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: Cool. Is that gonna stop me from doing it, no. Is it gonna get me banned, nope.
It will get you banned rofl.
: My second reason may not be 'valid' in your eyes but it's still a reason i will leave a game. For example, i'm playing jungle, almost completed my first clear and my botlane are 0/2. They immediatly start pinging for ganks and ping me. I finish my clear and path to botside, i look for a gank but there is no oppertunitly as my botlane has lost a trade. I return to my jungle and look elsewhere for map pressure. 1 minute later my botlane has died again and so has my toplane. I have had many occasions when this has happened and i have sometimes disconnected as it is a waste of my time. Never will i disconnect from a ranked game tho as there is no point. Normal games on the other hand only give xp and that means litrally nothing to me. I am happy to agree to disagree on that matter. On the second paragraph you mention how normal and blind games are dead because every game has an afk. I have to disagree. As someone who has played countless draft games and a few hundred blind games, i almost never have afk players. While yes, playing normal games and getting an afk is wasting your time, to be honest, playing normal games in general is a waste of time unless you are playing with friends. You get barely anthing from normal games. And you don't improve at the game because you aren't playing against better players. Players who afk in normal games only get punished with Leaverbuster, which is really annoying to deal with. Leaverbuster wastes 100 minutes of your time at the highest punishment. But afking in ranked is a big punishment. You get leaverbuster and you lose lp. I'll be looking forwwrd to your response ;)
Sorry but explanation doesn't make it any better. Quitting because things are not going well is inexucsable
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: You got banned for saying jerk, not for saying report.... Christ.......
Mate your reading comprehension sucks rofl
: "fonnyguy26: team toxic fonnyguy26: can u report?" **REPORT CALLING IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE. ** How do people still not know this...
Its only banable if you go overboard. Take it from someone who got permabanned and restricted numerous times and not once was it for "report this jerk off thats trolling"
: We are discussing game 2 here, not game 1. And before you say "BUT YOU FLAMED IN GAME 1": There is a reason why riot adds more than 1 game, and the reason for that is, that 1 game wouldnt have been enough to punish. That means, that game 2 is what makes it sufficient. But as there is nothing substantial in game 2... Well thats why this thread exist. But thanks for that very predictable first comment in this thread
Nope. If they provide more chat logs it means that it was one of the reasons for punishment. Game 2 just triggered the bot to look through your logs and provided logs that got you punished including game 1.
: this is not a reason to punish me
It says game 2 meaning there is at least 1 more chat log you are hiding.
: To all summoners
I can mostly confirm what Eambo said. My years old account (prolly 10 years old by now) got permabanned. After repeated offenses and punishments. There was %%% involved, there was one instance of "f a g g o t" as well tho that was a joke with a friend of mine (I called a gay friend of mine that, insider joke, but system picked up on it as a homophobic slur) that 14 day ban was totally unfair andstill is, and random banter and calling people %%%%%%ed. Generally my ban was mostly warranted. So yes system won't ban you even on numerous %%% words unless you are constantly using it in malicious context. However up until last year I was punished once with a chat restriction, rather short once, back in 2014 I think. So what would make a generally positive account, who was at honor 5 before the first serious offense in 2017 or 2018 (unsure) suddenly change. Well I just got tired. I am 24, I have real life issues and when I have free time, I kinda get really really upset when someone who is 12 starts running it down mid or flaming me 24/7 or just refusing to even acknowledge you when you ask for help to leash and then steal your jungle and so on. And I lost control of my temper and attempted to murder them with words. My behavior has no excuses (tho I find policing in game chat to this extent funny, mute option exists for a reason) but some of these people still play. those who flame and provoke me get banned as well. That Teemo that ran it down mid is still playing. The duo bot that got me permabanned cause I was insanely toxic to them is still playing (Our top or mid was losing and game looked bad, they said they won their lane and that since top/mid lost they don't need to play and just jerked each other off in the fountain basically losing us the chance even tho I was oneshotting half of their team)... Basically I can even ignore the flame and usually I don't sling shit back, but I can't ignore someone purposefully ruining what little free time I have. I even lashed at the poor support guy because here in EU taking an account down can be challenged in court and I was thinking about it simply out of spite, so basically mentioning that I also ruined any chance of conversation and returning the account (even if it was astronomical) Lastly I already got chat restricted twice on this account, tho at this point I simply don't care anymore. Account with money and fifty skins and all champs was banned. Won't get to that point ever so now I am just playing to waste time. However I still get chat restricted for returning an insult to a guy insulting me first. And that's the real problem imo. Riot does not have the same standard for everyone, either due to lack of manpower, will or simply a bad system, on top of being overly eager to police a game chat.
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: Problem with login
I managed to go in after mashing enter for few minutes but cannot push play button because they have issues communicating with the server. This gonna last boiz
: Can't open MSI 2019 Orbs ?
Orb? I created 4 fragments from the tokens. 1 was never given to me. I opened and disenchanted the stuff and everything disappeared and I was left with nothing. Funny thing I did not even have the notification, so my client got bugged there and only noticed the "hextech has issues" when I went to a support page to send in a ticket that my stuff got eaten and I received nothing.


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