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: It's pure luck most of the time. People often go on giant winstreaks and then find themselves falling further than before. Imagine running into a line of slingshots. The stronger you are the more slingshots you can break. The weaker you are the less. Sometimes you're lucky to get a tailwind, sometimes unlucky to have to face the wind. I already explained why you were placed with them and how your teammates are pure luck. 100% rng. Your turn to catch the ball and learn.
But what's the point of playing ranked if you know it's rng that decide your matches=your nuber of winning=your devision. Devision will then show only how much luck you have and not how good you rly are.
Why are you nto climbing faster if you are good? Oh w8 i made a post about how ppl cant clibe coz matches are unfar
we all get a lot of bad games but if we dont show them,the game will not get better BTW that's sad,u are eating the trash in opponets team only so you can tell your trash in your team that you are better then they are and you are ok with that
: by the time youre discuising youre getting less warmed up on league so if you wanna play today dont you think you should play and not discuss? feeders are everywhere and mmr cant be 1000000% accurate that would také 500 hours and also talking to feeders my friend is master and got one game feeder so shit hapens my friend but league is cancer so that shit is pretty bad.. {{item:3151}}
ther is nothing i can play,i know the next game i will be put in the same unfar matchup and i will spend time here trying to make league less cancer then it is,i know the most of the players are just ok with this coz they paly this game for 4-5 years and they well know how it can get bad at match making and they are letting it be like it is,if we dont say what's bad how is riot suppose to make anything better,after evey patch ppl are saying how riot doesnt know what they are doing but why ppl dont just say what they think that needs to be done
: mimium the more youre away from division the less of gold you will get.... :) on both sides
Saibbo (EUW)
: Im pretty sure I played this game for long enough about 5 years at this point and i know how it works, Plat 5 are not Plats they are just Gold 1 that reached 100 LP nothing more nothing less. You're telling me that a G1 is completely out scaled by a P5?? You think that just because they were P5 and not G1 they wouldn't still got the same one-sided game anyway? between P5 and G1 there are no skill level difference just because it's a different color 1 division doesn't mean nothing, and the MMR is basically the same and as i said if you have a lower MMR than the opponent you climb faster if not slower, here between P5 and G1 the difference may be even 0 in MMR and they'll climb if they win but for sure they'll not gain more than 25 LP, instead the guy at G4 if he would have won prob he'd gain 27-30 LP
so g1=p5,that means that p5=p4,soo p4=p3 p3=p2 p2=p1 p1=d5 d5=d4 d4=d3 d3=d2 d2=d1 d1=master master=chaleger in the end g1=chaleger but when i see a chaleger in opponets team i should be happy,coz i know he will get 2 lp from winning vs me
: if they have same mmr than yes actualy...
but they dont :D (they dont have same mmr and they dont have same divisions) Would it be just better if they mixed the teams
Èclair (EUNE)
: Divisions bear no impact on matchmaking. Also, high gold and low plat usually overlap. Plat V or Gold I - on average it's the same elo.
So why didnt they just mix the teams so it can at least look that they care? 3plats with 2 gold (one gold 4,if u even saw him) vs 3 gold and 2 palts,that will make it not so one sided
: You CAN get matched with opponents in higher divisions if their mmr is roughly the same as yours (i.e. if they have a bad loss streak and you have a great winstreak you can easily match cross-divisions). What I'm saying is that your argument is false because the theoretical notion that the mmr of your enemy is higher than yours (by not even that much) is based upon false pretense (i.e. opgg doesn't actually show you your real mmr, only what they think it is). Sometimes games are stomps, sometimes they're clutched, but overall you can't really do much in the system unless you start working for riot and change the system yourself (at wich point you'll probably lose all interest in the game tbh, disilusion and so on). So don't make a big deal out of it, just have fun in the next games :)
opgg has nothing to do with this i just put it ther to show it like a last perspectiv,when opponets have better divisions and better MMR it more likly to win,i dont see why is so hard to mix teams,so they can be at least close in divisions and MMR
: The mmr on ggop is just a speculated mmr estimation since riot doesn't actually show you your true mmr. Just because you're having bad games doesn't mean the system is broken, you can't have wins 100% of the time, or even 50% of the time if you're not "in the place where you belong"
Why is no one here watching the divisions ffs?i just wanted to show how obviouslyopponets are better and that game was one sided the hole time,ther opgg MMR were better,ther divisions were better,i dont see why they didint mix the teams?? I am not telling that i need to have 100% winrate i am jsut saying that climbing isnt made by simply makeing your teamm8 and opponets better,it's just by makeing you teamm8 worst and opponets better so u are in a hard situation wher you cant do anything...
Saibbo (EUW)
: Third party sites/programs that tells your "MMR" are not correct, that's just a vague value they give you, your **REAL** MMR value is **hidden**. The MMR can't be possibly the exact same for obvious reasons that they can't find 9 other players with the same exact number as you do. What's the problem of having a smaller MMR? you're supposed to climb anyway if you want the same exact MMR means that you don't want to climb and stay still in your rank so why don't you play normals then? And if you want to climb if you have a lower MMR than your opponents you'll gain more LP when you win and lose less when you lose and viceversa. BTW to be completely honest i see no difference in elo/mmr in that screenshot P5 is basically still Gold, the only guy with a lower rank G4 is popping off and climbing really fast so he get to play with higher elos.
So u are saying the 4 golds and a plat is basicly the same like 4 palts and a gold,why they cant put it 3 plats,2 gold (one of the golds being gold4)vs 3 gold,2 palts??? I dont know how long do you play this game,but if u didnt know,league is a team game,if you are the only one good in your team you will lose doesnt matter hwo good you are (especially when u are support) And pls just tell me,how are ppl that are in opponets team clibing,if they are play againts as,they are not bad,they cleaned as up
: a 50 mmr difference is literally nothing, it's half a division, it's like complaining that a team with an average of gold 3 with 30 LP got matchmade against a team of gold 3 with 80LP That's not exactly how it works but it shows how stupidly small that mmr difference is If you want to have teams with exactly the same mmr you'd switch from 3/4 min queues to like 25 min queues
I belive that most fo the ppl will w8 3/4 min to 25 min only so they can PlAY the game of ranked,then just losing it soo hard and feeling helpless. I dont even think ppl that get free wins feel so happy,they came to play the game not to get some lp,i mean ofc everyone gets happy for some free lp,but at some point the will see no difference betwen ranked and bots
: You realise that a 50 mmr difference is basically nothing right ? Specially considering that those mmr values that you see are just estimates and not your actual mmr values
So basicly you are saying that 4 plats and a gold is basicly the same like 4 golds and an plat?
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mimium,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=7vuaOEkM,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-20T15:11:29.623+0000) > > My MMR was 1750 An estimation from 3rd party site isn't reliable. It might or might not be representative of your true MMR wich is hidden. You can't know that. Nobody knows that besides people in charge of this system. > after 2 weeks my MMR drop and i go on a winning strik 3-4 games and then it starts As far as I know MMR doesn't decay. It drops only as a result of your actions and is unaffected by your inactivity. I can attest it because I took long breaks twice _(one lasting half a season and one lasting entire season)_ and I still had the same LP gain/loss as before my period of inactivity.
But what's with divisions,it's obvious that opponets have better divisions and coz of that the hole game was one sided,i dont even think opponets had fun.I dont know how it works for 100%,but i know that in hight elo u even start loseing lp if u dont play and that my games are more blanced when i dont play for 2 weeks
: The mmr on ggop is just a speculated mmr estimation since riot doesn't actually show you your true mmr. Just because you're having bad games doesn't mean the system is broken, you can't have wins 100% of the time, or even 50% of the time if you're not "in the place where you belong"
But what's with divisions,it's obvious that opponets have better divisions and coz of taht the hole game was one sided,i dont even think opponets had fun
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: Kindred are not meant to duel anyone. Yes, you have to go into the enemy jungle to get your stacks. That's intended risk, you are not supposed to get these stacks gifted, you have to earn them by strategic play. For example if you have vision of the enemy jungler on the other side of the map, go for the stack. He can't contest it if he is not there. I don't know if they are going to change the jungle. But if they do so, Evelynn surely won't be the reason for it. Maybe they change it with next pre season again, we will see.
Agree,but the problem is that enemy can see wher are u going,i even think that ther are more times that the enemy alner came to kill me on my stack then ther jnger. It will be much better if they can't see Kindred stacks or some time stacks to spawn in my jng so even if they knwo wher is my stack they have to decide will they go for the risk of dieing in my jng or giveing me a free stack.I think this will be more balanced.Right now it's one sided.
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: ***
I dont belive in riot support...Riot has to sponsore that more if they want ppl to go ther and ask for help btw they fix this (i think),i don't get this problem any more I will ask riot to give u some honor o some shit that every one can see that u are rly good persone
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: ***
Can i honor u or something,coz ur are rly trying to help me and i appreciate that
Ammie (EUW)
: oooh!! so here i though i was having random lag spikes!!! i have this aswell T_T
I hope Riot is going to see this and do something
: I'm also experiencing lag spikes sometimes. idek why.
I dont know i think it's coz of servers or the client or something i dont know
: Same here. since the latest patch on EUW too. i cant play with it.
: I have the same problem, since the previous patch. I just can't move for a few seconds, but my ping is good.
: ***
My mouse and my comp are 1 year old,and i am in the capital city of Serbia (Belgrade) i dont know wher the server is. TY ANYWAY
Mimium (EUNE)
I am rly tilted and i cant write anything I am sorry for grammar
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Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Well, just behave normaly, like a human. If you dont break any rules, why would you be worried about reports and punishments right? Plus, report them for abusing you if thats what they did.
TY. I didnt know that sistem can decide what's bad and what' good...
Zanador (EUNE)
: As he says. Mute the guys, and whatever happens don't write anything. You didn't feed, didn't AFK and didn't flame, so no matter how many reports you get on that match, it will not do anything to you. In the worst case you get the "you have been reported many times recently" popup, but that is just that. It exactly means that you have been reported many times recently, but it does not mean that you are in line for punishment. People like these are probably just trying to troll you into flaming back at them, because then their reports would become valid. It is also important to know that if they do report innocent people often, then the value of their reports will diminish, and the system might ignore them by default. In an extreme case, too many intentionally false reports can be banned the system too. So just chalk it up as one more bad game and move on. You have nothing to fear of people like these.
Ty for your help.I didnt know that if i didnt do anything wrong that sistem will not ban me. I was thinking that sistem is not so clever at all, that he dont know what is ambuse
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: Pick something else in secondary xD like mid or top and than you dont get supp if you dont want to be supp dont pick it xD
I just sey that its stupid to be like that,Why u need 2 options for supp???And Why u can't get ur primery if ur secendery is supp or fill??? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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