: That's not exactly a mindset. It's just a play style. Someone like riven basically has to win lane to be a powerful threat in the game while tanks can just sit back and wait because they are useful basically no matter what. If they don't feed like crazy, they will always have the cc to be useful so they aren't on a ticking time bomb like riven for example. Play styles also change depending on a matchup and the timing. As an example, corki needs to be very aggressive against a zed pre 6 but after 6, play very safely. As a side note, kill steal is not a real term and such a thing doesn't exist.
As a side note, kill steal is not a real term and such a thing doesn't exist. That's why I was highlighting it with _itallics_
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: Only problem with multiplayer games is that you have to play them with other people.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
This deserves more upvotes
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Djedo (EUNE)
: "Salty".. And how do you call this post, where you generalize all LeBlanc players and call us all bitter and salty. LOL And what else to expect from somebody who has two level 5 champions: Master Yi and Teemo. How could u ever outplay LeBlanc?
i play the laner, not the lane.
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Overloard99 (EUNE)
: Oh come on leave the poor girl alone, what has she ever done to you? She is balanced if you wanna look that way. Trinity made her stronger it's not the problem in her kit or build duh...
Freerelia main detected. Have fun falling where you belong after the nerfs.
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: Hey guys, I play a lot of Yasuo, Rengar, Vayne and other flashy champs. I do my best to not be an asshole and have personally only seen a few toxic Vayne and Yasuo players (and 0 toxic Rengars). I have no idea as to why Riven players tend to be so toxic, however I have an opinion about Zed's player-base; it's the goddamn laugh. That laugh is the most obnoxious, pretentious, condescending laugh in the game and I feel like that, along with Zed's general character and voice lines, gets to the players. Any opinions?
Vaynes and Yasuos idgaf. Cause i love both of those champs. They do attract some salty players playing them. Rengars are cocky sons of bitches, but they're quiet. Rivens are super assholes. Zeds are some of the most vile people playing this game. and Lee's are your typical hypercompetitive douchebags, who believes that other 4 people in his team only exist to get him fed.
: same thing with all flashy "playmaker" champs. especially if they have boobs. they attract angry and attention-hungry teens who desperately need to show someone who's boss like shit attracts the flies. you won't see them play janna.
Yeah Ahri players are quite pretentious.
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: I may be smurfing but I can't carry this
: After working my way back to plat, i am sad. every game is the same. (come, ridicule my salt)
Isn't platinum the cesspit of ranked que? I've never seen people say that platinum is fun.
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Bombardox (EUW)
: champions mains in a nutshell
i don't like {{champion:92}} mains, but i really fucking hate {{champion:64}} mains.
: Ok just stand still when LB blows her cds. I main midlaners, especially ap assassins. I also main Lux. I know LeBlanc is easily beaten by a capable Lux, because I destroy enemy LeBlancs when I pick Lux. If you wanna cry instead of dealing with it go ahead, I'll leave you to it.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Ahri JP voice overs went overboard, confirmed.
Figures. It has something to do with the no.1 wank matereal in league of legends.
Iao (EUW)
: I'm surprised at the lack of {{champion:107}} I mean let's be honest, once he gets fed he's possibly the most boring champion to play against as a carry
Assassins are like definition of 'fun to play as, unfun to play against'
Frightpest (EUNE)
: Your Opinion: Most Boring Champion
{{champion:143}} - literally burst mage number 24. But atleast her appearance is unique and her voice acting is appealing. {{champion:51}} - i don't find right clicking from 630 range very appealing. {{champion:85}} - i tried to like him. But he's not my cup of tea.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion have you felt connected to the most since you started playing? :)
{{champion:58}} - First champion i unlocked. Back in the days of S4 he was considered the Top dog of the top lane. Basically the reason i started to play this game is because it's a warrior crocodile with Illidans sword. How cool is that? {{champion:38}} - Because he's basically an Antimage of this game. Or he used to be. {{champion:39}} - Because she's a girl who isn't objectified and made to look cute to teenagers. She's actually badass without trying hard to make her look so.
Brolando (EUW)
: He's technically pretty easy to play on a basic level, but to fully utilise everything in his kit and to use him at his maximum potential? That takes skill. I don't see how you can say this with a straight face while I constantly see Lee-sins fail ward hops, using their ult incorrectly, trying to 1 V 5 and dying, hitting their Q and then tower diving and dying for nothing etc. I actually really don't like having a Lee-sin on my team because it feels like a handicap.
That's what i was saying. And i agree with this statement. Lee players tend to go into games, take every damn kill and then get absolutely focused in teamfights with their glass cannon build {{item:1408}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} and then u loose the game, because all the kill gold was in his possession. Or they be a total burden on your team, kick enemies to safety, miss their Q's, proceed to get kited and feed like at charity event in Ethiopia.
: Well try yourself . I promise its not that easy. Lee strong and always viable in skilled hands tho.
I tried him several times before his ult buff. Felt like i was cheating.
fairpaddy (EUW)
: People who say they 'smurf'
Smurfs are the reason newer players don't keep on playing this game. There is no learning experience if you got roflstomped in lane 0/10
: What's the biggest asshole-move you can do in a 4v5 for you?
3 man towerdiving a guy that was afk for first 5 min in the game (ranked games are an exception, but still extremely BM). Typing "Gg Easy after winning a 4v5"
: He is a high skill cap hero. As for balanced, I shall not comment on the most dominant and popular jungler since as far as i can remember (started this game in s3)
High skill ceiling - I agree 100%. people dedicated on playing him can do amazing things. Playing him at the basic level is too damn easy and rewarding.
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Grammos (EUNE)
: What are the couples of LoL ?
{{champion:75}} and the minions.
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ArTanis4 (EUW)
: Finally we found a way to counter Rengar
What's with this irrational rengar hate
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: Top: {{champion:98}} - Most boring champ ever. I'm still trying to understand how some players can actually like and main him. Mid: {{champion:105}} - The more i see this guy played, the more i hate him. It's not like he OP or something. It's just hella boring and, when i face him, i very often appreciate more very skilled players that stomps me than lousy players that dies immediatly after an E. Jungle: {{champion:64}} - The everlasting @_insert favorite disease here_@ of LoL. Season 6, and he is AGAIN hauting 1 game on 3, and STILL getting away with it with no proper nerf to his incredibly broken mobility. There is nothing to do: this guy is a torment that anyone who loves this game must cope with, or leave. ADC: {{champion:51}} - The more i play against this lady, the more i'm convinced she is the {{champion:83}} of the bot lane. You face her, and you are doomed to be pushed in front of your tower for half the game. Then, you win. That's right. Most of the time, in very bad hands, all the relentless pushing of this champ is completely for naught. Still, a lot of players believe she is the "safest and easier adc" and play her like she is immortal or something. They rapidly learn otherwise. Support: {{champion:12}} - Why someone should play this guy when there is {{champion:412}}? I don't know, but some people really like him. Again, facing the cow it's incredibly boring and when you find one that it's just going to just stay there and be poked endlessly, you would almost like him to be better because, otherwise, it's really not even funny. Most often then not, you are just pushed away from the enemy ADC, just to make sure you win. At least, you know it's going to be over soon.
Damn right. Lee is like the New York Yankees of League of Legends. He's everyone, everywhere, everybody likes him. And when he's off meta, He's still popular. Just kidding Lee sin isn't off meta. He is the meta.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: I hate playing against a random not very popular pick and get stomped because of some little changes in the last patch.
Felt bad to be stomped by a Garen back in a day before his rework.
: {{champion:238}} When he is picked you know exactly, unless HE screws up terribly you wont kill him EVER! Just no chances to effectivly snowball by playing better than he does. Mostly you are forced into terrible builds. And even more waste of gold because you are as well forced to keep the river permanently warded. Additionally you cant even play as aggressive as you want (post6) because the second you use your CC offensivly he will just press R an kill you without any chance to fight back.... Such a great Champion - dat game design - so wow!
Not only that, people who pick Zed go into games expecting to stomp everyone. And when they don't they throw temper tantrums about how jungler is bad and should uninstall. Laning against him is bad. This champ brings the worst attitudes and most stuck up and vile people in this game.
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