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: Most honor badges are hold by frequent Coop players, since most honor is given there. However, as you already know, you need to get honor consistently. So unless you play coop consistently, you will lose your badge (if you manage to get's still difficult) again anyway. In addition Riot already announced the Honor Rework, so trying to (ab)use the flaws of the current system might be a waste of time since the entire system will be changed anyway.
but i could get the ribbon from co op, and then go over to only ranked and like get honors every 3rd game or something and still keep it?
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Trias000 (EUNE)
: Where's the "protect the adc" part other than Ivern's shield?
Shen's ultimate was good, and it was zyra aswell lol, wrote wrong :)
Marowak (EUNE)
: Best possible Team Comp
I did play against a "protect the adc" team comp, with shen, ivern, syndra, varus and syndra. Is this a good comp or are there any changes to make here?
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: Emotes are mostly used to be spammed to BM wich is quite the opposite of the ribbons' meaning x)
Well, that is true, but I don't see how a let's say helpful ribbon would make people offended though.
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: i saw player intentioally feed in diamond ranked games 3-4 times in a row, when i told him, that ill report him, he laughed and said "go on, you have no idea how many times i heard that", than i wrote riot, and explained them the whole case, including videos, he really DID intentioally feed, walking straight into enemy turret for 7-8 times and more stuff like it....nothing happened...still got him in my list and talkin to him...those people do what they want, as long as they dont abuse the chat, riot doesnt care, actually even that is possible right now easy...maybe there will be a huge ban wave soon again, but right now...go ahead and try verbally abuse and intentioally feed....its a state of decay! to those who said "he is just not good"...dont even bother...really, dont.
I played with like 2 or 3 premades recently and we got a toplaner who fed intentionally and we told him we were going to report him, he laughed and said nothing would happend. Then we were like 4-5 ppl reporting him after game for same reason (I got 1 enemy to report him too), and after like 10 minutes me and my friends got a report feedback telling us he got a ban. So I guess reports work through if you get a special amount of them.
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Tet2 (EUW)
: Lee sin is at most an average jungle pick atm and has a high skill cap ( bound to have problems ranking up with him ) Jax suffers like all offmeta junglers because of clearspeed and not very good ganks. ezreal as ap or ad mid? there are a heap of better picks for ranking up, lb, lux for example. Nocturne mid? yeah its an unusual pick for a reason you know. Id say for jungle atm: Kindred, Nidalee, Gragas and Graves if you want to win Mid Id say Lux, Lb, GP, Zilean.
Thanks for the answer man, really helpful :) Just to say you should try out noc mid sometime, redmercy has a guide to him on mid and it really worked out well :D
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: Yes sorry I was typing on my phone and I have a very strange auto correct xD
Just got the helpfull banner :) thanks for help man
: Yes you do not have to be honored every single game but it does help and you can't go tosmy games without an honor
tosmy? do you mean to many?
: Yes you can still get them, just play and have a positive attitude and always try your best to help your team and if you have good sportsmanship you tend to get honored and then will eventually get the ribbon :). I have had all of the four ribbons atleast twice so ye it is not impossible to get.
do you know how many/how long time you need to get those honors? And sometimes you get bad games right and then you dont get any honors, so I can still get one even tho I some games dont get any?
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