singed support, i play volibear/nunu support from time to time and used to play nautilus support before it became the meta. But i was actually supporting. This piece of shit is NOT supporting, he leaves his laners for long ammounts of time thus fucking over their entire lane, and despite people not agreeing with his roaming "strategy" he does it anyways! And he takes smite as a "support" of all things! Oh no, he deserves a ban and should drop the act already. Have fun, but not at the expense of your team.
Dunno why this got downvoted.Seems like special snowflakes can't be satisfied ever on boards.Not to mention that this thread actually has upvotes!
Praes (EUNE)
: So, you again failed to answer my question, so on your next reply you're gonna start it with the answer to my question, make it have an own paragraph how about that? So that even someone as dense as me can understand it. So, what does OP have to do with this? All I can see is that he didn't get to the rank he wanted he complained about it, said he got worse team mates than the enemy did, what did I miss? I do admit that the match making is/was pretty bad, but that does not change the nature of his comment, does it now? Please, check the definition of a troll and then use that word again (you could make the argument that it was an irrelevant reply, but then again so was his, making you, him and me all trolls, but you're not a troll are you?). And please refrain from making this a personal matter and try to remain reasonable. Sincerely yours, SuchHookMuchWow
Once you didn't read.You claimed if his team has trolls so does the enemy.You lack basic understanding about matchmaking. You started by accusing him that he is one of those who these challanger(those who claim that).From that point you showed you didn't read what he wrote.Once again he made comments about unfair matchmaking and by that he meant how can there be plat and bronze in a ranked match anyone who reads rules knows it.And I know what a troll is and you showed you aren't one, because you are simply s....
Praes (EUNE)
: Yet again, you failed to answer my question, you should become a politician you're nearly as good as they are at dodging questions. Please just answer my question, and then we can continue with the conversation. Would you kindly enlighten me then, what is the comment about if not saying that his teams are holding him back?
You are a troll aren't you.His comment is about matchmaking can you please read like the entire topic created by OP is about broken MATCHMAkING.Insane skill difference between teams.Please just please either read entire topic then his comment again or just don't simply reply to me, because I previously told you he isn't saying that his teammates are holding him back, that is something you think he said due to your GIANT ego Becuase you got a few acc to plat.Stay away from topics you don't understand!
: Nunu was actually not that bad as support before his change to Q. It's just that the ADC had to exploit the free stats from his and not many people knew that. But now when they changed his Q he's way better in the jungle, because he needs those Q stacks, you can't get those in lane.
I am not an adc I am a mid laner and I just spoke from my point of view.I really prefer someone who can make plays or protect team.
íGengar (EUW)
: I build Sightstone regardless and stay relevant for CC and peeling. Interestingly I have just started to try out Thresh and found his play style to be kind of the same as Zyra - zoning, skillshot pressure, CC. But with the meta would a tanky Thresh be a better option to a peeling/cc Zyra?
I don't mind ap supports as long as they have a vision item. But as a midlaner I would always prefer a support that can either make plays or protect the team. I am not sure I just started to pratice him in my elo (plat) good Zyra can rly fuck up a lane.
Infernape (EUW)
: I've played with an Illaoi support. She just zones people out completely. Land your E and have fun.
Bottom lane that loses to illaoi I assume it belongs in bronze
íGengar (EUW)
: What type of support do you prefer
I like you know supports, actual ones.Not those ap midlaner that decide to go support and get no sightstone go full dmg then die in one second in tf without doing anything.I won't even mention Volibear,Nunu,Illaoi as support ...
Broodpaal (EUW)
: "He did get banned because he intentionally created a bad game environment" That is not true, he did not create a bad game environment, the rest of the players did. I can tell you that if I was in his team I would not flame or make a negative out of it, I would look for ways to play to take advantage of it. The problem is not with him, the problem is with the community. I always took comfort in thinking Riot would never support people that make baseless reports... but apparently they do.
The rest of the players did?Are you serious?So 4 should suffer because of 1 individual?
: The Singed support's threat of a permaban is utter lunacy
Sorry but I agree with riots decision. This is a team game and you created a negative experience for other 4, I mean you queue up for a role while you have intention of playing another one! Ban should really stay and if this gets allowed then I'll just que up as support and take mid with zero fucks given.
Praes (EUNE)
: Would you kindly answer my question? Would you kindly enlighten me then, what is the comment about if not saying that his teams are holding him back?
Dude I don't know if you are actually stupid or just trolling now.He said the problem is matchmaking as we all experienced it (at least most of us), even riot admitted there are mistakes currently in it, being placed in wrong divisions etc.And look they rolled out a possible fix to it.He claimed the entire time it's unfair that a bronze lanes against a plat, bronze and plat shouldn't even happen in ranked!!!I had a low gold player against diamond 3 one and he fed him so hard!Point is you obviously have no understanding of the current situation, and yet you still decided to comment on it because apparently in your opinion he should carry a bronze that lanes against a platinum! So advice next time before you want to enter a discussion try to understand or read the topic!And downvotes on your comment are clear indication how ridiculous it is.
Praes (EUNE)
: Would you kindly enlighten me then, what is the comment about if not saying that his teams are holding him back?
Becuase it show you have no knowladge of the current situation and what you are saying is a copy paste answer people write here those who blame teammates, which he didnt.You failed to understand the entire comment of his and yet you decided to make such comment.
vlicnt (EUW)
: I have an interview with Riot
We all make mistakes and I think someone once here said they work for riot and they had history of being toxic. People can change and I don't think riot will judge you on that one. Best of luck on your interview :)
: how does ranked flex placements work..
Here is how they work...they don't!
Eveninn (EUW)
: As most think that the behavior in blindpick championselect is unapproriate...
I hate blind pick but I have learned here on boards that insta locking and being a dick is totally okay and not banable offense.So instead of people dicking me now I do the dick move to them.Some try to argue, some report claim others just leave.But apparently it's okay with riot to do that and also gives me my role instantly. Hail the perfection of a blind pick!
DeadJazzy (EUW)
: Cheers dude, greatly appreciate the replies! Ali / Thresh incoming
Grill! And no problem.Best of luck in the ranked climbs.
: I can't tell whether a bronze 5 player understands it or not. But knowing people can actually improve in this game watching gameplay video's off pro's and asking other people for advice will get you further and understand some points off the game later on the road. Let's say for example if the bronze dude is eager to learn and he died by a gank or gets camped and dies over and over, what did he do wrong? Doesn't he pay any attention on the map? Did he use his wards? or just plain naive thinking, nah the jungler won't gank me for the 245th time. It's about acknowledging the mistakes and have atleast a thought about it.
Have you ever thought that there are people who play in ranked and don't rly want to watch pros or don't really care about it? Point is not everything is black and white as you make it seem to be. I am plat 4 currently I am matched with high plats diamonds and occasional gold.Sadly it has happend that that one Goldie had to lane against diamond 3 player which resulted in massive feed.I am nowhere near diamond level and I want to progress on my own speed not have some random ass matching showing ridicouls range of skill in my matches. Seeing difference in skill and seeing what people post, seeing where my high plat and diamond friends where placed has proved that matchmaking is all over the place just as riot admitted. So before you judge players and cry about those who cry try to think for a second that not every player in this game is the same nor do they want to same thing.
Goofle (EUW)
: Understanding the separate mmr thingy.
All of this is just turning into one big clown fiesta.
Elijen (EUW)
: Reasons why leveling champion masteries is frustrating
That's true.For me hardest challenge was getting Zed to level 7.Not because it's hard to get that S, but because he was almost perma banned in normal draft.
Smerk (EUW)
: There are 14 days bans and permabans for leaving as well, but you need to get low priority a lot of times before that, so they are really rare
: For everyone off you crying about flex queue matchmaking
You really think a bronze 5 player UNDERSTANDS why he lost to a platinum 5 player? They cry but so do you about them crying.
Smerk (EUW)
: It is if you count low priority as heavy punishment
Being AFK in ranked after that possible surrender vote, and being punished with only low priority q is nowhere or a enough punishment for that individual that costs people's LP and time. Yes maybe he got unintentional dc but those other players recive no compensation and yet that other individual just gets low priority q.
DeadJazzy (EUW)
: Its disgusting from what i've tried with him. Yea that's a good point, i think Janna is a must. Lulu might find a place again in the assassin meta? Thinking Janna Ali Thresh Leona Braum Tahm Lulu Morg Nami They are all champs i like, but will need to narrow it down for climbing.
Oh I played lulu both on mid and supp for me she works either way. For me bard feels like a high risk champ for some reason. My brother is an actual support main and he climbs with Ali, Thresh and Morgana.But it all depends which champ also fits your play style best and what you want to for the team.
Fergator (EUNE)
: How i know i wasn't banned or something like that
Well you usually get a notification if you got any punishments, there should have been an in cilent notification and email one.If you weren't punished just contact riot support about your rewards.
Fergator (EUNE)
: I didn't get my gold frame and icon!!!1
Have you been punished recently?Banned ?Chat restricted?
SalmonDuude (EUNE)
: About that akali "nerf"....
I think she is buffed actually.Have a premade that spams her on top, unable to lose with her whatsoever.And no it's not low elo.
DeadJazzy (EUW)
: Hey thanks for the reply. Yea i love playing Braum, Tahm, is another support i really like. Especially considering some ADC's seem like Magnets for CC. Thresh always feels so squishy to me?! Ha yea i think Janna is probably the easiest, from what i see of pro streamers there are a lot of Janna one tricks in high elo.
Thresh seems squishy too me to if I build him with coin, since last hitting a minion with face of the mountain is so freaking hard for me. Yeah that's true for Janna but I also think She would be good if this becomes assasin meta.
DeadJazzy (EUW)
: Role swapping to support from mid, advice needed.
Hi there.This is my second season playing and I have been maining mid for both seasons.Last one I was silver 5, currently I am at plat 4. From time to time I play support especially when I lose confidence in mid lane.I found that climbing with support is much easier and I have a 60% win rate on it over 100 matches played. Two champs rly work for me Braum( I rly consider him a free elo) and Morgana. I have been trying out thresh lately and he seems to fit me well but still I miss those important Q's. Nami seems to be good in current meta and I think Janna aswell.But maybe higher elo then me can give a better input.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I think here we kinda have to go by the same idea that is used with other gamedecising factors: They go in both directions. Over a big amount of games you would have had your higher rated toplaner stomp the enemy lower one. I personally just go with the thought that it won't matter in the long run, the more game ssomeone palys the less important is a single one. Once People hit bigger numbers again they'll be sorted in correctly regardles of that... hickup. (A friend of mine who's plat got place in bronze 5, and already climbed to bronze 1 with +40LP gains. In the end of the day, we'll all end up where we should be soon enough. ^^)
I am aware even if I get placed low I will climb back since I saw that from last season.But the thing is it's a huge waste of time for me since I don't have as much time as some others to to play it so it takes me a longer time period to get where I was , since I don't play that often due to my work.But that's just me it's subjective anyway.
Praes (EUNE)
: So, another one of these "I deserve challenger but my teams are holding me back!" type of players? If your team has trolls so does the enemy team, if your team has unrankeds so does the enemy team, if your team plays into counters so does the enemy team. The ranked system at least soloQ is 100% dependant on your skill. I don't think I got 5+ accounts to platinum V+ by an accident, while other people are still stuck in gold V-, did I now?
Before you write a copy paste answer at least try to understand the topic and what the guy is saying or I dunno maybe READ.
: just be carefull not to make that mistake too often, after all, afkíng is still very heavily punishable. also, you just wasted quite some time for 9 other players who where looking forward to playing a game of league ;) the feature itself, however, is indeed quite good. saved me at least a dozen times in ranked games earlier this season.
"Heavily punishable" LOL
Eveninn (EUW)
: This is exactly what People would want with a hard reset. .-. A soft reset moving in the same direction, but only a small distanc etowards it.
What's the point of it anyway.Yes lots of people have been boosted by dynamic q but flex is still kinda dynamic q, and it's just unfair that some matches got lost because my gold 5 top laner fed a diamond 3 one...
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MadClown,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EKJcRpem,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-11-14T08:17:02.018+0000) > > Is your advice for us not to play flex until is fixed? > Because I am plat 4 and played a few placement matches and had players from silver gold plat and diamond in them, skill range is too wide and too unbalanced. > I haven't played them all and don't want to be placed low because my gold 5 top laner fed a diamond 3 one -.- Placements should've been fixed, and we'll be correcting it fully in the coming days. We're not saying don't play it (if we get to that point we'll disable the queue), just we're aware it's not the smoothest right now. There'll be a soft reset on season start, so preseason won't cause wild misbalance for Season 2017.
Okay.Thanks for the help
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: CONGRATULATIONS! Your are the one millionth person to make an uneducated post on this same topic! It's not "flex" queue that creates the problem. Once season 6 ended, everyone's MMR got reset. What that means, is the system detects everyone to be on the same skill level. If everyone's MMR is 0, then everyone is equally skilled and get matched up against each other, regardless of the division they were in the previous season. Give it some time for everyone to get to their deserved MMR.
How can this system work?How can a system recognize a silver player and a diamond one as equal skill?
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, We're aware of issues with MMR for players right now. The tl;dr is people weren't placed correctly - and to fix it will mostly likely require a platform downtime. We've put out some fixes for those we could fix without this downtime, but to fix everyone we'll need to do some more work. [info on the match quality/odd placements in flex](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/3m3sPjar-odd-placements-in-flex) [info on next steps to clear up the issue for those already placed](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5cm1yt/riot_socrates_on_odd_placements_in_flex_queue/d9xlksd/)
Is your advice for us not to play flex until is fixed? Because I am plat 4 and played a few placement matches and had players from silver gold plat and diamond in them, skill range is too wide and too unbalanced. I haven't played them all and don't want to be placed low because my gold 5 top laner fed a diamond 3 one -.-
Hangule (EUNE)
: my god
In translation riot makes mistakes and when players are complaining riot sticks with first decision because they are like a small stubborn child.
Hangule (EUNE)
: Do riot really think Removing Normal Draft is a good idea?
Did riot think removing solo q was a good idea?Yes they did. Does riot think removing normal draft is a good idea?Yes they do.
: What? I got perma banned for 'Flame'? This aint flame?
Reporting calling, being negative etc you really do deserve it.And you just simply write too much aswell I am sure it distracted you and your team.If you ever decide to make a new account pings are just enough to communicate!
: Ah sorry then, I think they did it so that people know more or less which rank will they get season 7. If you got like gold v last season and during preseason you climb back to gold v, if you play your placements decently s7 you may get gold v again. And I guess it's also to show you what's your level in the new meta. Ranked flex requires 10 placement matches, the division that is shown in your profile is your last season elo, since soloq hasn't been enabled yet.
How can it show my level in new meta if new meta just like came.Either way I will wait for soloq placements since I am not interested in flex anyway.Thanks for the help :)
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