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: Spent 100 of euros for bunch of blue essence, that is useless
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
DJ8838 (EUNE)
: New Demonblade Yasuo skin?
more wannabe anime heroes to kill on toplane.
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TheRakun2G (EUNE)
: I hope this game dies
EvE was supposed to start dieing in 2007. Wait hold on wrong game.
: It's also a problem that you sometimes have to build qss on a mage or tank, and have nothing to build it to after.
build mercurial and have 1%crit runes.
: question about current allchat
never, it improves player experience and halves the toxicity :^)
: HaHa i can't believe riot actually fooled ANYONE! like seriously, its april %%%in fools have some sense ppl xD
I still stand by my point :^)
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: advanced bots in draft queue?
yes they are called "humans" even though some of them have IQ below that of a baked potato.
: I need 9 orange cristals for Anivia's 1820 skin...
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Judge (EUNE)
: I don't think so. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Remember that is always your foul. This is the policy.
... how the hell game crashing is his fault.
Luddoro (EUW)
: Cant connect to login queue
Same here, servers are listed as up yet neither new nor legacy client can connect
brennt (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Maraomara,realm=EUNE,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=plAP1j6x,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-02-09T12:57:38.927+0000) > > WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED. BLIND pick is good, but it should be BLIND ASSIGNED (to position) pick...
que another billion autofill support troll idiots
Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft Returns to EUNE
> * Blind Pick is not a good substitution for Normal Draft WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >I hate leaving games. I never do. But i swear to god this is fith time i get in that shitty 2o-min ban queue because of spaghetti code. So you do leave games. I only leave games if my internet or power suddenly goes down and i have never been punished by the leaver buster. Getting a 20 minute low priority queue means you have left a game very often.
or that my game crashed or failed to connect very often.
: Oh, well, seems like not all hope is lost then. Why did u need to redownload 3 gb data when u crashed?
Ask riot not me. The game client decided it's a good idea.
: Let me guess, ur one of those ppl using the new client and then complain about it not being perfect. Tell me, do u know what "beta" means?
No. As In i reverted to the old client after third or so crash. Damn thing still dies on me.
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: Don't hurt me for playing yasuo pls, it's just a cinematic bro :D
lube up kid you're going to hell for playing yasuo
Tiichu (EUW)
: Lying about getting flamed...
people like that should be flayed, rubbed with salt and doused in lemon jouce.
: "Hitler" is censored?
pff there are few words in polish that are not curses yet are censored.
: Remove the support role
Here i am, enjoying my tahm/bard games, and some little kid comes to my yard and tells me it's wrong.
: random dc
same problem on eune, people get kicked becuase reasons
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Frius (EUNE)
: fucking hate this new client ,not even chat rooms and sound cant be mute by minimizing
sound CAN be muted or even adjusted down... look for the COG LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE.
Eambo (EUW)
: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
I actually hoped to be dropped into bronze to play some easy rankeds :C
Artimedis (EUW)
: _/(-._.-)\_ <== (It took me less than 10 seconds to create this emoticon :D)
That episode was aired after Trump started as a candidate in 2000,_2000 Also, lefties thought that they can shame people into obedience as if it was some kind of kindergarten.
: Ahri or Viktor who should i buy?
: League of legends suggestion
You mean custom commentators? It's impossible with the current client. Who knows, maybe they will enable it with new client, like THERES BEEN IN DOTA2 SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING.
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: Which champions are better as a solo player ?
I'd say Illaoi (sustain, gank invitation) or Gnar ( helps bad teams with CC lockdown). You can also go with Tahm if enemy has Trynda
Badabooam (EUNE)
: Take back Normal Blind Pick and give us Normal Draft Pick
ArcHoN09 (EUNE)
: Random champion Shards
I'd leave buying champion shards if you you either >have all 4800 or cheaper champs >want to get that sweet sweet lvl6/7 mastery. >have a champion shard for a 6300 champ. Otherwise, dont bother
: what the f*ck is wrong with the people at riot designing these champions??????
>Be me >play Sejuani >oink the f*ck out of everyone >stun everyone until next patch comes with nerfs
"Players with bans or chat restrictions active when the season ends are ineligible for this year’s rewards." So if i was chat restricted tow months ago i'm fine?
Gh1zm0 (EUW)
: Pre-Season Ranked System
Welcome to hell. In other news, you're playing blind shit unless you want to play only ranked with bronzes.
duckarp (EUNE)
: I find it hilarious you make assumptions about a complete stranger based on a single sentence on the Internet forum. Sounds more like you were the reason he won as you would make a perfect voter for his cause. Same logic, same flawed reasoning, same arrogance.
Sadly im not one who voted for him, as im no a US citizen. But i've seen enough hateful idiots sway people towards trump, just to they would shut up. If you're talking about arrogance, tell my why USA streets are now full of children burning USA flags and not accepting the result? Becasue, just like Mecha, they thought everyone thinks the same. Never bothered to ask or give reasons, just yelling "hateful racist bigot" while being hateful racist bigots. Congratulations, Left. You spoonfed Trump victory and i thank you for it.
duckarp (EUNE)
: More like money and ignorance.
You're one of the reasons he won. I wont try to explain it, i did it enough times. Try to figure it out, you might want to leave your echochamber to do this.
: New Champion revealed.
Cry some more, democracy won.
: Is politics allowed in Off topic section, or not?
: What is happening to the game right now??
I tested and enjoyed the new jungle. It may be a bit harder at the start, but it gets really freaking easy to not die -for instance - on raptors if you have smite. Added mobility is nice as well, and the plants. I too was skeptical, but i enjoy it overall.
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: So trump is president and we are now in preseason...
NeroDMCry (EUW)
: Loot Boxes (Hextech Crafting) Champions and Profile
Every champion that earned you a chest gets that nice frame in your profile, champions tab. Also you can see how many chests you can have and qhen will be the next one in your profile. Unless you're talking about the new client. Then i have no idea.
: the biggest factor is afk farming. even if you have less gold than someone who was fighting all the time and doing useful things.
Well that was mundo, farming and not doing much else.
Wex0r (EUW)
: exactly but maybe the mastery system is still using it as a factor regardless of if they are available
well thats retarded
Wex0r (EUW)
: 0 wards ?
>wards >3v3 pick one
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