Chyn94 (EUW)
: ***
Teahyun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=MfGqh4oi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-27T12:10:02.832+0000) > > Most likely the Triumph rune. > > Get's a bit of health for killing you, then gets instantly damaged again for around the same amount. Making it look like it didn't do anything. you must be blind , he took 2 turret shots at low health. The first one is visible and triumph takes time to proc after kill. That would be while yasuo is in the brush and can easily be chcked in a replay, either way, the triumph heal is nowhere near enough to take 2 turret shots. Heck even with shield + triumph its not enough. But he didnt have shield either because you dont hear the sound effect nor visual. the game is bugged clearly
Hey, shield doesn't even activate on turret shot
Shamose (EUW)
: Most likely the Triumph rune. Get's a bit of health for killing you, then gets instantly damaged again for around the same amount. Making it look like it didn't do anything.
im pretty sure its bug, I hope someone from Riot will confirm or at least tell us something. I was already tilted cuz of that yasuo dominating :D
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: Buff mid lane Taliyah
Agree, i stopped playing her after otp-ing for 200k after i saw the changes
: Ahri vs Yasuo in lane help!
Take a look at how Faker moves in lane. Try to copy that. He moves so unpredictably. This is important when Yasuo has his Q stacked, you dont have to fully back and potentially lose xp and farm. And he is most vulnerable right after he launches his tornado. Maybe you have room for improvement there. Cheers
: Client buggy as hell
yep, im trying hard to get to gold and i get nice support that wants to coop (finally) and i cant ban :( lost my nice support and LP too XD
: How did it fix itself. Did you leave the client open or what ?
I think client was open, i just went to do something else, when i came back, it worked XD
: well how ? did you keep going in the circle, or did you exit LoL and start it again or... ? nevermind, it really just fixed itself, strange.
Well i tried 10 times, then i just quit. Tried after 10 minutes, Works fine XD
Mala Dvojka (EUNE)
: Problem with client - can't play
Okay, it just fixed itself. Lol
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: If you keep blaming riot for your loses it wont get better...
Ye,ye, its all good with their system :)
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=brankost,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=TJWJtB0m,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-29T12:15:26.079+0000) > > See, i just had a game with b1 support. Their adc was gold5. Is that okay Riot? Their jinx had 30 kills, our janna was 1 14. Is this fair game? If i cant call my friend that is 2 divisions below or above me, how does this can happen? I lost 30 of 40 games because of this. From gold4 to silver2. There were games where i fkd up, okay, but this is rly hilarious. I feel that its never been worse. Ever. Every game there is troll, int feeder or afker. And we just keep losing LP. I gave a lot of Money to Riot, this is what i get :) Enemy had blitzcrank of silver 5 and the reason why there were silver 5 and B1 supports was because your xayah premaded with that janna. Yet probably mmrs on each team's players(after premade bonus) matched nicely so in terms of raw matchmaking ratings the system saw that it had done its job and called it a day.
Okay, so we came to conclusion that Riot wanted me to lose that game and therefore put me with that premade. Thanks for answer mate XD There are also games where things are opposite but i dont enjoy those at all. Really rare good games.
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: Same problem here, I can't seem to poke enough in lane so my damage chart is always lacking...
I think Q range is too small. Its not even a poke. Q sucks. I never had more than 6k damage.
: It is again the sectet about the S in lol :D but if u lower your deaths place as much wards as u can and try allways to poke im sure you will get the S soon :)
Honestly, im ok with C if I win :D It just feels good when you carry your team as support and get a highest grade :D
: The problem about grades is, that it doesn't give you an instant S if you play well. The system looks at the average performance of every Rakan player. If you are better than the average Rakan player, you'll get an A+, maybe even an S- or an S. If you're only "average", you'll probably get a B although you may have carried your team a lot, warded a lot and never died. And there's the problem with getting an S on popular champs. If a champ is heavily overperforming, super strong and everyone plays it/him/her, it will be way harder to get a good grade on that champ. On the other hand, if a champ is underplayed and you're really good with said champ, your chances of getting an S are way higher, even with an average number of kills/deaths/CS etc. just because the number of "good" players is way lower. I personally don't know how I should think about this system. It has its pros/cons, it makes it harder to get high grades with an "easy-to-play" champ while rewarding you for mastering champs with a high skill cap but it's also really frustrating sometimes. I had some champs where I got one S after another before hitting Level 5....and from that exact point I didn't get an S for ages. Did I get worse? Did I change anything? No, it was just the champ getting more popular after one patch. But I remember reading about the system getting a "rework". I'm pretty curious if and how it will be changed/improved in the future. :)
Yea, makes sense, Rakan is popular now for sure. I got a lot of S and S+ with thresh that's overpopular, but I struggle with Rakan. im looking forward to that rework.
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: > make penta kill Do you really think this is a unique strenght that Lux has ? {{champion:16}} can get pentakills too...
LOL. Dude, she is an assassin now. Wake up. Imo, op champs right now are fizz, lux and maybe twitch. Im not one of those who cry for every champ. But lux is too strong now. WHAT THE %%%% IS THAT COOLDOWN DUDE FOR ULT DUDE?
: She is a artillery and....enchanter support? Mage hybird. Which in effect translates into her post 6 being a laser cannon. That sometimes shields her allies. That's it.
That's it...
: Mister champ that beat me is broken because I can't win against it.
Infernape (EUW)
: Magic resist? Exhaust? Hard CC? Dodging his ultimate?
Magic resist? he gets void staff, and? Dodge ult? Not sure that's easy. Its not even skillshot. Hard cc? Press E and what then? Please boy...
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: Fizz is ridiculously op. I main Kayle, and even though I am an anti-assassin, his r has a faster cooldown than mine, so I die. Then, he hops to me, under turret (even if I used my r against his r) and insta-kills me. Riot please tell me that is good champion design. PLEASE
Agree man. Someone please, explain me how to counter fizz with lich bain and rabadon, thank you. He doesn't need to be fed, he needs 2 items, one of them lich bane, and that's it. Combo, you are dead. His R cooldown is ridiculous. Every time I come back in lane he just ults me under turret, combo, and get out. Yes, as soon as I walk back to lane. Cooldown is just...
: IMHO she is outshined by Amumu in most aspects
Sejuani is very good champ to carry your team. Buy her. She can do so much. Not that she is fun as hell, but she is funnier than amumu :D I love when I have sejuani in my team. so much things she can do for team.
: Funny how you complain after he got so many nerfs and changes that made him somewhat balanced, compared to what we had to deal with before anyway. I mean before he didn't even need ignite, he could E on you, press W, Q, and walk away fadeaway because W was worse than ignite. Stop complaining and l2p.
Hahahah, no, he can't R Q W anyone now. Please man. I agree fizz is one of the most cancerous champs in game, when he gets his {{item:3100}} he can kill ANYONE below 2000hp. R> Q,W>E out. every time. no skill required. nothing. Shit champ so much.
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: Go and flame for a few games, let's see how they don't do anything. Also "there are many" without following up with a list of at least three is not an argument. Unless there's just two, but then I wouldn't call that many.
Instead of 10 games chat restriction they can for example lose a lot of LP, cant obtain IP for 20 days, cant play ranked for 20 days etc... Point is, chat restriction Is useless shit.
: How about stop making posts like this? Nobody cares, typical LoL match, everyone here has already seen that, as, you know... They play this game too, wow. When you find something new, THEN come and post a screenshot of it, thank you.
How about Riot do something about that? I played Dota too, and their community is a lot less toxic. There are many ways to stop or minimize this kind of behaviour.
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GLurch (EUW)
: Giving to much feedback could make others find ways to avoid the system, which is not good. It could also get really annoying (just imagine having every 3rd game such a pop-up all over your screen, that a player has been punished). Giving no feedback at all could give the players the feeling nothing is done at all.
I have no problem with getting feedback after EVERY game if guy who is punished deserves it. All you have to do is click OK and pop-up is gone. I don't see a problem there.
Kraungard (EUNE)
: Did you report?
I did but I rarely get feedback, I wanted to share it with you guys
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: Autofill is not the problem. The problem is that everyone is having too much damage and the more people you have who can oneshot people win. Playing a tank and doing a good job at that deosn't matter anymore. Its all about damage, damage and even more damage.
I just played game, they crushed us, they looked like 5 premade platinums, push, all together, objectives, everything. My team was just... Lost. Also, if I have 20/5/16 and lose game because some malphite support 0/20/5, we both lose same amount of mmr right? Lp too? Its just soooo messed up, game is becoming one BIG piece of crap. All they do is buff dmg and nerf dmg, that's all...
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: it's due to autofill. since people cried about the queue times,riot introduced autofilltofix queuetimes.nowpeople cry about autofill so riot is at a loss. you cant have one without the other. hence why ipropose making autofill optional. but that would drastically increase que times again
I would rather wait 10 minutes for a good game than 3 minutes for shitty one. And, I think it's not all about autofill. There is something broken :D
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Rioter Comments
: Matchmaking.......
Dude, give up, as we can see Riot is doing nothing about that, not even saying anything. They don't care. I realized that, they don't care for low elo. they don't care for silver/gold. I stopped complaining because I realized they just don't give a shit for that. all they do is making more money. more skins to buy, more champoions, although I play league for over a year and I don't have half of champs. matchmaking worse than ever, grinding whole my life and getting feeders/trolls every game. that's our story.
karolmo (EUW)
: Low elo games are messed up. (TLDR: Autofill and Placements need a fix)
Thank you my friend, I agree with every single word. This game is so good but so bad because of this things. I know, im silver, ok, but make this game playable for us silver/gold noobs. Matchmaking is fkd up so much.
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: I remember a friend of mine telling me something back in season 4, he was diamond and climbing and I was Gold. I was experiencing something similar to what you're described. His advice was after a four or five winning streak, throw a game badly. Lose really hard. Apparently what this done is apply something of of a buffer to your MMR so you don't end up having to carry those that are performing badly.
Lol I will try, although I hate to lose :D thanks
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orrvaa (EUNE)
: the hour here is now 1:30 Am so i dont know if we play in the same time (i go now to sleep) anyway you can add me to friend list orrvaa, and if we will be log in the same time we will play ^_^. and about flaming you should try to avoid it so you wont be banned sometime, i for example say "i can't win with you" when i am tilted so i can't get ban for it.
Yes,we are the same time zone, and I fell asleep last night haha. Will add you.
orrvaa (EUNE)
: first of all i am main support (taric) gold last season and this season from today :D 1) as to main characters, in these elo most of the players have main only one champion, it is hard to have the mechanics for every counter pick, so i offer you to main one or two champions that you will know that you can play with them above average so you can carry. and know that every update there could be other meta champions so you can try others but you should try to stick to those who you already know 2) as build you should try some until you get a list of items that you can choose, against heavy AD team or against heavy AP, against a team with utility, and so on... so you can feel when you need more life steal or other stats, just remember the ADC role is to do the most dmg in game so he could kill in team fights (not every 1v1 is a good idia for adc especialy this season). 3) objectives, as support i feel like sometimes i am the one that see better the flowing of the game, so i comunicate when i can, write if needed, pinging and more, they dont listen, i continue pinging it the only way to make 5 diffrent people do the one job for win. (the only way a support can carry) 4) there are a lot of teams that hard to carry, you should always (at least try) know what happening in the game, say good job or thanks when a player did a good move, if they did something not good, say to him "next time..." and dont blame him. and for starting the game with good mood i like to say hi or talking with them befor the game start so you will brake the ice as players and not flamers. and ask them not to flame. 5) someone flaming (anyone) [ just in your team ;-) ] tell him to stop, and if he continue mute him and tell your team to mute, better only one tilted then every one. this way i got last season from bronze 3 to gold and this season from silver 4 to gold, it hard but it posible and espicaily when the only one who go S- or more is you (and i did it as a support)
I love when i get guy like you in team. Lets duo bot lol Sometimes people tilt me so much I start to flame without control, but i try to be calm as much as I can.
Hantusa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=brankost,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=y8rQ7Lbn,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-02-14T21:54:39.448+0000) > > Wow, thanks for lengthy answer! > > Yes, i play League for year and a half and I realised that I'm older than 95% of players. I was toxic and tilting a lot but now i try to learn from my mistakes and to learn from people that are better than me to get better. League is cool but there are kids mostly. Oh yea, I'm 25. How many older than me are there on rift? At least in my elo :D Whoaw, if 25 is old, I'm ancient:'/
And, how it feels when a 16 year calls you a kid? :) Problem is, online, you can be whoever you want. Whatever you want. :)
: I think the line between being a guy who dont help teammates and is called a troll from teammates and could be banned if reported AND playing smart and not helping out of position or just newbie teammate cuz else would give enemies double kill or 2 for 1 which if not better for your team, is very thin. BTW in bronze/silver many teamfights start this way- a player play reckless, enemies jump to kill him but everyone else tries to "help" go to fight and most of times the result is lost teamfight and game after few more TFs like this, and yes, they dont learn from mistakes, dont ward enough, dont think what is really important and when to fight, push, chase or where to farm... Also its hard to splitpush when your team start teamfights all the time even when enemies got advantage and enemies push your base or they 4v4 and 1 comes for you. Also i think we should discuss maybe even boring meta champs AND pick order. Example: 2 in my 3 ranked games i played, a player dodged the games when i shouldve be last pick of my team so i start 1st pick -whatever i pick, im screwed little or more. Even when im 5th pick of my team, my lane enemy HAVE TO pick after me /enemy's 5th pick/ and counters me leading to harder way to get fed and try to carry somehow.
Exactly! People just starting fights for nothing in enemy jungle with no vision at all, its so painful to play! We are behind, they are getting fed, but our malphite support full ap engages again and again! It hurts. I know i dont belong here, i just need to work more on mechanics.
: ***
In silver/gold meta is not that important i feel. People are aleays afraid of same champions. Always same bans. Always same picks. Lee, zed, yasuo, vayne, darius, cait a bit, you know. Skill wins games here :D I started to main Jhin, i really lovw lethality build. Gives me mobility with yoummus, defence with edge of night, and a lot of damage. I don't care for meta,its silver. Right? :D
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: 2 things. 1) Don,t die. 2) when alive and you can push, PUSH!
So, instalock Trynda top and diamond here I come! :)
: ***
I just tell myself Rito wanted me to lose that game. I have to be at arouns 50% winrate. Haha, i feel better, what can I say. :) Ye, another thing. When im behind and their AP mid is going to carry (i need mr), I dont know should i buy def items, qss or whatever i need at that point or should i get some damage first. What shoukd I rush first? When I'm ADC, should i get that BF or first get cloak?(its an example)
: ***
Lately I'm mostly ADC. I try to counter pick as much as i can. If there is Nautilus or Blitz or hard cc comp enemy team i pick Sivir or mobile ADC. But its so hard to tell these guys in this elo something. They get it all wrong. I try to tell them to counter pick or buy items properly but they rarely cooperate. Toxic and ignorant AF. Its hard to climb. Im not smurf :D
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