: OH, btw, after reading this, if anything think "yeah u deserved it" or "it was my fault", pls give me the details, maybe it was just me gotting pissed one-sidedly, but really curious if thats the case...
Just play defensive and you will outscale Quinn after lane. You don't always need to be the center carry, instead let twitch help other lanes, be patient and wait for your own powerspikes. There's no reason getting angry at Twitch, just ignore him and focus on yourself.
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Shamose (EUW)
: https://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_GB#euw
More than 10 whole day since the bug, they still haven't fixed it... Ugh
: PLS nerf Camille's thighs
Lol, just found this thread. Can confirm, needs a moderate nerf
: %%%% you Riot Games and your corrupt system
Off topic but fiddle support is actually really good this meta.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I reached Honour level 5 today. Takes about 120 matches - with consistent honouring - between checkpoints.
I received lvl 5 today. I've gotten honored so much and it took so damn long, I haven't seen anyone else lvl 5 so far which probably means it will take even longer for the avarge Joe.
: It is, at least for me. As a lower rated player, I always get one plat player in my normal drafts. Imagine seeing a challenger player against you in your games, and you'll see how not fun this feels ^^ Flex at least puts me closer to my own soloQ mmr, so it's less of a coin flip.
I fully understand, while I've never been queued together with a challenger I've been queued with all from lvl 27's - > bronze 4's - > master. And I'll tell you why this doesn't bother me. I personally feel the games are balanced and not based upon rank but MMR. Games don't feel one sided towards the master or contrary to the bronze. I may be wrong but games still feel reasonably balanced.
Maksimovica (EUNE)
: When will EUNE be able to play Draft Normals 24/7
I only play draft, I wish it was enabled 24/7. Don't think that'll happen though. Queue times aren't even that long and I have balanced games. Maybe it's different in other elo
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