: Okay, summarizing all the changes would be too tedious, but I can quickly summarize the current game and try to contrast it to how it was in season 5. 1) Ingame -Turrets have plates now. Destroying one plate gives 160 local gold, but also increases the towers resistances. Every turret has 5 plates, each of which is equal to 1000 HP (You get the gold from a plate whenever a tower goes from >X000 HP to <X000 HP). If you haven't destroyed the tower by 14 mins into the game, the plates fall off alongside all extra resistances. Also the first turret destroyed in a game gives bonus gold. -Roles are still roughly similar, top is mostly bruisers (and the occasional tank, but they've kinda fallen out of favor after being nerfed for being too op for a while), mid is mages, assassins and bruisers like irelia or aatrox, but ppl also occasionally play tanks like sion or urgot in mid. Jungle is pretty flexible, tanks, bruisers and the occasional mage like karthus work fine. Support is the same as it used to be. ADC has seen the biggest changes. Marksmen are no longer the only acceptable thing to play bot. Bruisers and mages can go bot and do just fine. -Jungle has changed in terms of XP gains, some camps have been added/removed. Rift herald is a thing, you can kill it and pick up its eye, which you can then use to summon it again anywhere on the map. It will then run down the nearest lane and crash into a tower dealing massive damage to it. It will repeat that process until it is killed. Its a strong siege tool in the early game. It spawns in the baron pit and disappears at 20 min when baron spawns. Baron itself now gives a buff to your minions instead of a stats buff. Helps push and end. Dragons give you specific bonuses, depending on the type of dragon you kill (infernal: Damage, ocean: hp/mana regen, mountain: structure and objective (baron/dragon) damage, cloud: movement speed). Elder dragon spawns instead of a normal elemental dragon at 37 or something minutes into the game, and gives you a massive damage boost in form of a true damage burn every time you damage someone. The bonus is increase depending on how many normal elemental dragons you've killed. -Several champs have been reworked, and new champs have been added. Zoe and Akali have replaced yasuo as the most hated champion. Sylas can steal enemy ultimates. Irelia has even more dashes. Ornn used to be the most op tank in the game, now he's resurfaced again in support after big changes. Urgot finally got plastic surgery and no longer looks like Garbodor. Still no star guardian skin for him though. Graves got his cigar back. 2) Runes Runes have been reworked and merged with masteries, leading to one combined system. Take 5-10 mins to familiarize yourself with the runes in the collections-->runes tab of your client. They're pretty intuitive. Otherwise use u.gg to check the best rune setups for your fave champs. Also runes are now editable in champ select, so you no longer need more than 2 rune pages. 3) BE and levels Levels are now uncapped, and you no longer gain IP, but BE (Blue Essence) instead. You don't gain BE per match though, instead, every time you level up, you get a capsule. That capsule contains a random champion shard. You can either use the BE you already have and combine it with the shard to get the champion corresponding to the respective shard for a lower price (e.g. 2000(or something like that) BE + a renek shard gives you renek instead of just paying 4800 for renek in the store). The other thing you can do with these shards is to disenchant them and they give you BE. Every capsule contains at least 850 BE's worth of shards. There's also a rating system for your performance now, where you can gain one chest per champ per season when you get an S rank on said champ (the rating system has no effect otherwise, in terms of mmr or LP gains or anything though). These chests contain skin/champion shards that you can also either upgrade or disenchant. You can see all your shards in the loot tab of your client (the box icon in the top right corner, to the left of the stack of coins icon that takes you to the store). Yeah, that's more or less it. These are the essentials, you should be able to figure everything else out by just playing. GL HF on the rift.
thank you so much for taking the time and for the excellent summery i really do appreciate it
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Intact (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mayda Da Wicked,realm=EUNE,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=glx8wvZZ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-05-29T10:12:39.831+0000) > > we never know > beside i never tried to play in euw tbh Then this isn't a serious question :D
Intact (EUW)
: Honestly don't bother even thinking about becoming a pro player, untill you reach challenger on EUW, i'm not talking you down or anything but it's the harsh truth, at the moment you are far from that not because of your age, but just because you are nowhere near challenger level.
we never know beside i never tried to play in euw tbh
: kinda looks unfair that none of the professional teams try 2 sign in older players or why dont we have a mirror lcs for seniors?
like honestly 28 and they make me feel 60
: Reaction times are going to be slower the older you get. That doesn't mean you can't be a top tier player anymore, but it's a giant hindrance in professional play apparently.
kinda looks unfair that none of the professional teams try 2 sign in older players or why dont we have a mirror lcs for seniors?
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: "I lost against a Lee Sin and I can't counter him, let's just go to the forum and blame dat stoopid rito for not nerfin him"
: Lee Sin has a good early game, but becomes an Ult bot later if he doesnt snowball like hell. So, he is balanced.
not in that plat/diamond elo i am in for sure yeah am eune which is probably the land of (well not saying the word) but com'on that thing is unkillable early game and tanky late game and bursting u off in between not to mention he sneaks dragon no matter how much ward coverage u offer
: Can you show us how you dominate with him?
why should i...i don main him nor even like to play him...for me its more like a troll who does damage
Infernape (EUW)
: Riot removed ward jumping at one point but the backlash from them doing that resulted in them reverting the changes. It's the same sort of thing that happened when Riot tried giving Riven a resource bar. If Riot touch Lee Sin, they will literally unleash hell.
i would rather hell gets unleashed on them than me....everytime i see a lee sin against me its like lee zed sona shen against me almost 95% chance am losing the game against him
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Unintended (EUNE)
: that happens with oriana from time to time, even with base skin. sometimes indicators resets after death (most likely not tho)
which is heavily confusing specially for somebody like me with no experience with the champion
: orianna bug
here i have uploaded the screenshots related to two different games with that incident http://imgur.com/a/Ed79K
: imgur.com and link pics here.
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: i was d2 before the reset. Sup main. I dropped to plat 4 this season and I cant climb either.
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: when u find good adc, get him as a friend and duo! :)
cant judge a good adc from 1 game u know
Minstrel (EUNE)
: >2.Become the leader and main team caller. That's the most important one imo. Be a true support, keep your team's morale high, guide their moves and weave the game as you want it. Playing support is like playing a strategy game.
guide their move they do not listen keep morale...dude they flame me for not having enough money to buy wards -.-
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: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64702586/72850_2015-08-27_00007.png
the poor one got tricked :D
Zaicev (EUW)
: Do not ever expect anythign good from Riot :D they only care about ur money go buy a skin!
the funny thing is i just did
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: 2nd ranked game, get harassed and openly told to stop playing ranked
welcome to eu servers where kids will find it easier to insult u than thinkin of ideas to make u win
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: What is wrong with support in placements? Its totally normal. If you win in rankeds as support, you can win in placements as well. (Im support main btw)
apparently u did not get placed with plat or lower adc
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TSC Tempest (EUNE)
: Hey there! And what kind of team do u expect? :D What lanes do you pref? We got an active team, where we got like 10 ppl online dayily and we're looking for a new member, are you interested? :D
a team that would play for fun and no toxic behavior included i prefer support jungle and some tanky top laners and yeah i am unterested
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Zygor (EUNE)
: Have you tried teamfind.com? I've found many active people there.
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: This game is almost unplayable during the summer.
dropping from plat 1 to plat 4 pfft tell me all about it
: Why you hate Skarner so much?
in case u didn notice...alters are at his jungling route at least early game...helps him a lot
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NoleBg (EUNE)
: 100games chat ban
apparently you used ur few chat in game to stay with the same bad behavior so basically u did nothing and the punishment is renewed
: lytes lecture about their system at this gdc: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1022160/More-Science-Behind-Shaping-Player also: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/203066050-Tribunal-FAQ https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752924-Behavior-Alerts-FAQ read all questions, the tribunal isnt there, but the reports work in the same way, they just alert the automatic systen
Another Summoner told me he's going to report me for no reason. Will this false report count against me? Like all of our behavior systems, the Behavior Alerts system is built on a complex formula that takes into account the behavior of all summoners, which helps to avoid a message being sent your way for a false report. We also take into consideration toxic players, or those who frequently abuse the reporting system, so even if you get reported by one of these players, fear not, we've got you covered! regarding this i have at least one or two players who gets toxic and i need to report them so basically almost everygame i do i report somebody trusting that system...now that i read that even if i swallow the insults they go free of my reports considering that they will put me in such catagory....how is that fair
: The point is like this... you have X reports in Y time. That triggers the system into investigating your games. if you are a nice player who doesn't flame, that system will not find anything, because you didn't do shit. So Its like.. swatting but without the risk of dying horribly.. So someone calls the cops on you under false pretenses but lets say its not a swat-team but the nice neighborhood-police with donuts and bad humor. They go to you, ring, say hello, you say hello back, they ask if somethings wrong, you say "nope" (and are lucky to not fit into any stereotypes that could be fatal for you (i.e you are white middle class, nice clean home, you looks fresh and prosper and nothing smells of pot etc) So they go a bit around, dont find anything because you didn't do anything, so they they go home... (while you can be rightfully pissed that they invaded your privacy and well, checked) Its like that, but that you in signing up for the game, you gave the system the OK to check your logs in case of reports. So, when enough reports come, they check. If you behave good and the system had no error (like this one time now happened..Okay, its the 2nd time, first time was the guy who bashed himself in 3rd. singular and the system didnt know that "AKALI: Derp, akali, stop dying, dumbo " was just a strange way of self depreciation..
gotcha....however 2 points here 1st i can never be an angel in 100% of my games unless i decided not to talk to anybody and even if a refusing to communicate with the team report is viable 2nd i believe once it triggers riot do their best to pick outta the Ys games ur worst in behavior and judge u over it
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