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: Odyssey Onslaught
You've got a full friends list mate.
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Draxxen (EUNE)
: Rewards
They always awarded people who climbed Gold+. Last season was an exception as they awarded silver players as well, no information however about if it's going to be the same in this season. Therefore, I would just recommend to climb gold in all 3 queues (last season was the first one in which they introduced chromas as season rewards which meant u having to climb to gold in 3 queues).
Pyrosen (EUW)
: What's your loot page looking like?
Sadly, there is not nothing I would really want to buy with gemstones. I don't like any of the available mythic skins, and I can't buy Neo PAX Sivir anymore (I didn't have enough gemstones at that time) and since I've got hextech annie, they are just there, rotting.. :D
: About honor system HELP PLEASE
I can't share a similar experience, but I believe riot said that levels 0-2 are too slow and they are increasing the speed for leveling up. From season restart, I only moved to 3rd lvl with 2 checkpoints, from 2nd lvl 3 checkpoints and I feel that it's too slow. Can't imagine that you haven't moved at all though.
: > It's not that bad when you pick your role. Its first write, first go to that lane basis. It is not, some people just randomly decided to do it and demonize anyone not agreeing with it. And I still don't understand why they even thought it was a good idea.
> [{quoted}](name=Lys Shallia,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LBVjxIbF,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2018-02-12T13:00:18.198+0000) > > It is not, some people just randomly decided to do it and demonize anyone not agreeing with it. And I still don't understand why they even thought it was a good idea. I don't know why, but I'm not getting these people anymore. Either way, it's not a big problem, because I can play in any lane, so I can fill. :D
: Revel Missions
I think the last one is when you get that dogs emote or you can check your tokens, cause you can only earn 96 for free I think.
: Remove Blind Pick.
I play a lot of blind picks. Currently 3200+ games. So I know what I am talking about (at least I think I do). 1. You cannot actually remove blind pick, as it is the only mode where you can actually pick whatever champ you want (example being zoe and zed constantly banned on ranked, probably and normal drafts as well). 2. It's not that bad when you pick your role. Its first write, first go to that lane basis. Sometimes there are people who don't agree who said first, but it doesn't happen that often. 3. Flame? Yeah.. it's kind of a standard thing there. A lot of people flame there, but it's a good way to learn how to not to get tilted and maybe finally learn how to use a mute button. 4. It's really good if you want to practise a champion without getting countered. Who wants to play 30 mins and 15-20 (depends on the phase of the game) of them taking shit from your lane opponent.. 5. Yeah, mmr mismatch is sometimes just amazing. I'm not talking about being matched with unranked, low silvers or golds ( I was plat last season), but for example today, I got 3 diamonds in my team, which naturally intrigued to check the opponents, and they had 2 diamonds and a master. Last season I had a challenger in enemy team.. Of course. It has some advantages and some disadvantages, but overall, I feel like it's fine. It's nothing compared to ranked, but for chill days or when you feel boosted, tilted or otherwise mentally broken from ranked, this is the place to go. Learn new champions, relax, destroy someone in lane or get destroyed yourself, without losing LP.
: No chest with S
I think it doesn't matter if its S- , S, or S+ , but maybe you don't have any chests to be earned?
: But sometimes things get leaked even before it gets on the PBE? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
> [{quoted}](name=Syth Nebula,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AjrUT8i1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-08T19:13:50.605+0000) > > But sometimes things get leaked even before it gets on the PBE? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} For example?
: Leaked information
There's a different client called PBE where new stuff is released before hand to test it out. I believe there was an open sign in for that not that long ago with a criteria of not being banned and something else.
: Missions bug... i guess?
The most annoying thing about it is that we won't get anything for it. I mean we lost 400xp or ~3 games worth of xp, which won't be compensated.
y tho lol (EUNE)
: so, about to hit lvl 40
From these milestones, you get better champs but in general, just worthless shit. U can expect to earn better loot at lvl 50, 75 and etc. these are for getting wards, level frames and etc.
: Grade system is broken
I had the same problem with a jungle champion (can't remember what champion). I couldn't get an S, even though I carried the shit out of those games. My biggest problem was that I had very little farm, because I was ganking most of the time and farmed kills. The solution was to farm more. I believe u need ~180 farm and good KDA to get an S or at least an S-. So just farm a bit more, don't gank that often and GG. :D
Nijelous (EUW)
: Champion Mastery Addition/Revamp
I believe they mentioned something about adding more mastery levels some day on 'ask riot'. Also, I've read that riot "heard our complaints about the cost for upgrading to level 6 and 7 while you still need to buy new champions, and are working on a different way to upgrade to a higher level". Therefore, I believe more levels could be added quite soon along with cheaper/new way of upgrading champs.
HSBunny (EUW)
: So.. how are your Ranked stats? Good or Bad start?
It was great at first. Placements were 6-4, got placed in Gold 3, not that far from Platinum 5 like I was last season. But after the placements it all went downhill. I was one game away from promotions to gold 2 and then massive losing streak. Dropped to Gold 4.. Ech.. It's really tilting me. Btw. Flex 5v5 8-2 gold 3. 3v3 6-4 gold 4. So At least I'm done with the other queues. :D
: Too afraid of normals - let alone ranked placements
It was kinda the same thing for me when I started a few years ago. I focused a lot on bot games which didn't teach me a lot, therefore, when I started playing vs people, I was really bad lvl 30 player. It was too hard and that's why I decided to create a new account and start playing against people from lvl 3 (I think that was the minimum required level for pvp games). This was a success. I managed to improve myself a lot and when I reached lvl 30 and bought some champs, I've started playing ranked, and got placed in Silver something. In your case, if I was you, I would just ignore those people, or mute them (you'll have to get used to them, because there are a lot of flamers in this community). Anyways, ignore flamers, focus on yourself and HF.
Gondawn (EUW)
: Riot Games and hate towards certain champions
Kleptomancy really should have been nerfed. I've played a few games with ezreal and this mastery, and it was too strong. I could have stayed in lane for a long time, receiving billion potions and extra gold. It was literally too op. Not to mention that this mastery was used by other champs such as Nasus. Lane against a damage dealing tank who has endless sustain. I used to go back with 2000+ gold as ezreal, with full hp and roughly half mana, even though I spammed my Q's. As for ezreal nerfs, I feel like its good that they nerfed him, because that champion is considered very safe. Even if you'd lose your lane as ez, you are still farming with your Q, have escape, and global ult. Damn, you can even poke from a distance and be very safe under tower. So now, either you'll need to sacrifice damage for safety and pick ezreal, or safety for damage and pick something else.
: You can't buy all the skins. There is monthly cap on how many fragments you can get. There is a cap of chests which is max 4. You gain new chest after one week. And then you have to actually get a skin shard. All that already balances out everything...
U can always buy them. I bought few sets of 11 boxes and I had over 11k orange essence. I also bought some skins as well.
: Disenchanting Skins
It's to balance things out. Otherwise u would have too much essence and would be buying all the skins, and not the ones that u'd want.
: Missions and resulting trolling
Not 100% sure, but it might be viable to do these missions in a rotating game mode. It doesn't specifically say that it has to be SR. However, these types of missions really suck out all the joy out of the game, as there will definitely going to be few jackasses who intentionally ruin your mission e.g. don't take TP, or take a ranged champ and etc. Especially, if it is a mission that you paid for (world's pass), as a lot of people don't buy them. And I agree with you. The missions are getting to damn specific and it will probably take a lot of patience with your team, a lot of reports, flame to complete them.
Shirooyasha (EUNE)
: About the season ending rewards
They should make an announcement next week for the rewards. Not 100% sure though, it's only based on the previous announcements.
Owyn (EUNE)
: If they wanted to give lvl30 players more deserved IP - they would have refunded full price for runes - e.g. 6300 IP for a rune page instead of... 1500 IP lol {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I've spent around 200k IP on runes and rune pages. I'm probably going to get refuned 1/4 of it.. :D
krabby12 (EUW)
: When will week 2 of the worlds missions begin?
Well, last Thursday around 8-9 PM I received worlds missions. So I'm guessing, it will start around the same time. Of course, EUNE players (including me) won't be able to play them.
Eambo (EUW)
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE] Emergency Platform Restart
I'll start by saying, that you are probably trying to solve the problem as quickly as possible, but wtf? for 2 days? Is it going to be the same as with the replay not working for 2 weeks? I think EUNE is underappreciated. It constantly has problems that other regions don't. On top of my mind there's one example: draft queue. It got removed, then added and I think it's a matter of time when it will be removed again; while in other regions it was fine. I can't give exact dates or issues that EUNE had that other regions hadn't, but it looks like a trend for some reason to constantly have issues in EUNE. I think it's time to get out of this shithole by transferring to EUW. Even that most of my friends play in EUNE, but what good does it make if you can't play properly, right?
Xyrov (EUW)
: Regarding new season level rewards
They said that you will earn the same amount of BE or IP. In some cases even more, depending on how many champs you've got (not exactly sure on this one). But it'll be fine. There's no point to panic now. Plus, after reaching a new level, you'll get something (champ shard, maybe skin or smth), so theoretically you will start shitting with BE.
Catbug (EUNE)
: Patch 7.19 - Champ Select confirmation stuck on the champ select
This is stupid like. I had the same problem during the day. I thought it was fixed, but now its happening all over again. GGWP
Sophart (EUW)
: UrfWick Boarder
Hahaha. Riot doesn't give a %%%%. It was the same with Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick skins. They said the previous referral system was the only way to get them before they are permanently retired, but they are giving them out now with honor capsules. I got both of them from the referral system, I didn't get any acknowledgments either (border or something). Even though I am disappointed and kinda angry but I have to deal with cause no one gives a shit. Especially now, that I have no %%%%ing use of these honor capsules cause I have nothing to gain from them; of course level 5, haven't received a single one yet.
: What do I need to do to get lucky with teams? What's the secret?
Literally I got aids from that shitty flex queue. I believe I got placed in bronze 3 and I had to put in a lot of work to get to gold 5. I've played 130 games for that. My teammates were boosted monkeys most of the time. Most games weren't even enjoyable as there's a lot of feeding and brainless decisions. But eventually, not sure why, maybe its because you perform better than your teammates u get imo better teammates as well (kinda mmr rises or smth). I believe from my personal experience, you just need keep playing and doing what you can, to carry their asses. Btw I believe I got placed in silver 2 in SoloQ . It took me 160 games to get to plat 5. Of course I was hard stuck in gold 3 for a long time, but it literally took me so little games to achieve more than in flex Q. Which means that Flex queue is cancer but u still need to play if u are here for the rewards.
Treycos (EUW)
: The (real) honor 4 level up
I'm lvl 4 as well, still no capsules though. Its %%%%ing annoying. Some people already received 2 and I none. %%%%ing bullshit.
Squerra (EUNE)
: i have lost my rank?
I have lost my rank as well. I have already contacted the riot for explanation of why this is happening.. Hopefully soon they will fix it.{{summoner:4}} {{champion:63}}
Eambo (EUW)
: [EUNE] Pool Party Recruitment Thread and Chat Room
[Server]: EUNE [Summoner Name]: Melynbarzdis [Level]: 30 [Additional Info/Restrictions]: Silver. I can play any map and any role except top.


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