Johs107 (EUNE)
: People are now consistantly treating Ranked Flex as normal draft on EUNE
found this post late, but true. not even I care about flex. i only play flex with my friends and we play it for fun soooo
Lari (EUNE)
: " What did you do all game, you are a f*ng Noob"
Yesterday I had a master yi who would farm the whole game (expected of a yi, right?), well after we started grouping Yi was still there.. Farming.. Needless to say our botlane kept getting camped by the midlaner, jungler and even the toplaner sometimes, we still got the first turret though.. Later everyone just went mid, we all died except yi who was still in his jungle doing his camps.. The remaining 3 people on their team were hard pushing mid and our yi(who had probably the best farm in the game, or at least should have) just said ''muted'' when we pinged him a couple of times and then ignored everything that was happening around him and instead just KEPT ON FARMING. moral of the story, dont play solo.. it sucks.. get a duo.. or play some champs that can carry(i main supports like Janna and Soraka who cant carry and i also solo so it sucks for me but since youre toplane get a good jungler or mid who can roam to your lane) also, why doesnt riot ban the toxic players? not that theyre that toxic to me but when i see them being toxic to others i report them and nothing happens at all.. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Daishar (EUW)
: I too meet people like that once in 5 or 6 months.
lol me too, a few games ago i started dancing and then their whole team came and danced too and then my team joined in and nobody was attacking each other we just kept flashing our masteries and dancing. after game i had 4 new friend req and those guys are really nice i became good friends with them LOL
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