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Smerk (EUW)
: From what I saw so far, this is another case where rework changed champion identity, he's not that much of a duelist right now, but his presence in teamfights can be huge if executed correctly.
Let's be honest friend, old Aatrox was overpowered (Infinite sustain, attack speed steroid, attack range boost, free GA and a ridiculous damage boost on his W) and we all know Riot doesn't like strong champions so they had to make him shit so nobody plays him. I mean, would you rather pick old Aatrox or the reworked Aatrox?
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Can you elaborate on this claim?
Champ looks like an unstoppable tank, but can't really do anything. - Gets kited super easily - His Q locks him out of moving unless he uses his E, which only has 2 charges. Third part of Q is kind of impossible to hit if you aren't literally in someone's face - Can't really trade in lane without getting outtraded - Has a shitton of counters
Rille (EUNE)
: Was he using it for custom skins or?
Yes. He got tagged as using a third party program and got his account permanently suspended
Rille (EUNE)
: Wooxy
Don't use it. Friend got banned for using it. As a matter of fact don't use any third party software
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Succ Lord (EUNE)
: Better Nerf Irelia
Lol Irelia sitting at 49% winrate. She's kinda weak IMO, needs more buffs
: Riot when will you finally do something about the fps drops/freezes?
They don't care my dude. There have been numerous posts about it, not one rioter has even acknowledged it. And a lot of people have been having issues. Also redmercy recently uploaded a video, where he experiences the same problem, and he has a gaming pc with specs that can play any newer game on max settings @1080p without any issues.
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Brokenhz (EUW)
: i tried adc. And yes its LUCK 10000%.Idc if you deny it... all nasus i see is either carried or losing hard.Dont deny the truth mate. Its solo que its not about spamming e hoping that your team is gonna carry xDD. If you want elo you have to do more then that. You will be like me if you listen.
I don't play for elo on this account, just for fun. As you can see almost all of my games are normals.
: Don't forget: _He_ already knows you, it's Mark Zuckerberg himself!
Don't worry your private data is safe with me
Brokenhz (EUW)
: {{champion:75}} ap??Ok you got lucky.Happens.Thats why i see many people climbing with luck this season. Cuz the time i see nasus always someone that either gets carry either they lose because of him. LUCK IS OP THIS SEASON.
AP Nasus is ridiculously strong lmao. And it's not luck, I'm just really good at the game {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Looking at your match history I can now see why you dislike the meta LUL
: All hail our new botlane overlords.
Mìmo (EUNE)
: _only one that enjoys_ U only won one game with {{champion:75}} Bot and u think new meta is good haahah try more and u will see
Played 3-4 games on a plat elo account, and I had a blast. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Question for all Camille players; How do you use your E? Does it actually matter?
I'm not a camille player by any means, but her E functions almost like zoe's paddle star (Q). It's not hard to land once you get used to it
: Should riot make a dodge button?
Dodging is a punishable offense. Makes no sense for riot to make it an actual feature. By punishable offense I mean you lose LP, and get a queue ban for up to 48 hours if you dodge too much
Smerk (EUW)
: That only happens if your MMR is very low, in my thousand ARAM games I never met even a single bot
Wouldn't say that I have bad aram matchmaking rating. I get matched with decent players, but also had a couple of bots
Rismosch (EUW)
: Mark? What are you doing here? Don't you have to write a facebook or something?
Too busy stealing ur data lol
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I wish I could say the same, I love aram, have almost 3k games played. Had 2 games with a bot in my team. Didn't have fun at all..
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: wait are you the real Mark?
No, that would be identity theft and that's illegal my friend
: Riot Giving Chat Restrictions For No Reason
I recently got a 10 game chat restriction, but it was deserved. I may have been a bit toxic, typed a bit too much, and I got what I deserved. Same goes for you I'm actually glad I can't type a lot. Typing %%%%s with my concentration and hinders my playing performance. Thank you riot
: Permbanns... > 2.2. What happens if my account is terminated? (No LoL for you.) >** If your account is terminated, you’ll no longer have access to it, including any of the associated data or content (e.g., champions, skins, Riot Points, etc.). You’ll not be entitled to any refunds and we’ll have no liability to you.** We also reserve the right to terminate any other accounts you may have created, as well as your access to any other Riot Services (also without any refunds or liability to you). > > **You understand and agree that using the Riot Services comes with the risk that your account may be terminated or suspended and that, whenever you use the Riot Services, you’ll bear this risk in mind and always conduct yourself appropriately.** next time read the Terms of Use when registering an account for a multiplayer game {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Also you should windwall your own tears lol, ironic summoner name is ironic
: Fizz and Rengar must be fixed
Lol, then let's remove all assassins I guess. Every champion that's fed is super strong. Even a Soraka with a bit of items can be really hard to deal with. You just have to learn to deal with it, and stop complaining about it Also: > Assassins dispatch priority targets (ADCs, AP carries, squishies in general) > Assassins must put themselves into dangerous positions to accomplish their goal
: How is everyone today?
Just came back from congress... Man, that was really tough. Also am I weird for laughing at memes that are made out of my congress speech??
: League will die soon because of toxicity and Riot does nothing about it
This is probably the most ridiculous statement I've ever read LOL
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: i love how serious we are about irelia's ass best community!
: Off meta = trolling?
I only play off-meta, but I would never play something trolly in soloq, that's just asking to get banned. Flex maybe
Febos (EUW)
: No thanks. I like the original. Yours looks like she has butt implants. Not nice. Let's not forget that she has her leg sideways. When she brings the leg back to body length she will look weird on your image.
Sorry man I tried to improve it as best as I could but the position she's in makes it kind of impossible to do any better :/
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b3ach (EUW)
: Is Renkton meant to get angry over honeyfruit?
Honeyfruit replenishes mana, energy and rage/fury. So yes, this is intended
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