WhiteLiés (EUNE)
: Lol,who even uses that " hextech repair tool " ,whenever i have problems with league i do this and boom all my problems are solved. http://prntscr.com/lhdyfu
i dunno if u gonna believe me but i did the initiate full repair and the game closed then just stuck in task manager and nothing happened, tried to force close it then i open it again to found what.. nothing happen :D
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: I hope it was permanent ban.
Yraco (EUW)
: > How the Hell i got ban and i didn't say anything wrong ! .. like how ? just tell me ? I can answer this one. > Marshmello04: Cancer. Marshmello04: kid. Marshmello04: cry kid Marshmello04: boom xdf Marshmello04: noob xd killed pro right ? Marshmello04: go delete game Marshmello04: bequite idiot Marshmello04: Its not cry shutup or mute Marshmello04: Ugh. Marshmello04: STOP Marshmello04: so sad :) Marshmello04: :) Marshmello04: stop crying :) Marshmello04: Ugh stop talking 1 Marshmello04: STOOOOOOOP Marshmello04: FCKING IDIOT Marshmello04: MU Marshmello04: MUTED. Marshmello04: so bad Marshmello04: reported Marshmello04: Flaming :) Marshmello04: he insulting :)_ Marshmello04: if u know what i mean Marshmello04: tell support that Marshmello04: shutup Marshmello04: I swear im gonna report u. Marshmello04: I will Marshmello04: 8 deaths shame Marshmello04: you can't even reach me dx Marshmello04: run like me Marshmello04: nidalee ? Marshmello04: idiot ? Marshmello04: im gonna report. Marshmello04: NUNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Marshmello04: guys focus Zed and Jihn Marshmello04: fck off idiot Marshmello04: im not the whole team Marshmello04: i was mid idiot Marshmello04: -.-" Marshmello04: 5/8 talkin Marshmello04: they rep anything Marshmello04: NOW Marshmello04: FKC Marshmello04: nah Marshmello04: bad nunu xd Marshmello04: Zed ? Marshmello04: dont cry :) Marshmello04: ah dont forget to delete game hah ? Marshmello04: atleast i help my team :) Marshmello04: %%%%k off Most of these things are why you got banned,
Yes sir.. thanks for notfying me but im sure all that words not for nothing i mean they must get banned for their words too :)
: > If some one Insulting u and u just reply him this not makes u Guilty ? That depends on your reply. If you break the rules too, of course you are guilty. In other words: It doesn't matter if you are replying to something or not. If you break the rules, you break the rules, no matter why you did it and no matter what others did. > I posted my Chatlog could u please tell me i dont do it again ? You repeatedly insulted other players (%%%%ing idiot, cancer kid, noob etc.) and you were constantly rude (sftu, cry kid, go delete, fck off etc). This punishment is well deserved and it's certainly not "for just one word". You were incredibly rude the ENTIRE GAME.
Sir .. is this depends on how they talk to u too ? i mean i wasn't talk to my self Entire game or just saying that for nothing !
: bans comes with logs. could you post yours?
: > i didn't say anything wrong Same rule for you as for everyone: Chatlogs or it didn't happen.
Sir.. If some one Insulting u and u just reply him this not makes u Guilty ? also its not for just one word i get ban i mean something seriously wrong.. I posted my Chatlog could u please tell me i dont do it again ?
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: Patch hits at 6am unless you play on kr/cn/oce/jp/taiwan/vietnam servers.
I've downloaded it + Installed success.. or what u mean with hits 6am ? is it LIVE ?
Infernape (EUW)
: New champions are not available to purchase right away. He will probably be available later on today after 8.11 goes live
So when will be available to purchase ? or what the update takes to be live ?
cmon guys just answer me if it needs time or something..
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