: Kayle rework
I dont like how they made her early so useless and 16+ lvl so broken. They should even that, give her range on lvl 9, reduce mana costs on skills and take away that true damage nonsense.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Plz do something against this juggernauts/tanks
Mundo doesnt do a lot dmg in late game, sure he could kill carry but so do any other bruiser.
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Gabresol (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mega Noob,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jra1fgKZ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-10-30T23:49:02.098+0000) > > Just like him {{champion:238}} him {{champion:105}} him{{champion:121}} her {{champion:142}} , her {{champion:55}} , her {{champion:103}} her {{champion:84}} or him {{champion:38}} > > You could pick kassadin or malzahar against her, congratulations, you made her almost complete useless. {{champion:238}} Zed's engages are like an open book because of the delay his ult and w have {{champion:105}} farms exclusivly in meele range, has to hit the ultimate with the weirdest hitbox in the game {{champion:121}} has to stand the closes to a target from all of these to do anything {{champion:142}} all of her damage is skillshots and has no actual mobility {{champion:55}} "Oh no" Where is she gonna go next?" {{champion:103}} needs to hit 2 skillshots to do anything {{champion:84}} I don't know how people loose against this {{champion:38}} has no early game at all
LB cant kill kassadin, and he is much more stronger from mid to late game.
Just like him {{champion:238}} him {{champion:105}} him{{champion:121}} her {{champion:142}} , her {{champion:55}} , her {{champion:103}} her {{champion:84}} or him {{champion:38}} You could pick kassadin or malzahar against her, congratulations, you made her almost complete useless.
: 15% is massive... that’s almost 1/5th of someone’s resistances, and that’s on auto attacks with usually a runnans BC isn’t a problem because firstly only casters really buy it, that alone regulates the passive better than kayle, and secondly it’s just armour which makes it weaker, kayle does all resistances, making it a lot more valuable And 15 flat reduction wouldn’t be better for her, one of the reasons she’s so strong in the top lane is because she can shred the resistances of tanks and bruisers meaning she is always a threat to the,... 15 flat pen only helps vs squishies which kayle doesn’t need extra help killing. And either way it’s invisible power, same as things like old urgot passive it’s a part of a champion’s kit which has massive gameplay implications and no way for either side to play around it... riots been trying to remove invisible power for a while and that means kayle passive needs to go
Runaan bolts doesnt apply kayle passive, only direct autos does. And 15% is nothing, you get it after 5 hits on 1 target for 5 seconds, if you get all stacks on someone with 100 resists or armor it will only give you about 4% more damage and less than that when you hit someone below or above 100 armor/resist, its more useless than it seems any other passive would do better for kayle than that. Its not invisible power, its meaningless passive that you have to stack 5 times for 5 second on one target with your direct hits with AA. Do you want to know better passive? Look at jax, fiora, vlad, brand or akali. Kayle passive in late game is complete useless, before you stack it up you are death or your target is.
: Penetration abilities have a place if there’s counterplay... eve and garen you can for the most part protect yourself against by dodging the relevant ability, and true damage is again hit or miss depending on how it’s done. But kayle shreds your resistances with just auto attacks and frankly you don’t ever remember it’s happening... and Darius just ignores armour in general... things like conquerer is also an issue. So yeah there are anti tank in the game which isn’t healthy... doesn’t mean that if there’s a chance for riot to remove or improve on one of the biggest offenders that they shouldn’t take that chance... kayle passive is among the worst for this
15% after 5 auto attacks doesnt do much. If so, then black cleaver is probably the most broken item in the game, because it reduces armor by 26% but guess what, its not. 15 flat reductions would be way better for her than 15%.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: The biggest strenght of this pick/strategy is that even 0/11 Sion when he groups is so strong...
You probably plays shait champion or buys troll items if you see him 0/11 behind strong. {{champion:2}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:122}} + 11/0 = RIP sion.
iG Rakan (EUW)
: I tried out Inting Sion, what I've learned and what should be done.
Stay on the line, and push his turret away? Its not like you are facing sion that gives you kills and free farm, you could easly push him with that lead as long as you play proper champion. I cant imagine someone losing against it, just stay still on the line and push.
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Biuvoc (EUW)
: {{champion:10}} is very strong champ.In mid lategame there is practically no one taht can deal with her 1v1.Her dmg and ult is insane lategame.So no need buff but or nerf .She got range big ult amazing dmg ..struggle early but thats normal..
She is very strong, and you have no games on her at all. This comment is as useless as she is without her core items.
: Kayle needs a buff, shes a "balanced" champ that has had nothing but indirect nerfs
I do agree with you. I am a kayle player myself but she feels just weak comparing to any other champion, even to azir. People who are claiming here that she is strong just havent played her at all or maybe in her peek of power. Kayle is easy to counter and with those items she will be the easiest champion to deal against. Too bad she just has scaling and nothing more, her entire kit is complete garbage if you take items from her. People tend to say shit like she is strong and etc without experiencing this "strength" themselves, but whenever i see kayle playing in the game i never seen anyone playing her right and making her "strong" its just the mainers that makes difference thats it. Noone will play her well enough to carry if he doesnt know what he is doing. Thats sad to see this champion dying in the shadow of empty headed ignorants, who thinks she is strong, but never actually played her or carried games on her. The best part of this discussion is ahri player saying kayle could adjust to those changes is %%%%ing hilarious, but know no shit about the champion at all, sure she can, the champion that needs 30 minutes to roll from the hill to make herself working will be able to adjust to 25% damage reduction, thats some common sense over there! GG wp, those items will be the last nail for her grave. She is being threaten like poppy was before rework, not even a single word from the game developers about anything, left alone, surrounded by new champions thats are not only stronger but funnier to play. If not her amazing design, she would have end up like urgot or karthus, played by noone. Frustrating to play, weak, needs time to make her working, this is total bs.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: FlexQ and soloQ mmr are separate, but sites like op.gg show only soloQ rank. Last season rank doesnt count because it doesnt mean player is still as good, also it adds a whole new level of complexity for the matchmaking, which doesnt even matter.
So why is flex match making based around mmr from soloq rankeds? It obviously and sadly is, majority of my games are "even mmr" on flex, i can be a %%%%ign bronze in flex i will still be matched against plats or diamonds, ffs.
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Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft Returns to EUNE
huraaaaaaaa aaaa... Just about the time. Sadly it didnt work for dominion tho.
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: Rengar is a problem, but that doesn't mean Lee isn't.
Im okay with the lee sin nerf. However, you can see the differences between those 2 nerfs. Lee sin got a solid nerf, rengar didnt even felt anything.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, Rengar is an Assassin, and Assassins tend to kill people.
Shaco is also a assasin and a slayer, but try to do the same thing with him like rengar does.
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TheStiiv (EUNE)
you need to try out titanic hydra on her i swear. You will get so many heals from gunblade + hydra you never seen at all.
: Hate to burst your bubble but {{champion:84}} is far from being balanced she can still instagib with only her 6 it just requires slightly more skill now in terms of poking before you go in
Then show me how you do that good with as you do as rengar.
Too bad the only thing riot cares is their wallet, they give absolutely zero fucks about players experience at all. Pretty much riot turned into EA and Ubisoft, just stop playing this stupid game, from now it will become only worse and worse. Just come on, how can they buff {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} and completely destroyed balanced champion as {{champion:84}} it is below anyone imagination.
Encrux (EUW)
: There are a lot of indicators that the game is still growing actually. Also, if you have lesshp than the enemy bot then you have **no business** standing near the enemy adc. Regardless of who you're playing against. Also, Graves has a really exploitable early game. Disrupt his ganks by counter ganking, invade his jungle and shut down the most potent lanes for him to gank.
Which indicators? Because according to social blade, twitch stats and etc league if declining. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFMP45RrYTI And yes that makes a fucking perfect sense, if you are 50% hp, dont stay on botlane. You are fine staying 50%hp on middle, but when you do it on the bottom against jhin, so you are loser dieing with 1 hit. Fucking perfect balance i would say. Why not play jhin on the middle.
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: That feeling when....
This board is so dead, you can see developers messaging to each other.
: Riot is sexist against men!
And {{champion:38}} never had a cool skin, they all look the same... :/
: Give feedback to the person above you.
Its not going to work, because these boards work different.
: Kayle is OP AF (#1 Winrate top, mid and jungle)
She is so OP, she has under 2% pick ratio for top lane dropping significantly every patch, being played overall less than evelynn, ryze, overnerfed reksai or rengar. This is really bad, because it is the total bottom of the "working" champions, in fact she is not far away from troll pick status. And as for me, i hardly see anyone playing her, not to mention someone GOOD playing her, carrying the game, last time i have seen it it was before rageblade nerf.
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Farce (EUNE)
: So you are implying 45 armor shred is garbage. Riot please buff shyvana, she gets only 20 armor and mres from passive. Power of a single spell or ability doesnt determine power of a champion. Some just get movement speed from passive, while others are just unable to buy boots - and it doesn't make it worthy changing.
If you are stupid enough to waste time, to stack it on tanks, yep it is useful at some point, but only because you are stupid.
: You also know that early resistances give more damage reduction than high numbers, so even low total reduction because of %-reduction grants quite a damage boost?
Take the calculator to the hand, and prove me this. 50 arm, 50 mres, take 7.5 mres from both of them and calucalate the multiplier. 50 def - 0.666 42.5 def - 0.701 Daamn, that a whole of 3.4% damage more, fuck yea 34 damage more when attacking a 1k hp target, thats a fucking insane amount of advantages we have there buddy. The whole 50% or 30% of bonus hp champions get each lvl, wooooah. CLEARLY BROKEN and sooo usefull right?
: Because you sure fight 300 Resis targets 24/7 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} her Passive is quite oppressive in lane combined with her range to deny engagement range AND basically ignore early defensive stats even when the enemy builds first defensive items.
Oppressive in lane, where people tend to have 30 arm and 30 mres, that makes absolutely no sense at all. Woooo, scare the passive, because it will take 5 mres and armor from you after 5 hits, which translates into 3% more damage, but yea, it basically makes kayle ignore enemy entire deffensive stats, its clearly game breaking impressive passive i have to admit it. wooo... Oh wait... {{champion:254}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:59}}
Uger (EUNE)
: This game is so broken
Gold is just a polished bronze.
DínMamma (EUW)
Learn to kite him, coz it is super easy. Shame on you, you cannot deal with voli as a zed and just mindlessly 1vs1 like a total moron. In pure power he is something between jax and irelia, but without any dashes or decent CC.
Fajerk (EUW)
: There are no more "special" version of summoner rift because it is really difficult to make one. Before the remake and usually how it is made, the map consists of premade pieces, these piece can be altered on it's own and then you can apply this alternation to the map. Any change would affect each piece of same time, this way you can easily change whole map . New SR however is made different way. The whole map is made from unique pieces, there are literally no two same points on the map, pretty similar to a painting. Creating other version of SR would need to make whole new map on it's own, that will take a lot of time an resources. Not impossible, but I would estimate that it can take around year to make one altered version.
There are no more special versions, because the greed.
: Why did Riot stop making special versions of Summoners Rift?
Because http://wyszlo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/eyes-dollar.jpg
Hokuto (EUNE)
: [EUNE Server Issues] - 09.06.2016 Yet Another Server Issue
This is fkin tragedy, i already ruined a game because i got packet loss and ping over 4k. If you do a lot of money from the game, you invest some part of this sht into the better working servers!
: No fun allowed here
Where are cancers like {{champion:103}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:35}} ???
: I, actually doesn't care what bots do. And Rİot will never ever gonna do anything because noone plays it, only low levels. I, myself never seen a 5 premade playing coop . ANd think about it, why Riot should work on AI algorithms where they can create new skins or champs or items?
Why make sidewalks for walkers, when they could walk straight on the street?
: WTF are you guys talking about, riot could easily increase the difficulty of bots! Did you see the reaction times of max level doom bots? If you landed a skillshot it would be a miracle. But the point of bots is to get lower skilled players AKA new players into the game before they start playing PVP. It's not for people that already know the game well to play against them. You should seriously think about things before making such a thread.
You should seriously think about things before you making such a post. Because it is not hard to make "master level" option on bots and adjust them to be more competitive against thinking human being.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tons of Kayle,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tLRUg0O0,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2016-06-06T19:00:20.792+0000) > > And this is what i have problem with. > They could, but they will not, for the reason nobody knows. Probably because not that many players actually play Co-op vs AI. Even in Boots of Doom you didn't see much interest from the playerbase. Most people played it once or twice and didn't play the gamemode again. I guess it isn't worth to implement better AI. They defenitely could, but I don't think they'll.
But coop game pops up almost instantaneous during the day, and takes twice less as long as queing for normal blind pick.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tons of Kayle,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tLRUg0O0,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-06-06T16:00:26.187+0000) > > But RTS AI is? I think you have the concept completly wrong mate. When you program a RTS game, you'll have to code for AI since your units will (most of the time) do their own thing. Having a good AI is a necessity in a RTS game. League is not a RTS game. A MOBA is a human vs human game. You don't particulary need good AI, other than minions. The problem with programing good AI for champions is that every champion would need a specific code, because of different skills. Movement, attacking, retreating, all that the bots can do that; but they can't do that at player level. That said, I do think that bots could be a little more "smart". I can say that begginer bots are just dumb. Intermediate bots are not that easy - at least compared to how a newer player would play. That's why bots exist. They are used to introduced newer players to the game; they are not used for veteran or experienced players. Did you play Boots of Doom back in the day? Those bots were smarter than the current AI (but also way stronger).
> Did you play Boots of Doom back in the day? Those bots were smarter than the current AI (but also way stronger). And this is what i have problem with. They could, but they will not, for the reason nobody knows.
: In fairness... AI are extremely difficult to code and the AI in league have to be very complex. It's not like an AI in a single player game as they are reflectivity straight forward... in mobas the AI would have to take into account every item and which ones to buy and when, when to use each active or spell, level path, aiming skill shots, each one is vastly different as they are controlling different characters, and would have to 'see' a skill shot headed towards them, figure out if it's gonna hit them, differentiate the spell from over 520 spells in the game, and dodge accordingly (that alone would take a ton of processing power). So yeah the bots are lack luster... but mobas just aren't suited to being played by an AI and as such the tech needed to have decent AI for them just isn't commercially available (and prob would try to take over the world).
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: This isnt much of a tip, but more about builds. A lot of people build hybrid or at least have Rageblade as a core item. I personally dont do that simply because it takes too much time, gold (you´re basically pretty weak until you get two or three items). What I do (which isnt rare) is go full AP (not rageblade, no items with ad components, just ap and as items). {{item:3115}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3020}} and {{item:3116}} If I want to be annoying: {{item:3115}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3020}} and any of these {{item:3157}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3001}} (this will get you to Jax status "ima afk and play tower destroyer simulator). I dont understand why people buy Rageblade on Kayle (I know its OP on her), even before Riot buffed it in the preseason, Kayle could still delete you without that item, which is why I dont buy it (Really bad build path, costs lots of money, and delays Kayle true potential dramatically). _______ Other than that, there isnt really much about kayle, she is simply a female Jax. Just push waves none stop with E, poke with Q.
Replace zhonya, luden echo and morello with Lich bane, void staff and rabadon, these will give you more. As a kayle, it is easy to proc lichbane more than 1 time, E>few hits>Q>hit does devastating damage. Also, thunderlords decree is a good option to have, as well as 5% cdr mastery, 2.5% cdr in runes (3 glyphs), with shen and nashor you have E up all the time, that is important. Dont forget about Attack speed marks and quints. My build order is: doran +pots > another doran + boots > shen + berks boots rush > nashor > LB/rylai (whatever you feel like, if you win your lane, take LB, if not take Rylai) > LB/rylai > Rabadon > whatever item you need, enemies build mres? Void staff. They are squishy? Luden echo. Are they building full hp? Liandry Do they have massive burst? Zhonya or abyssal or Roa, wits end whatever, depending on the enemies. And so on.
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