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Oglaf (EUNE)
: @Riot - Normal Draft Removal & Transfer
So he're how i see what's now going to happen. 1. People who played normal draft are probly gonna play flex queue. 2. Once SoloQ starts we'll see a mass emigration of competetive type players 3. Normal draft players are gonna stay where they are cause why not and the occasional SoloQ player testing new champions or build with go flex. They're a minority there but a minority that matters 4. The people who want to play ranked seriously with their friends are pissed due to the concentration of people who are just playing for fun and lulz and don't care. Those are instead bothered by the "tryhards". Nobody is happy 5. The ranked-minded people on flex finally say "screw this shit i'm out of here" and either join soloQ or change servers. This starts slow but with each person the issue under 4 increases. 6. Flex queue becomes just like normal draft except that you can't play with your friends because they are too high rank. Lots of people got pissed in the process. Gee, what an improvement .


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