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: Hello TMT Avenger Try, if this fixes it for you: * Press the **Windows** button. * Type **System** and press enter. * In the System Settings type **Focus Assist**. * Turn off Focus assist and all of it's rules.
: Read this. The problem is more complex than you think.
well... that shut me up.
: urf: people complain that everyone playes only op champs arurf: everyone complains that teams are imbalanced. plz make up ur minds.
why not make both available lol.
: nah, riot didnt just create urf on a whim. There was a massive outcry every time urf was up. Why? Because you only ever saw 20-30 champs being played, and couldn't ever try anything unless u know its op, otherwise u will be roflstomped by the op. people wanted arurf, riot made it.
true and so i said MAKE BOTH!
: Because people like you who cry on the forums about how bad ARURF is are one of those people who like to abuse a champion in urf and make it completely unfair for others. This gives the opportunity of at least a little balance between the teams (although I don't agree to some degree) but it's better than having one of those annoying af champions in URF like Zed in every single game. There are still OP champs that you can get like Maokai, Jax, Irelia but at least it's given to random people and not in every game.
that's why i said make it normal and AR at the same time lol.
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