Wex0r (EUW)
: OR just One For All :P
I prefer Dominion. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Wex0r (EUW)
: one for fall is better , i would vote for OFA for a permenant mode tbh
* Ascension * Black Market Brawlers * Dark Star * Definitely Not Dominion * **Dominion** * Doom Bots * Hexakill * Hunt of the Blood Moon * Invasion * Legend of the Poro King * Nemesis Draft * Nexus Siege * One for All * OVERCHARGE * Snowdown Showdown * TFT It is hard to find something that is worse than URF.
Vingthór (EUW)
: "many people are being punished for worst reason" [citation needed]
I'm more interested what does he understand by "worst reason."
Reverse (EUW)
: bring back urf mode please
>anybody who says they dont want urf back is lying and want to ruin everyone elses fun Everyone who says that they want urf back are lying and want to ruin everyone else fun.
: I am pretty sure the FPS issues a because of your machine not because of Riot
There was a post on boards, where someone received the answer from Riot about FPS issue. They mentioned that they updated their engine towards more recent components and this screwed the compatibility of the older ones. So the main problem is Riot optimization (and obviously the fact, that some of us have older PC, but really, League of Legends is not RDR2, they are not even close to this graphic level).
: ranked!?
It is new account doing a placement games. All new accounts starts with mid-high silver MMR. Therefore it is not weird for them to play with golds at the start. [Edit 1] fixed some typos [Edit 2] Well, seeing more of his games, it is weird that even after 5 of rankeds he is still matched with golds. Maybe an early hour is a problem in this case.
: Season 9 end
To get season end rewards you need to: 1) Finish your placement games (seeing your profile, you have finished them) 2) Have honor level 2 or above This season there is no decay in plat, so you don't need to worry.
: This game has the worst report system that i have ever seen.
>This report system is ludicrous, we live in a free country where we are allowed to say want when we want, of course there are consequences but we are allowed to reform in a place called prison or the law where both sides of the story is heard. If you would come into my home and offend either me or my family, I would kick you out and forbid for setting your foot in my home ever again. It doesn't matter if you will think that my punishment is to harsh. I have the right to do so. The same goes with Riot. You come into the space that they provide, and if you ill behave , they have every right to kick you out. Even permanently.
: well , what did turks do u ask. from what i know they mass genocided the kurds in the past. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I think that you wanted to write about Armenian Genocide. The Kurds are being murdered now, so it is a recent thing. But this does not change the fact that one should not be racist towards others. Not only Turks committed genocide in their history. Also what others do have nothing to do with who TéQ10 is.
: Well, yes but no? since it shows "report feedback" when a player you reported got penatilised, but you do have a point
It only pops out randomly. It happened for me to get IFS card after not reporting anyone for few games as I was playing TFT.
: How much ranked do you plan on playing during Preseason?
ˆXùˇ (EUW)
: help ig ?
Janna is love. Janna is true. Praise the Janna.
TéQ10 (EUW)
: Why are there so many racists on this server?
Because racists are everywhere, and no country is free of that. If you want to avoid hearing racists slurs, you can either mute everyone at the start of game or just not admit that you are a Turkey.
: Toxicity is fine. Anyone who disagrees is simply wrong.
Not being able to control your emotions to the certain degree is not a thing to be proud of, but to be ashamed of. Controlling your emotions (to certain degree) is necessary for society existence. There are situations and methods of expressing your emotions that are acceptable and not, that are necessary and not. Few examples: 1) X drives a car with 50 km/h what is a speed limit on this rode. But Y wants to drive faster, he is a roadrunner! So: a) he starts cursing the person ahead of him - allowed (even if unhealthy), no one except of him hear this b) he uses car horn - not allowed, one can get ticket for using horn without any serious reason c) accelerate and overtake the car in front of him, and then stop his car, gets out and try to punch guy in the slower car - not allowed, he can go to jail for that Each of his behaviour is unhealthy (as psychiatrists on TV often mention), but only two of them leads to penalty. 2) X plays League of Legends but makes some mistakes based on his lack of skill/knowledge/outside mood. Player Y who thinks that he knows better how X needs to play, decides to fix his behaviour. So: a) he tries to give some tips and advises in positive or neutral manner - allowed, it is to player X to decide if those advices are good or not b) he tries to give some tips and advises in aggressive and/or offensive manner - not allowed, it is creating more problems than solve (also, the player X will probably mute player X chat and pings, so if there will be something important going on, he will not know about him and will not be able to help) c) he gets angry and start trolling saying that X does not deserve to win - not allowed, let me even not comment on that As you can see, if you try to help in positive way, there is less harm that you can do. If player X will mute your chat and pings, he will not see baron call, group calls, etc. By toxicy you are lowering your chances to win. And also, similar to the cursing in your car, this is unhealthy. Anger is emotion that should be used rarely, in the life threatening situations. 3) X is trying to commit suicide by jumping under the car. Y sees that and decides to stop this foolish behaviour. So: a) he ignores this, as this is not his business - depending on country it is allowed or consider as infringement, it also says many unhealthy things about the Y person b) he is trying to politely ask him to reconsider his idea - allowed, but it could bring no effects depending on situation c) he jumps on X and/or punch him, restrain his movements, use his anger to stop someone else from making serious mistake - depending on country it is allowed or considered as infringements, but still the Y person is a hero and f* others. As you can see, there are places where certain emotions brings benefits and are accepted (socially and/or legally), and places where they bring only losses and are not accepted (socially and/or legally). Flaming someone does not bring any benefits and is generally not accepted. Getting angered easily is also not the most healthy thing for that person. Not controlling your anger can also lead to health problems in longer term. There are no benefits from the toxicy. But this doesn't mean that you need to be positive and lovely-dovely, you can always be neutral or even negative, because those terms are not equal to being toxic. 35 years old grandpa.
: Ban Appeal?
I get it that people are sad or frustrated when they lose access to their accounts, but this is the worst ban appeal that I have ever seen. >If i get access to my account again, i will make sure to try to reduce my negativity in chat. Normally you go with "I will never flame again" or "I will turn the chat off," not with "I will flame but less." Still, if you think that your penalty was not appropriate to the offense that you have committed, you can always send a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en). There is no possibility for anyone on the boards to unban you.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Is adc the second least desired role in league?
As a top laner I'm mostly autofilled as: 1) supp, 2) jng, 3) adc. So I would say that jungler is less popular than adc.
: Trolling inting legal? :)
Question, are your emotions somehow limited? Because healthy person have more than two of them. Riot does not punish trolls and inters? Say something new, everyone playing longer than a year already knows that. Still, the fact that someone ruins the game, doesn't mean that I should get angry, it also doesn't mean that I should be smiling (unless I want of course). There is wider range of emotions, and getting hard angry over a game is not a healthy behaviour. Inters and trolls are annoying, in some cases disgusting, but this doesn't mean that one should flame them. First off, you are getting angry over thing that you can't control. Congratulations, you are ruining your day by yourself. Being stoic both in game and in life have many advantages. Second, flaming doesn't bring anything good into the game, and you can ruin the experience for the other 3 players that do not troll/int but work hard towards winning with a troll. Now they have two players in team ruining their game experience: troll and flamer. Situation got even worse. Third, and last, you are doing exactly what a troll/inter wants. You do not show dominance (it is not even possible), you are only giving a proof that you are easy to be manipulated. Trolls/inters exactly want that kind behaviour of you. They are like class clowns. There was always this one guy in the class that acted like an idiot, who asked female teachers if they are virgins, etc. as he wanted to be a center of attention. Game inters/troll want exactly the same thing. And you, by flaming them, are giving it to them.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Why tf do y'all ALWAYS bring up tyler1 when he has NOTHING to do with this???? Tyler 1 NEVER got his accounts back Tyler1 was ID banned, his ID ban got lifted. But all of his old accounts are still perma banned Because guess what. Riot NEVER unbans justified bans
People hear T1 and their brain waves synchronize with his. The only possible explanation.
: Not "add" but "ad", short for "advertisement" (for the future bro)
Phone fixed ad to add for unknown reason. My bad for not double checking. Thanks for finding mistake.
: The Mysterious email (?)
Seems like a normal promotion ad.
SygSmurf (EUNE)
: Fix ranked
Because it keeps a queue time healthy.
XO Mob (EUW)
: You keep making shit up left and right. Where did I ever say that I shouldn't have been punished because I'm some rape victim? The %%%% dude. I said that I found it very unfair that I am the only one getting punished for something that 3 others were completely a part of aswell. Jesus, your actually making me salty by not understand a single word said. > Now, could someone explain how this is a fair punishment in any way?
My first answer to your post was the answer to your question "now, could someone explain how this is a fair punishment in any way?" I presented there, that in fact, it was a fair punishment based on your behaviour. But you disagreed with my statement, presenting some question and explanations proving that my first statement was incorrect (in your opiniong): 1) >where did I attack my teammates? 2) >Reason why I said I wouldn't gank is because I got bot side stolen which puts me behind alot and me needing to get ahead again by power farming. 3) >And nowhere do I say I'm gonna stop playing the game/match. So my above answer is to those problems that you mentioned, not to your primary post (the first answer was for that). And then I quoted your messages that were showing, that the things that I pointed on the fist post as the reason for punishment being fair, are in fact to be found in your chat logs.
XO Mob (EUW)
: Also, where did I attack my teammates? Ekko's original pick was Ryze, as he selected him before the champion selection started. Then got it snatched from our first pick mid. All I said was that it was rude, stated in the chat logs. Never attacked anyone. Though you could call it defending a teammate.
>XO Mob: %%%%ing cuck Attacking teammates. Even your "explanation" makes it look like it was said towards Ekko. >XO Mob: no ganks XO Mob: xD XO Mob: im %%%%ing done It nowhere sounds like "I can't gank you for now, as I'm behind". This exactly sounds like "I refuse to play with you" and that you decide to throw the game. >XO Mob: ill %%%%ing sit in the jungle XO Mob: for the entire XO Mob: game XO Mob: im not even kidding XO Mob: excpect no ganks XO Mob: expect no rotations XO Mob: jsut saiyng, Oh yes. This exactly sound like telling your teammates that you can't gank because you're behind. Okay, who are you trying to lie to? Yourself? Because no one will ever believe that, seeing this text. >XO Mob: will run it down It can be easily understood as intentionally feeding, 'cause the common name for that is "running it down mid". Rest of your chat is basically you trying to piss your team or/and flame them. Yet, you clearly feel that you are a victim and not oppressor for some reason.
XO Mob (EUW)
: I am a very understanding person. So I do understand what you're saying. What I don't understand though is you point out "but the others never get banned", I never claimed that people never get banned. But when (not clearly, as I cannot access Ekkos chat logs from that game) Ekko flames and is chatting for **LITERALLY** the entire game, may I also add that it had nothing to do with the game itself, mostly flaming me or someone else. He never got punished. So clearly numbers of report in one game/session must matter. I've had this account for roughly 2 years. I have gotten 2 restrictions and one 14 day suspension. I've always gotten my Honor up and been able to get rewards. All I'm saying is I clearly understand there is flame, as pointed out by **myself** but, I do not in any way find the flame so **EXTREMELY** inflammatory as Riot's automated message indicates. I would completely understand a 14 day suspenion. To my knowledge you usually recieve two 14 day mans before getting permanently banned. That was atleast the case on my other account long time ago back in S5. And you say that it's logic and everyone should follow the system. Then are you "implying" that because someone has a temper they shouldn't or aren't allowed to play League? Not everyone goes to Yoga and does spiritual stuff that keeps them calm. Many people come from rough childhoods that turn them into perhaps slightly more angrier than others which often result in more flaming and tilting. That's just logic, common sense whatever you wanna call it.
>To my knowledge you usually recieve two 14 day mans before getting permanently banned. It is not true. On your 14-days reform card, there should be information, that the next penalty is the permanent lose of account. And it was like this from the time the tribunal ceased to exist.
XO Mob (EUW)
: Permantetly banned for being flamed the entire game by 3 different players.
The first thing that you have done in game, was attacking your teammates. And you start it even before pointing that your mid and top started flaming you. In short, you started flame wars, and then starts complaining that you get flamed back and getting banned is unfair. What more, you admit in the chat, that you are not going to play for a win, because your ego was hurt by (?) Ekko not helping you with blue? You also threat your team that you will start inting. Fully deserved ban.
: I have only applied to a drama class...that isn't going to start until next year in february... so meanwhile I wanna do something already. xD I don't know anyone who is into this, so I don't have much of a contact network in my area... But I did consider doing and testing a multiple things. So far I actually managed to get myself in as an 'extra' for advertisement clip. :) But it really isn't much because I don't get any lines... just in the background. xd
Sorry for late reply. About building your social network, you can always send mail (or traditional letters) to actors. It works, even if it is not easy (if i did it, everyone can, my social skill have a negative value after all). You just need to remember about few things. 1) Be polite (use a proper addressing forms), use a correct language (don't overuse ellipsis, don't use slang words) but don't look like a lowly slave waiting for master to spit on him just to be happy. You want to speak with someone who is inspiring you, not with a god. 2) Talk with that person considering that he is a human and not a character that he have played. If you want any tips about how to become actor, don't go with "you performance as Iron Man was amazing! I want to play like this also!" You are not asking about his acting experiences, you just like the character that he played. And it was written the way to make it likable. Tell him, what parts of his acting made you admire him, not what he played. As for example. There are two movies that I consider way better than books. Those are "The Silence of the Lambs" and "The Shinning". The main reason for that, are the actors that played main roles. Both, Hannibal Lecter and Jack Torrance, are presented flat and boring in the books. The thing that made them awesome was what the actors did to them. In your mail you should point exactly those things when you want to ask about some advices. 3) Don't give up. When I needed to meet some people of culture, I send over 60 mails and e-mails. Got answer from 5. It is not that easy, but it is not impossible.
Ariane (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eow11blue,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=IdG76g0K,comment-id=0024,timestamp=2019-11-15T00:49:52.782+0000) > > I have the same problem, I tried to fix it but nothing. So I reinstalled windows 7 home premium but nothing happen from 70fps goes in 15-25 constantly. > My specs: > OS: Windows 7 home premium 32bit > Video card: Radeon X1650, 512MB GDDR2 128biti > Ram: 3gb > Processor: AMD Athlon 64 LE-1620 2.4GHz (1 core) > > I know it's an old computer but it has worked for me League of Legends 3 years so far. I know the feeling... I reported the problem to the support and they suggested upgrading my PC. They also claimed problems with Duo-core CPUs, while OP and other people reported 4/8 core ones having problems as well.
So in short their answer is: go buy new PC? Could someone of Rioters comment if the people which PC are not up to your standards (but they were till 2 patches ago) should go look for a new game as they are unwanted here?
: Suggest some shooters or long term RPG games would be nice lol
MMORPG (I guess you ask about them, not single player ones): FF11 - imo the best MMORPG even released FF14 - haven't played but many people are saying that this is the best MMORPG of 2018 and 2019
ApexAcer (EUW)
: Feeders
Reading your post it looked like you are talking about ranked, just to learn that those are complains about normals. Then first, it is completely normal to have 0 mastery in normal games. Normals are the place for learning and trying new stuff. Going ad Soraka is also okay (I was going AP or AD Janna top - it is a fun pick to play), it can bring plenty of new information about champion. After all, normals are about learning, when you think that you have learned enough, you go ranked. The same goes with picking a risky trades. It allows you to learn what to do and what to do not, how to position yourself to survive in team fights or solo in lane with only few hp. You need to fail hundreds of times before acquiring a proper knowledge for that. And again, normals are the place for that.
: ban too harsh without warning
If you do not agree with your punishment, you should send a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en).
: > [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=LQORlULq,comment-id=0001000000020000,timestamp=2019-11-14T07:41:35.687+0000) > > So, losing to better players and winning against worse ones is a logic-nonsense? Same as the fact, that someone who wins majority of his games all the time would not hit challenger 1 after some time? Are you sure about it? Sorry I thought it was more than clear that I was being really sarcastic. But apparently it wasn't.
Oh okay. It didn't look sarcastic from my point of view, the fault is then also on my side.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=LQORlULq,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-11-13T07:41:25.308+0000) > > The same goes inside the league. If you would always keep a high win ratio, you would easily hit challenger rank 1. But unless you are on the level of challenger rank 1, you will get to the level, where XX players are worse than you and YY players are better than you. If you will play against X, you will win. If you will play against Y, you will lose. But it is not some scripted matchmaking conspiracy, just a natural tendency. What is this logic-nonsense?!?! I'd much rather believe in the conspiracy that Riot hired and paid someone to programm and implant a completely unnecessary system that forcefully puts people at 50% winrates by some really weird matchmaking algorithm in a matchmaking system that already needs autofill to get *barely* even matches in an acceptable time frame and also 9/11 was an inside job.
So, losing to better players and winning against worse ones is a logic-nonsense? Same as the fact, that someone who wins majority of his games all the time would not hit challenger 1 after some time? Are you sure about it?
: The players, in fact, are NOT distributed by any curve. The system tags people as "bronze", "silver", "gold" and forever puts them into these elo brackets. This is shown by simple fact that there is same amount of trolls in B4, S4, G4 and these trolls will never fall off below. They may lose some games in row, but system will put them back into their division by letting them get carried by players like me. Theoretically you can even be 30% WR gold player and still be gold player, unlikely but entirely possible. Also it is shown that 20% players are B1 and below, 30% are silver. That does mean that majority is in fact silver, and so there is no "magical mediocrity point" where people would be majority and near-50%-wr (near 50%-wr players are mostly concentrated in gold). Silver is majority not because everybody is mediocre at silver, but because silver is the point of blank MMR, the initial position of new account created. I think it's wrong and everybody should be placed into Iron. Silver-Gold should not be "trash divisions" like those are right now, where trolls are getting sorted out.
I think that you do not precisely know what Gauss curve (or Gauss normal distribution) is. It is a statistical model of presenting the distribution of people in certain systems. And in fact it does show this correctly, even if not every curve looks the same as the "ideal" model. As a majority of players are in silver, the curve will exactly present that. And as silver MMR is the MMR closest to starting point MMR (therefore the normal MMR), this also means it will be presented in Gauss curve as the most popular distribution of players. This do in fact means, that they are the players with most mediocre skill level. People below the most occupied range, will be worse (slightly or more) and people above better (slightly or more). And Gauss curve exactly point that. It is also worth mentioned, that even if we speak about divisions (as we can see only them), the thing that in reality should constitute the Gauss curve is hidden MMR value. The most popular MMR range will mean that this is mediocre level where most of players are. But because the MMR is hidden and we are judged by division, the people with the same MMR can be in few different divisions, making the distribution falsified to some point. Also, I do not know, why you are trying to show, that near 50% WR can be achieved in only a gold division. You can achieve it more or less in any division. Staying at exactly 50% WR is impossible (unless you hit 50% WR and then stops playing), but being in WR range is possible. The main problem with staying in 50% WR is the hidden MMR value. Unless your MMR is on the level of division you are, you will be pushed up/down by any cost, making your WR less important until you hit the MMR corresponding value. Bur if your MMR is on the iron value and you are in Iron, you can achieve near 50% WR, as every time you will win you will get 18 LP and every time you will lose you will loss 18 LP. If by different initial conditions (getting a good player that can carry into your team) you will somehow get out of the division that is corresponding to your MMR, you will get less LP for a win and lose more in case of loss. The thing that also make the system falsified is existence of duo's, smurfs, boosters, etc. This is why I also mentioned, that maybe we should not treat curve as a simple normal Gauss distribution but as a fractal with a phase space towards which your win ratio is moving. This would make the "balanced" win ratio more spatial and could consider also other win ratio range as a "normal" (or balanced).
: That is incredible Shangai is a very beautiful city {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Just remember to not get your phone strap with Winnie the Pooh with you on the trip. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Can't get more off-topic than this at a gaming forum...
Does getting into actress bed also counts? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} But now honestly, reading some actors and actress biographies, it is important to try every single thing. Is there any theatrical group in your school? Maybe someone is doing a casting for a music band, kid show, anything. Many actors mentioned the early exposition to acting as one of the reason why they succeeded. It is maybe not an actor, but speaking with few artists that I know, they often mention that this is a really hard job, where you need to spend countless of hours before even getting a chance to shine. And even then, this is only a start. Good luck with acquiring your goals. ######I just beg you of one thing. Never. Be. Like. Kardashian. Don't do this to humanity.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: I'm not well aquainted with math intricacies but i guess the closest thing to a fractal curve would be a snowflake pattern. It may be too regular tho... I don't know, i'm just a gold player {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Snowflake is often used as an example of fractal. But if you are a British, there is a fun study, that proves that coast of Britain Island is also a fractal.
Hecky (EUNE)
: I think there are already trollers who just ruin the games for fun and offensive people are just the ones who don't troll but are toxic when they are not winning, but i doubt most of them start troll. I see it that way from my perspective. Also why am I getting so heavily downvoted just for asking a question?
Probably because of your suggestion of making perma-chat mute, as it already was tried in the past. Some people are getting tired answering the same topic at least once per weak. Also, toxic people are the same problem as intentional feeders and trolls. They just do it differently. Before you will go: no, this is not the same, see example of one of my recent games. We had a rough start of the game. Every lane was either heavily losing or was equal with the enemy. At one point our ADC started flaming support, and later he started flaming all of us. You can say "but you can mute." Yea, I did it (and few more probably too), but there was a different problem. We started coming back. Every single person (except of ADC) put tremendous effort to win the game. Everything came to the last concluding fight in baron pit. We almost won that fight. Almost. We lost because our ADC was standing in the mid lane writing how bad each of us is. Flamer created a 4 vs 5 game, the same as troll or intentional feeder does. Yea, he did not do exactly the same thing, but the final effect was same.
Zantonny (EUW)
: What do you mean by "ID ban"? I am curious on what that even is. If it's the same as Tyler got, then it doesn't stop him playing league, simply make a new account.
Tyler had an ID Ban. But ID Bans (different to permanent lose of account) can be revoked after a year. ID Ban means: even if you have not broke any rules on your new account, it will be banned on sight. Simply, ID Ban means that Riot does not want you to play game anymore.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Math lessons on lol forums, exciting. I would go with much simplier bell curve as a normal distribution of win rates.
The bell curve (or as I prefer to say, Gauss distribution) is better in explaining the distribution of players between ranks. It is not as good in explaining the small distortions in the curve from a close perspective. The question is, can the curve be a fractal? If we assume that it is true, then I think that your assumption that "bell curve as a normal distribution of win rates" could be correct.
Drda (EUNE)
: Nope, he is right and you can be quiet
What I said is accurate and it is basics of Chaos Theory from math.
Darkcast1 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mcgalakar,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=rmMA0EJN,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-12T22:39:19.819+0000) > > So, as the season 9 soon ends, and season 10 is about to start in 2 months, it is preparation time! For the next few weeks I plan playing rankeds (even if they are meaningless right now) and complete one hundred games challenge with 12 champions. Lets see if this will bring me to gold next season! > https://i.imgur.com/fcKfdxe.jpg forgive my stupidity but I don't understand why you want to play with 12 champions rather than master few to climb ?
There are few reasons: 1) To learn more about certain champions that can play at the top. The better the knowledge, the easier should it be during next season to play against them. Also, those champs are different, have different power spikes, range, play style, if I will be able to adjust myself to it, it will generally make my skill better. 2) To improve my general understanding of the game. If I always plays that champions that I feel god playing (for the way that they are playing), I will limit my chances to change negative game flow in the games where my team loss. If I play a champion that have a good roams and can support his team (like Shen) it will allow me to improve my map control. Maybe then, the next time I will play a champion that I like, I will be able to say "hey, this is opportunity for teleport mid/bot," and not just stay in lane for the first 20 minutes wondering how someone from my team can be 0/15/0. The same goes with champions that need to hide behind their teams. 3) I like challenges. 4) I tried climbing with 1 or 2-3 champions only, but the lack of knowledge about certain champions or how to behave in certain situations made it impossible. The 12 champions 100 games on each challenge is designed to fix my weak sides. 5) I'm just curious how high/low I can go by playing with 12 champions.
Javi85 (EUW)
: The matchmaking is very intentional to keep you at 50% winrate and put you out of streaks, I assure you.
It is not. The fact that there exist an atractor which phase space is in range around 48-52% does not mean, that the matchmaking intentionally keeps you in this range. If you would always have a positive win ratio, it would mean that you are the best player in world, as not only you would be challenger rank 1, but also every pro team would kill just to get you. By watching Worlds, do you consider yourself better than any of those players? In fact there is natural tendency of every competition to get into the 4X-5X% attractor phase space. It is natural. This means that there is XX teams/players worse than you, and XX players better than you. Lets use a football as an example. In my country there is a team, that almost every year acquire championship. This mean, that they keep win ratio way above 50% (or they would be in the middle of the table). Still, they always lose on the international level, often to teams from countries like Lithuania or Kazakhstan, whose teams pay less. As there is not enough international games out there, the team can generally keep the win ratio above 50% each year, but if they would play more games, then winning to country teams and losing to international ones, would make them in the win ratio range 4X-5X%. If the team has a high win ratio both internally and externally, they are on the best way to win every existing cup out there. The same goes inside the league. If you would always keep a high win ratio, you would easily hit challenger rank 1. But unless you are on the level of challenger rank 1, you will get to the level, where XX players are worse than you and YY players are better than you. If you will play against X, you will win. If you will play against Y, you will lose. But it is not some scripted matchmaking conspiracy, just a natural tendency.
: how cant u get out of silver???
There are two hypothesis: Conspiracy version: Riot is using a brainwashing machine on my teammates, sabotage my PC and manipulate my dreams, to stop me from climbing. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} Probable version: I'm bad at this game. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Wex0r (EUW)
: Program on your computer called Notepad and you be killing trees for this ??? , JK GL with the challange
> [{quoted}](name=Wex0r,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=rmMA0EJN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-12T22:42:29.373+0000) > > Program on your computer called Notepad and you be killing trees for this ??? , JK Somehow, every time I use any application, I forget about it after a week. On the other hand, my notes from 3-5 years ago are still hanging over my head. Maybe I'm getting old? > GL with the challange Thank you!
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: jebac was kurwy
We love you too.
ItsNumerX (EUNE)
: Didn't receive gift
Your friend should send a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en).
Fineeh (EUNE)
: All your points are nice and neat, but is everyone seriously blind to the fact that getting even temporarily banned for flame is absolute dogshit? You can %%%%% in literally every single online game, but no, not in LoL where community is filled with people that literally deserve to be yelled at 24/7. Perma ban for insults, god. If people can't handle insults, they shouldn't play online. And if it really needs to be punished, than longer and longer chat-restriction is way to go. Not cutting people off (they already gave us money, so what). Just a little rant and huge experiment. Wanna see how many people will downvote this.
> If people can't handle insults, they shouldn't play online. If you can't act as civilized adult, it is time to ask for a lesson from your seniors (teachers, parents, grandparents).
MusicaroN (EUW)
: How is this offensive ?
Was this a blitzcrank bot answer? If it is really a name of player (can't check it right now), then I have no idea how someone could find it offensive.
: I was not having a first 14 day bann after chat restrictions man i dont lie i got directly perma banned thf is this ??
Then you should send a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en) (click on it to get directed to site). There are specialists who deal with those problems and will be able to help you.
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