: Yeah sure, you shouldn't do something if your team is against it, but like, if they're against it they should speak up about it before the game starts It's like you say you're gonna play renekton bot and everyone is fine with that, but the moment you start losing now you're suddenly griefing ? And like take another example, when yuumi got released and had an abysmally low win rate, I've seen people pick yuumi and have the entire team turn on them telling them to play something else but they still pick yuumi, is that player now griefing simply for picking yuumi ? should that player be banned for playing yuumi because his team didn't want him to ? I think not These kind of double standards are not acceptable
Well first off, I believe that Irelia got first blood in mid, so they were not behind when he got flamed. No, griefing is not about if you win or lose, in this case griefing is the act of not going in his designated lane DESPITE both his "bot" and "mid" telling him to do so. As to your yuumi example. Riot does not designate players to what champions they are supposed to play, you are allowed to pick whatever champ you want to play. There is no double standard, either you dont understand the difference or you are just arguing because you want to defend your initial statement.
: > It doesnt have to be written down anywhere, its very obvious by how the game is currently played that support lanes with adc. So why do I frequently see ADCs in solo positions like Jungle, Top and Mid? Without Support?
Did you even read my post or just that one line of it? I will correct that line tho, I should have said "bot" instead of adc, but how do you read from what I said that people shouldnt be allowed to play adc wherever they want? All I was talking about was what lane the person who gets the role as "support" should play in unless his "bot" agrees otherwise.
: I mean I get where it's coming from, he was queued as support and went mid "oh no so troll" but like, where is it written that the support has to be support for his botlane rather than his midlane ? Like when u queue up as top, jungle, mid or adc it says "top", "jungle", "mid" or "bot" it indicates the lane that you're going for, support just says "support" doesn't say which lane you're gonna be lanning in or anything
Teddy, I believe that people decide that nb3 behaved wrong so that must mean that the other side must be right, but that is not the case here. nb3 deserves a ban both for being toxic and for afk. Unless the team votes to surrender, you keep playing until they do or you lose, a support who doesnt go where you want is not an excuse. If you have a problem with another player, then you finish the game as well as you can and report him after the game, no need to be toxic or to AFK. It doesnt have to be written down anywhere, its very obvious by how the game is currently played that support lanes with adc. That said, there is nothing wrong with doing something different as long as you believe it gives you a better chance to win. HOWEVER, if both you adc and your mid reject your wish to do it a different way, you are causing grief and in the end, the game is supposed to be enjoyable to all, and if your bot and mid dont enjoy playing with a support mid, then you shouldnt do it, PERIOD. The funnel strat, the sona taric bot, the top bot lane swap strats, all of these came from people trying new things and playing off meta, nothing wrong with this (As long as it doesnt cause grief), in this case clearly both bot and mid were unhappy and Teemo should conform to the wishes of his team over his wishes to play off meta. What Teemo did was not banworthy until bot and mid declared that they didnt want to play that way. Justified ban. I just hope that nb3 also gets his even more deserved ban.


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