Makoboss (EUNE)
: Why is EUNE and EUW board not separated?
Well I feel like this explanation is not good enough - boards are for some time already and it was always this way even when game was more popular, also there are language specific forums and there is no excuse for keeping them. I complain a little bit about looking for people to play, there is no reason to keep them in same place as you would need account transfer.
: What am I doing wrong in ranked?
Hello, it is hard to judge from match history, I guess you might be having problems with judging whether to trade or not. More games and better champions knowledge will definitely help but you might wanna upload your replays somewhere so we can point your biggest mistakes.
Eratos (EUW)
: 42% winrate and he can climb p2..
It is possible that account was bought or the player has loosing streak and fell down. Also at divisions V you are secured from demoting to lower tier for few games. Remember that amount of LP you gain and loose is dependant on your win ration (or hidden ELO/MMR) so those players will not go higher until they improve their win ration.
: Teammate complains about my build
Currently Ghostblade and Essence Reaver are most popular 1st items on Jhin so do not worry about it. You have to be mentally prepared for salty players who blame everything and everyone. Just focus on the game {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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