Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Remove in-game chat, it doesn't serve the purpose you wish it did
I've made friends over chat and rarely have problems with it more than a salty person.
: oh okie :) i have one more question if you can answer i will be gratefull , At which point does a master yi beat wukong as in at which item or how many items does he need in his standard build (assuming we both are even in items ) to be more clear , does he need a full build to fight a wukong or does he need just botrk and satik etc
It really depends on their items, but with a couple items Yi is very formidable. If you're building tanky you won't have the damage to finish him off fast enough and if you're going for damage you won't easily take his blows,*and* you're lacking the cc to fight him. I'd say just avoid 1v1s, but I don't have a clear line of strength difference, sorry :/
: When will KaYn be available on PBE?
Most likely later today.
Sontax (EUNE)
: you use bot downvotes or what, or just want your post to be on top?
His post was downvoted as well, and I doubt Humpel would really stoop to downvoting ._.
: Exhaust . I will keep that in mind , i dont want to burden the supports more than they already are .
Don't pick exhaust just to counter Yi. In the jungle, Flash and Smite are essential, and in the toplane, Teleport grants some much needed pressure. The ugly truth is that Wukong can't do much against late game Yi in a straight up duel. You have to work with your team. As people said, CC is what shuts Yi down.
firewelp (EUW)
: what are these grades ???
You are rewarded for it in the form of an A+ grade. If you want more, you need to farm more. If we take the minion values with a bit of rounding to include the level scaling, melee and caster minions are worth ~20 gp each, and siege minions are worth 50 gp. One wave without a siege minion is worth 120 gp, and one with a siege minion is worth 180 gp. In contrast, a kill is worth 300 gold (for you) in average. As you can see, two minion waves generally offset one kill. Creep score is *not* negligible. If you were 0/0/0 but had 200 more minions, you'd be more fed than you were with 24 kills and 125 minions.
Yamian (EUNE)
: DELDE115: True, the options do not strictly say "this guy had a great KDA" but player's judgement will be affected by that persons performance. And they can always use the "GG" option which is generic enough and can cover (or justify) whatever you feel. And nothing will prevent the "this guy had 20/15/9 , I will give him... great shotcalling... or whatever" mindset. Minstrel: Is meant to, but I have seen a lot of "I will honor xy, only good player", in which case the intended recipient had the most kills from a losing team and kept blaming and flaming everyone except the one who promised him honor. I suppose I lost faith in humanity...
Just a heads up, you should probably respond to each person separately since we don't get notified if you just reply to your own thread. I just checked this thread because Strategical replied to me and I got a notification ^_^ Anyway, sure, there are lots of such people, but as I said below, I get honored often and I rarely have any big impact in the game.
: we all know that good behavior means that gg he carried me, i love you now <3
Not for me, and not for the people I play with since I often get honors and almost never carry xD
: instant 14 day ban for language
Keep in mind that the next offense is a permanent, irreversible ban, and the automated system will be pretty sensitive since you already got a 14-day ban. Tread lightly.
Yetisław (EUNE)
: No border for 280 tokens?
The border only works with the Dawnbringer Riven or the Nightbringer Yasuo skin.
Rioter Comments
Scherasa (EUW)
: And what are we talking about here? I did not give any name, again, I did not give any name. I did it once, RIOT told me it's wrong and this time I did not, I just have doubt whether they'd do anything about it or not. Please tell me what's his name because you are so convinced I did name name, it seems.
>I won't name name here since RIOT would then seem to care more about me giving name than what he said. This is what the discussion started from. I did not accuse you of anything, and forgive me if it came across as such. I just wanted to talk about why I think the naming policy is such.
Scherasa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Minstrel,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ha5E3tzb,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-26T18:19:17.270+0000) > > And who&#x27;s to say that you&#x27;re honest? &quot;Scherasa told me to kill my whole family. FACT.&quot; > The objective judge is the in-game punishment system that has access to his logs. Other than that, anyone can claim anything online. Last time I saw something like this I did take screenshot and posted it. I was going to make a screenshot this time but the chat scrolled down so much and it was gone. But I will make sure to do that next time. I didn't intend to make the post here so someone other than RIOT can deal with it, it's simply because I felt it's very wrong what he said. And like you said, RIOT has access to the log and they, might deal with this, which is what I'd hope. So in your suggestion, if someone saw something wrong occured, he got to be prepared with all the evidence to report it, otherwise he is just making things up. Great I will make sure to get the blood sample, the photo, the fingerprints, all that. And I believe you will still defend this rascist.
There's a difference between defending the punishment system and defending the offender. I'm not on that guy's side, but there's absolutely no merit in posting the names of people that were toxic here in the boards. It might have been very wrong indeed, but we can't and shouldn't meddle in this without that person's permission. He will get what's coming to him.
Scherasa (EUW)
: Did I mention anything about shaming him? I only wrote what he said, and I did not give his name ok? Now it's like I'm more of a misbehaved person than the one who asked jews to go back to the gas chamber, and he is victimized. The things he said, FACT. I didn't name name, FACT. Hate speech keeps happening in-game, FACT.
And who's to say that you're honest? "Scherasa told me to kill my whole family. FACT." The objective judge is the in-game punishment system that has access to his logs. Other than that, anyone can claim anything online.
MadsQ (EUNE)
: Getting banned for 2 bad games
After a 14-day ban, you know you're on thin ice. You've already been toxic enough to have reached that stage, and you know you need to behave properly from now on. One bad game shouldn't happen at this point, let alone two.
Scherasa (EUW)
: And I see tons of in-game matters here.
The point is that I can come and say "Oh, Scherasa told me to kill my whole family" even though I don't even know you. Even if Riot won't do anything about it, there are people that would see it and possibly harass you or avoid you in-game. Naming and Shaming is forbidden just to avoid these cases.
Zaichis (EUW)
: Is this flaming
How can people still think that just because something is true it can't be offensive?
: Because A Yasuo fanboys and B Soulstealer Vayne. I mean, why would you want Hextech Annie if you can have Soulstealer Vayne?
Because steampunk trumps emo vampires \*-\*
LeBrön (EUW)
The reason a trading system doesn't exist is the exact same reason we get random skins from crafting instead of choosing what we want.
: Safe/good top lane blind picks
My safest bets are Gnar and Shen. Gnar is very strong and provides good CC and tankiness in teamfights, while not suffering from the melee range of most tanks, so he can't really be counterpicked very effectively. On the other hand, Shen deals well with most tanky and bruiser toplaners, and while he generally gets countered by range, he can just safely farm under turret and help his team via map control.
Yamian (EUNE)
: New honor system and player perception of the game
Honor isn't meant to recognize good gameplay, but good behavior. These two are extremely contradictory skills, and from my experience with the current honor system, most people honor you based on your behavior indeed.
: that's jsut my point though, why would you want a sivir split pushing over say a jax who has huge 1v1 potential, hell 1v2 he can be good in, if played right. her role as a splitpush adc doesn't really make sense
There are cases you want to fill a team comp with something that can't splitpush as well, like a galio top. Then you can consider a Sivir.
: To me that defeats the purpose of the role, usually your toplaner or jungler has a scary 1v1 potential so it's a gamble to send someone top, then you lsoe a heavy amount of damageoutput from your adc
Yeah, but Sivir has the tools to escape from a single enemy, namely her shield and ult, and she can take down turrets *damn fast*. You shouldn't really be leaving her to 1v1 though, you should be occupying the enemy team while she pushes.
: Yeah she had that, go off and do something else vibe to her, rather than the traditional adc which is gear up for the teamfights. Just feel she lacks a lot, there's no real threat from seeing a sivir in the teamfight, she will aa you but that's all she'll be doing. there's no condeming or frost arrows, heavy autoattacks.
Yeah. The point is to avoid teamfighting while your Sivir takes down a couple turrets, and then when you do teamfight, you'll be scared of the Garen that jumped in your face with her ult, not Sivir herself.
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: nah mate maybe you should think before typing stuff and stop being a knight .Every game is a 1v9 cause everyone on eune feeds and trolls and this is not me everyone says this.Secondly am not toxic i dont even type at the chat 9 i use pings) plus i made posts on how to counter my teammates you flame me ( mute op) or maybe i am toxic for muted my teammates instead of typing and trying to focus on how to win a game.Thirdly even if i do feed ( recently did with rek sai) my deaths werent cause i tried to do stupid stuff it was mainly because i was trying to stop the enemy zac from e ing on my adc.And btw why is the forum so toxic like you holy molly in all of my posts that I made only 2 guys i remember and salute that werent like you people( YEAH YOU ARE TOXIC I SAY IT CAUSE I KNOW AHHAAHA) no all they did was to help me improve and even give me tips.
So... everyone says that everyone feeds. *Everyone* is out to troll and *everyone* knows it. And *everyone* is complaining that *everyone* is trolling.
: What's the point of Sivir at the moment?
The point of Sivir has always been map pressure and engage. She doesn't bring anything particularly unique after a fight has started, but she has the tools to splitpush effectively and relatively safely, and she can engage for the whole team when nobody else can. The spell shield isn't her identity, it's a nice flavor on top. Tristana can push very effectively too, but she lacks the initiation that Sivir possesses.
ninosnapper (EUNE)
: Unplayable
Pháté (EUW)
: Someone added me post game, entirely just to apologise for very minimal flame.
This is indeed commendable. I just worry about what would have happened if that game had been lost instead of won :/
Vashtrall (EUW)
: Opinion: Is Draft better than Blind? (And not just that.)
I don't know man, we seem to be playing different games. >This has the worst community in the goddamn planet. There are loud examples of toxicity that grab our attention, but most people are actually pretty neutral, and there are some great people in here too. >Riot crosses it's arms and does nothing about it. The multitude of threads about permabans, as well as the upcoming honor system, are examples of the opposite. >I used to main Soraka, and I got the news Redemption was nerfed? Seriously? Who was the %%%%%%ed chimp who actually suggested that? Soraka's ultimate is already so much garbage a normal heal is better than ultimate, lol? Redemption wasn't nerfed. It's much stronger now, especially in the case of healing supports like soraka that will stack % heal and shield power. Her ult's strong part isn't the amount of heal, but the fact that it's ubiquitous. You can help globally with the press of a button. I won't go on to cover every little point you made, this is just my general consensus.
47857 (EUW)
: Apologies
You're one of the few people that understand the severity of the 14-day ban. Now go out there, be nice to people, and stay far away from the permaban!
ChaosJuda (EUW)
: Problem is, why riot is too stubborn to admit that getting rid of chat would solve all the flame problems? It's a useless tool, if you want to say something to a teammate, just use all the pings, in game chat is used only for flame, or to say "gg ez" (which I can't believe it's not worthy of instaban), so, is that useful? Hell no.
Weybiebab (EUW)
: Bug on Relic shield
Did you maybe use a ranged support (including Thresh)?
Dark RoH (EUW)
: Perma Banned
As has been said many times before, the "one more chance" was the 14-day ban. You knew that offenses after that would result in a permanent ban. Why should Riot trust that you changed now, if you hadn't changed before?
Oriyoki (EUW)
: ok and that helps vs vayne how? it doesn't it's useless.
Knowing where a stealthed champion is negates half their effectiveness. A champion's kit shouldn't be nullified with a free trinket, should it now?
Oriyoki (EUW)
: last I checked, the red ward does crack shit about stealth. Same for the red trinket.
The red trinket shows you all invisible champions, even if you can't interact with them. The red ward fully reveals camouflaged (but not invisible) champions.
: Fight With Honor "patch"
Riot said they're looking into ways to recognize both more teammates and enemies, but it will come at a later patch.
stanymove (EUW)
There will be no more class updates. >we’ve decided to discontinue the large seasonal class updates and focus more on individual champions that need work [source](
: riot litteraly %%%%ing my anus
>litteraly [sic] I don't think that means what you think it means.
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: How does Relic Shield transform?
First off, you need to have at least targon's brace before it upgrades. The relic shield itself won't upgrade. Secondly, by "transforming", it doesn't mean that the item itself changes, you just gain another passively charging shield.
Doomley (EUW)
: You are missing a key point. It's not the bronze player that allows them to play against you because they wouldn't be able to play with a bronze player if they had too high ranks. As an example, there was only 1 diamond player (dia 5) and his flex rank is silver 1 which means he gets matched against others with similar rank, like you. If ANY of them had platinum or higher elo in flex, they wouldn't have been able to play with the bronze player. The bronze player is silver 5 in flex. they didn't abuse the system. The system is just flawed because flex mmr has nothing to do with soloq mmr.
Is that right? Color me corrected then. I thought there were no queue limits in flex queue, and so I didn't bother to check the flex ranks of the enemies. Seems I'm whining for no reason...
: Thats pretty pathetic imo. But there's a limit to how far they'll be able to get using that technique. I *do* think this sort of thing needs addressing though, since 4 plat/diamonds are obviously going to stomp 5 silvers most of the time
Exactly, and I don't really care how high they climb. What I care about is that they're ruining others' games.
Rioter Comments
: not really. you see he isn't my friend yet but I cant find him
My point is, did he maybe have a name change at some point? And if so, maybe you can search for his old name? Also, as smerk said, are you certain you're playing on the same server?
: ***
This sounds reasonable indeed. As long as it's constrained to a couple of games per patch, not 10 normals per week as was suggested in the OP.
: Victor's Emblem?
You wait for the event to end and then craft it in an icon, depending on which side won.
: > [{quoted}](name=Noezholio,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=B9AbfehX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-17T15:42:57.194+0000) > > There is actually a way to disable those missions. > Just don&#x27;t use oone of the icons. > As you have to have one of the icons equipped to fulfill the missions, when you&#x27;re not using one of those icons you won&#x27;t be able to complete those missions which also means no notifications after the game. Sounds good, thank you. I mean...a guy just told me he is on a mission to get 18000 gold. What kind of braindead crap is this?
I believe the mission is 15000 gold and cumulative. Took 2 games to complete while playing support. Didn't have to try much.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Lol ofc
More like "barely" than "lol ofc".
: So it needs to be no jungler in game then to get accurate count?
Well, you'll get an accurate count only if nobody kills jungle monsters. Laners or jungler. You can also see how many minions and jungle monsters you killed in the post game screen.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: ~~You don't need to complete the mission during one game. The minions killed will sum up for your future progress.~~ It works only for 15k gold mission.
"In one game". The catch is that the whole team must rack up this score, not just one person.
: Friends summoner name not coming up when searching for friends
I have a friend that got a name change but her name didn't change in my friendlist. Maybe this is a similar situation?
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