: Why don't you first place a link to the match you played. Someone who wants to help can start from there. I mean opgg link or porofessor.
Em, how do I do that? I only see my profile, no match info.
: I suggest you upload the video to youtube. Making people download files might seem fishy, even if there are no bad intentions... You know what I mean.
Eh, it takes some time to do that and by uploading a replay like this people can freely scroll through the whole map and see the big picture.
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: The problem is that what strategy you need to use depends on the matchup. What lane are you playing, what champion are you playing and what champions are the others playing? Dying isn't a big deal when you are new. But you need to figure out WHY you died; that means especially that you need to learn about your opponent's abilities and how they interact with you. That all comes with time. You just need to do that every time you die so you can avoid dying in the same fashion another time. This is - by the way - a never ending process unless you are a literal god at the game. For starters you can play Coop vs AI until you can easily run over bots (ideally without abusing their AI loopholes :D ) and then go into a normal game. What lane and champions are you playing?
Well, I typically play top. I tried Pantheon, which was nice, Dr Mundo, which is completely useless since every time I go to kill some minions or a hero I die, and a tiny bit of Tryndamere, but he doesn't seem too fun to play.
IzzŸ (EUW)
: Honestly I still don't think I'm good? But I definitely enjoy the game more than I used to. It's a lot more fun if you play with friends than if you play alone, too.
Well, it could be enjoyable if I actually could do something for them. They are a lot better than me and when they get 20/4, I get 2/10. I can't help but feel useless and unimportant.
: Been playing for 7+ years, and I still suck at this game. So yeah, it could take a while.
But is it fun for you after all this time? Because for me it kinda depends and I don't really want to play something that gives me fun just like 30% of the time.
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