: Bugs happen. simple. No compensation should be given. IF said bug happened furing the games then that would be different. As for cancelling appointments. ARE YOU STUPID. Real life before games man.
depends on the game and game activity, i did cancel plans for clash, but i would never cancel something for the URF, and the idea to "lets give them urf because clash didnt happen" is an insult
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: What champions got nerfed because lethal tempo was too strong?
twitch did, and riot did point out that majority of player doesnt take lethal, yet still nerfed him for that reason, i dont remember correctly but 1 or 2 more champs did got nerf too, even more got nerfed because of shockblast or whatever
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: SG Taric mythic skin incoming
Taric was a Star Guardian before it was cool... ( [Armor of the 5th Age](https://%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/armor-of-the-fifth-age-taric-taric-skins-taric-lol2.png ) ) P.S. i miss the old taric... when he could actually heal...
: Janitor Jax
And yes... Bee singed also was a Community skin and now its official... so how about Janitor Jax too? Pwease? Will pay money..
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: The skin technically speaking already exists as a custom skin. "Very serious full AP jax". Google that.
we discussed it 2 hours ago. technically a world is a beautiful place to live in too :D
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: And homeguard speed buff is him riding the bucket like a skooter xD
Treycos (EUW)
: Yup, the videos you see on youtube with this skin (Kshaway) are using a 3rd party program to use custom skins However be carefull with them, some are forbidden for giving you access to other features and some other will bring you viruses Not worth IMO
and thats why i hope, the Riot will make it as a purchasable skin (or at least as a gemstone one, because i would buy hextex to get this one anyway) and with the needed effects...
Treycos (EUW)
: It already exist as a community skin ;)
well i dont see it in the shop, and the one i saw in youtube... doesnt have expected sounds and extra particles which would make it truly epic as a least
Rismosch (EUW)
: You realize that Riot can't make every skin ever suggested. Not only that, but did you also realize that it might not fit his style, making it very unlikely to be implemented into the game.
i do, and i still ask it. but it also might fit his style, which i think does. you are talking about style, ok, what about galaxy fizz? whats fitting having a fish in cosmos? blood moon kennen? striker lucian? not all skins have meaning or "something that fits" (yes striker lucian is made after a real football player... well why cant Jax be made after a janitor then m? it has a meaning- Jax cleans all the mud/trash (and the good) players in the game, so why not)
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: New client, friends list
also, cant click on the links in chat anymore
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: Thing is... they can't. These skins would get very weird if they didn't have real weapons because their theme doesn't fit having silly weapons. And only half of his skins do this not most... And kass is fine... Remember that silenced can mean many different things so it's universal enough to be fine without his silence despite it referencing it.
but you cant just "buy" the skins who doesnt have weapon, they are either limited edition or plain impossible to get (PAX)
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: I believe you can also just press R instead of alt right clicking
thats for victor ultimate. but i never tried it with morde, anyway, the problem is still the same, the dragon cant attack the commanded target, he just sort of stays in lane and is good for nothing but tanking tower.
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