: So much Toxic players
Ima tell u that its useless to cry on leagueoflegends boards about toxic community , like iv been searching these boards since 2015 and everyday someone creates topic ''community toxic'' ''why all so toxic'' like its been discussed since the game has started and no1 has no explanation why this game is worlds most toxic game. its just about humans , we dont agree our own mistakes and we blame others , thats the best excuse for toxicity.
: "Oh no champ X isn't banned let me dodge 6 games in a row chase there's 0 penalty till i finally have the match up i want, who cares about other people that might only have time to play only 1 game and now have to wait again and hope they don't find an a***ole like me that keeps dodging every time they want to." I'd rather lose a ranked cause of a troll(AND LET0'S BE CLEAR ON THIS SOMEONE THAT PLAYS BAD ISN'T A TROLL, PEOPLE ARE NOT FAKER WHO PLAY ALL PERFECT) and report him knowing i won't have him again in a game than wait 50000 hours before i could actually play.
I have many times less than 1 hour time to play ranked before i go to work , and sooo many times i cant even count how many times the trolls and %%%%%%edd people who picks troll support or instapicks mid/top has wasted the 1 hour before work just because the one idiot who is the faker fan2 and wants to play zed and feed 0/10 and he was autofilled and he doesnt play supp just because autofill , guess how many times i've wasted time ingame because of these , how many hours i'd save by dodging? ALOT , so dodging is part of the game we all can agree that. PS: I would understand if dodging was only 5minutes always 1 dodge but the timer grows always more and more that tarded IMO also the LP loss is tarded too. just because you dont want to play with idiots and u want to dodge you lose LP + 5 to 10min timer .
: Riot will never get rid of or change the dodge timers, because the players that keep dodging have to have some sort of a penalty for it. Just because you can't play X champ or X champ isn't banned doesn't give anyone an excuse to dodge, you have to learn to play around the bans and picks and adapt where necessary, just like everyone else does.
I guess you didnt even read the topic i created , i never was speaking about dodging on bans/picks , i was speaking about trolls/%%%%%%s. also dodging is part of the game so penalty for dodging is stupid as i stated below^
: It's not just you playing the game, and when you've gone through 6 dodges in a row in champ select, or before they took the dodge away from ban stage, it gets to be extremely annoying, having to wait again for the 7th time for the queue to pop again because people can't play the champ they want or the lane they want. Everyone is autofilled and every champ is bannable...something people have to deal with unfortunately...so yeah 5 minute timers are well deserved after every dodge, and after 3-5 dodges in a row, i think they should start deducting LP
Tl;dr but i think i writed this topic for nothing since riot employees cant give a %%%% what their players says. maybe add new skin to solve problems :Thinking: @Riot employees@
Smerk (EUW)
: Because it's annoying when you can't start a game, because of all the dodges. You're not playing this game alone. In fact you waste a lot of other people's time by dodging. I think they should add 100 LP penalty if you dodge 3 times in a row
So you tell me that trolls doesnt waste other time/LP? and losing 100 LP 3rd dodge sounds %%%%%%ed as %%%% , never heard as halorious joke as this LOL
: I need psychological help here
Blaming others becase they doesnt accept own shit play
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The S1ash (EUNE)
: Toxic players in pre-game lobby and I am punished by losing LP
Leaving is just -3 LP , if you went ingame with that troll it could've been -20 LP , choose wich one either.
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: To The Toxic Talon That Reported Me.
First of all that toxic talon didn't know when he report's someone for inappropriate name , the player wont get banned , riot just wants him to change name.
: Punish inting???
They needs to run it down more than 1 games per 2 weeks
Seph80 (EUNE)
: Yasou Bans
: Did i deserve the 2 week ban?
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