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: Everyone has it :-) The icons are ordered by a background number - these aren't always "in order" due to when and how they were made. This particular one has quite a high number and because of that, sits above the rest :-P It's not quite a bug, not quite intended - just the way it happened to be made.
I am getting annoyed by it myself, and have been for a while. Do you at riot have any intentions of fixing that particular one? Just a little thing people would appreciate just as when you added the the swirling circle in the corner during loading screen :-)
Hillnor (EUW)
: Thankfully they added and adc, because having Gnar as the closest to an adc was prtetty annoying. They won't change it no matter if you think its a bug or a bad decission, don't expect them to change it, so if you wan't to make the event with kog you'll have to buy it. I'm not saying I agree with this, I'm, just saying they won't do it.
feelsbadman, I am allowed to hope they just forgot to tho
Xêm (EUW)
: Nah he was added later. At first it was only 5 champs but they added Kog'Maw. The champ rotation went together with these champs, but nog Kog
That doesn't mean they shouldn't add him now anyways tho
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: Wasn't there cases of poppy´s ulti having really strange interactions with Bliz&Thresh hook and some other abilities? I like her ultimate, both for the effect and the occasional lulz.
that i am not so sure of, but poppy can at least launch minions with zilean bombs, to then have the bombs explode at normal time, for some epic snipes
: So wait, morde can "buff" a ball so to speak and Syndra can pick it up and throw it? Dark metal orb of misery, both the instant and slow kinds. Somehow i get this image in my head of Syndra standing with a golf club with morde assisting her and they just fire those of into the distance to watch the following mayhem, panic and general confusion.
i am not sure if Syndra is able to throw it afterwards, but that would be kinda like poppy ulting away minions with a zilean bomb, just easier to hit with. but yes, morde is able to w his allied syndra balls
Fake Masks (EUNE)
: Probably a bug cause of the minion coding thing. The same reason {{champion:121}} isolation was canceled by champion abilities for quite a big amount of time lmao.
i am just thinking how unfair it must be for a kha to jump in and his dmg gets reduced cause of syndra ball beeing on the ground lmao
The Febos (EUW)
: It's a bug if that happens. That sort of stuff can happen because most, if not all, abilities in league are coded as minion entities (at least they were). In that case, if Syndra's Q isn't handled correctly, that bug can happen. I don't have Syndra, so can you tell me if that is 100% consistent.
I remember when azir was released he would be able to farm enemy jayce gates for gold and xp, this is only happeneing to syndra ball atm for what i know, so i dont think it works like that with all things coded as minions
: No way, is this real?
try it out with yourself and a friend I am a good friend with the number one Mordekaiser player (according to lolskill) and he thinks its so funny to abuse when people dont expect the sudden mordekaiser w pops out of nothing almost
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GGU Fox1ne (EUNE)
: sure :D
Add me When you can, i am currently on
GGU Fox1ne (EUNE)
: done ;p
you wanna play a game together or something sometime? maybe add me to your friends list? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
GGU Fox1ne (EUNE)
: Mid Laner LF Team D5+ for Ragnarök tournament
Hello TyL Fox1ne, i am also looking for a team to play with for ragnarok, i havent played my soloqueue placements yet this season, but i am pretty sure i can manage diamond in not too long. last season i was able to go from plat 2 to d5 on the last day of the season by playing morde top. I am pretty much able to play adc, mid, jungle and top to a diamond level. so i could be a nice filler fit if there is a role we could need to fill. contact me if you wanna follow up :D


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