radetari (EUNE)
: This game is trash now and I don't wanna play Fortnite! Any suggestions?
Last year I found two games that are dope. First one is called Warframe. It's an online pve game. I played that for only 3 months. The other one is pokemon reborn. Don't snob this one for it is pokemon. I highly recommend it if you have played pokemon when you were younger. It's the best there is of its kind.
Hajrulla (EUNE)
: Best match 2018 for me!
I have had my pentas stolen too many times. Never cared. I would steal your penta without a second thought
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=WubbaLubbaDubDab,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=xk4n5eZe,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-14T21:04:23.371+0000) > > Just bash riot and say how the game is dying that will grant u free upvotes. It's actually the other way around. If you make a discussion with that topic I can guarantee you will be downvoted to Oblivion and back. *** The real way to get free upvotes is to post pictures of kittens or puppies. Let me show you: https://kittybloger.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/15-really-cute-kittens-9.jpg http://www.cutestpaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Miss-You-My-Love.jpg ######Our secret. Don't tell anyone.
send more p.ussy blyat
King Lego (EUNE)
: League now...someone please explain...
I'm not downvoting anyone I like controversial opinions. I also like the controversy between troll or not-troll picks in there is now in lane picks. On-hit Lucian top. A stupid Garen mid..... Brand and Ziggs bot. These had been troll picks forever. But now they aren't! It feels like season 1 and 2 where we picked anything I like this chaotic state of the game. Now people are skilled enough to make a troll pick work. People even learn to manage the waves what legends! If you want to play fortnite go on. I don't like minecraft pubg. But you can play lol and troll freely these days
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: Aatrox rework is just.. dont please
Bullshit rework fire whoever did this right now and never release this bullshit this rework is bullshit. Visuals are bullshit too and I see voice acting is bullshit as well someone needs to get fired not today..yesterday. I've never seen before so much bullshit in such a short time
Arnoter (EUW)
: Honor is completely useless. They want to keep the System so bad, that they link the Key Fragments to it.
Dude I've just read a post below about honor system and I had never thought it is so useless. Because for me, it always gives me stuff just for being honored every game by at least one guy. It seems we've been living on a different planet and my topic is a mistake
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KamiKazê (EUW)
: Banned for not replying to the toxic player ?
Rioter Comments
King Lego (EUNE)
: Though it's possible. But if this is the case, then it really confuses me how these players end up on my level to play with me or even me in matches.
Most think (well I got fed and won 2 games with an ad carry) BooM! I'm god at that adc lets play ranked
King Lego (EUNE)
: I can relate. I was playing Braum, and naturally i start relic shield. With its execute passive ability and..well you know how it works. Anyway, when i was executing cannon and melee minions the ADC quickly flamed me and said "don't take my farm or i report you!" and i was like "DUDE! I HAVE A RELIC SHIELD!" Seriously, how can someone NOT know what relic shield does?!? I think i lost brain cells after what happened to me. don't remember if i won that match or not, but that level of stupidity haunts me.
New players playing adc with a mindset of world domination and having no clue how useless they would be without the support
: Do skins change the size of hitboxes?
I wish to some of you to get hit by Lux's rainbow, while standing out of rainbow's hitbox, and lose your promos out of that. It's either rito tweaking stuff without telling or the skins aren't so balancedn't after all
Torkl (EUW)
: Totally broken client just keeps getting worse..
I don't need balance updates right now. What would improve my experience in this game far more than that is a better client. Compared to Dota's client this one we got is bs. For example when I need to reconnect in my game after a dc, I don't want to see 2k gold in my pocket. Now that I think of it I've never got a dc when I used to play Dota. Hhhmmm!!!
: So, you can check how much money you spent on League...
REkT by RIOT yEAh pay the B!tches give them power
: Ranked is bullsh*t
I read all that $hit you wrote it was quite interesting and I realised you are smart unlike the trash players/people who commented until now. Ranked is a bad mode to play it takes away the fun. I suggest you find an ad carry of your level. Or learn a filthy a$$ $cum champion like {{champion:141}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:516}} to climb asap
Loonsteer (EUW)
: Leagues unhealthy for my stress and attitude// new game ideas?
1.Dota 2 is dope your skill will always be appreciated there. Games tend to be more lengthy tho. Comments below say the opposite but dota>lol. 2.Warframe is a real action game you may not know. Its fun to play has excellent community and you will eventually leave it to play lol again. 3.Paladins is cool i suggest that one for sure. 4.Gwent is a balanced card game unlike yugioh and hearthstone and its not p2w. 5.Pokemon Reborn is a fire game if you used to play pokemon younger. 6.You can try Skyrim man. The game is crap by itself. Mod it like hell and it becomes perfect. 7.GtaV or Mafia as offline games 8.Aion is dope tho. Its mmorpg best of its class and it requires so many fingers to be competitive and so much time of your life to farm gotta tell you the truths. Lineage exists too if you like. Suggest me back some games im bored of this {{champion:142}}
: Banned for 14 Days
They didnt like the syndrome down comment. As it is a disease they suffer from they decided to ban you. On the other hand if you had told your team they are %%%%%%s you would get away with it
: Today is the 1000th day of the boards!
ThePikol (EUNE)
: One was telling enemies where I am, the other told me to %%%. Both still play
On the other hand if you had left that game you would be banned by now
L0Lmann (EUNE)
: I got permabanned for being toxic...
If I want to swear someone in-game or if someone swears at me that's totally ok! Is it bad arguing with people? It is human. But the game is created in a way which opens up opportunities to fight and fight with everyone and then they are going to tell papa(rito) that I sweared at them and papa is gonna punish me. I find all this bullsht so unattractive and people come up with words like tilt and flame and toxic to address each and every type of negativity. League is a toxic game it is tilting it is a waste of time
: After about two years, i've gotten tired.
The game isn't even interesting it's just mad addicting. Consider the 10 as the pass to find something better
: FFS Leaver ban not my fault help
Yeah like you can play hearthstone in between queues. And poker between hearthstone queues. You 'll get banned eventually for leaving which is not your fault
: Autofilled supports
Autofill is a joke
Moj0 Jojo (EUNE)
: Attention gentlemens!
Why no one comments anymore did my post got old since yesterday? Is it you are too busy playing a sh*ttier version of dota? {{champion:86}} juggernaaut!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Moj0 Jojo,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=68nEmG6A,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-01T17:48:22.278+0000) > > you are in for the money And...that's supposed to be a bad thing? A free online multiplayer game on this level of popularity has to make their money at some point. What exactly is the problem here?
You misunderstood me. I 've no problem with riot making money off their overated game in fact I don't care how much you donate to them. Posting this I had no purpose other than talk shit about riot. Now tell me how many ranked games have you lost because of autofill system? Or won if the autofill was with the opponents ;)
Treycos (EUW)
: Yeah, giving free stuff has to be marketing.... Do you even understand what marketing is ?
Nop I wish to be as smart as you. Then maybe I can understand
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Riot giving u free way to get skins are in for the money?
Aren't they? It's marketing
Solicitude (EUNE)
: *gentlemen without the "s".
Treycos (EUW)
: You're now officially declared the sh*tpost god
People get banned for toxicity while the game itself is toxic. Just %%%% riot. I wanna permaban them so hard for being toxic
Rioter Comments
boozonz (EUW)
: ranked sucks
The truth hurts{{item:3076}}
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Apparently One bad match = you suck at the game in general.
People get banned for toxicity yet the game is toxic itself. The truth hurts{{item:3076}}
: pls read me
riot is broken i dont know what you expect from them{{item:3076}}
: Autofill. Good OR Bad?
I don't play ranked. But when I did I chose mid or adc. I had no problem to support but dude autofill put me in the jungle and I am so bad at it. Asked team to swap because I'm unskilled jg and all they said was Report. They sealed their fate to lose a game. But that's just an example. I believe there should be 2 options in ranked team creation. The fast one where autofill can happen and the slow where you will go in the lane you choose no matter the time it takes.
gow low (EUW)
: f riot
Make clear who you are for I didn't understand. The good or the bad player? Also you can't fool us we know you are playing lol atm
: Karthus's Ult Vs Edge of Night and possible healthy solution
vladiq (EUW)
: When Girls Playing LoL #1 | Funny Stream Moments
Boobs playing league? Yo lets stream that you sexists! {{champion:25}}
Black2attck (EUNE)
: I swear I swear to God i didnt do nothing to get ban.. read this and think to help me(RIOT)
Mursiful (EUW)
: Omg riot you serious? I just logged in and im perma ban for this bare in mind this is only my chat logs, in repsonse to flame from both sides but a %%%%ing perma ban what a joke So heres my chat log, relogged in an it appearrs bbut wtf? it doesnt show the context of why i said this stuff and even still i dnt think its even that bad for a %%%in PERMA BAN money grabbing greedy riot, All they want is for me to get a new acount and buy morwe rop the dodgey noobs. and granted i might be "polite" theres no ban material here, %%% u shit system Mursiful: i thgout bot pre> Mursiful: coz i wanted sup Mursiful: who pre bot theb> Mursiful: o Mursiful: o Mursiful: h Mursiful: who said ore bot and with who Mursiful: who said ore bot Mursiful: who said pre boy answer Mursiful: graves is noob nice push Mursiful: fre kill top Mursiful: i need hekp pre 6 Mursiful: %%%% noob champs Mursiful: jung look %%%%in too Mursiful: top Mursiful: LOOK MAP NOOB Mursiful: u know how to counter a kassadin> any ad marksman. come mid game u got no chance lol Mursiful: omfg Mursiful: he just needs to click Mursiful: and im dead Mursiful: jubnglr Mursiful: : wake the fck up please Mursiful: aa kils me in 4 Mursiful: ty Mursiful: useless late Mursiful: but fucjk Mursiful: jungle Mursiful: come when i %%%%in need not when i dead Mursiful: ur so good coz u can press right click once Mursiful: ty yasuo Mursiful: omg we have no junglr> Mursiful: ahah Mursiful: im lvl 7 Mursiful: ur just my toital counter Mursiful: a ranged ad champ aha xD Mursiful: u right click only Mursiful: and win Mursiful: ? Mursiful: u tink ur good coz u can right click Mursiful: give me a break Mursiful: i need swap lane coz i cant do nothing but feed Mursiful: normaly roa 9 minutes... Mursiful: not even roa at 15 Mursiful: i only feed a counter Mursiful: gg Mursiful: i used graves other day coudky beluve the ease Mursiful: run nob/all Mursiful: run more noob Mursiful: i told u im late Mursiful: u perfect counter for kassadin Mursiful: this aint no 20 ping Mursiful: 2 seconds 2 e Mursiful: surrender Mursiful: %%%% this shit Mursiful: lol Mursiful: and that is why uir broken Mursiful: its lost Mursiful: aha Mursiful: kassadin cant win vs ad marksman Mursiful: mute away thank for roam Mursiful: he win lane and had babysit Mursiful: sort mid nub Mursiful: tailiah Mursiful: gg Mursiful: all mid Mursiful: nnice Mursiful: dude Mursiful: wtf Mursiful: look her items %%%%ing she troll support Mursiful: im lvl 7 every lane Mursiful: yh i did Mursiful: i fed a counter Mursiful: and what> Mursiful: aha Mursiful: ifg you use mf Mursiful: surrender of stf-u Mursiful: u do Mursiful: coz u troll Mursiful: idiot Mursiful: look ur items Mursiful: ur support?? Mursiful: ur farm shud be 0 taliah Mursiful: yasuo is hyper carry Mursiful: yasuo u full leave all farm plz Mursiful: lol Mursiful: surrender Mursiful: 4 Mursiful: its lost stop wast time Mursiful: if u said no Mursiful: stfu about feed Mursiful: aha mf fed the same Mursiful: in easy lane Mursiful: graves 1v1 me as kassa Mursiful: and ill be graves7 Mursiful: i show u the boost Mursiful: i losy to a hard counter Mursiful: hard counter u see Mursiful: with no jungler Mursiful: f ut top need farm dnt stela %%%%ing farm Mursiful: all mid Mursiful: or surrender Mursiful: simple Mursiful: taliah Mursiful: back Mursiful: all mid Mursiful: or ff Mursiful: ahah mf 12 deatsh with 9 kils ? and talks shit? Mursiful: np gg
: > i never flame OK > u can go %%% urself > > your a %%%in joke. > > why the %%% Good luck making your statement
Let me uncensore things for everyone to avoid misunderstandings u can go love urself you 'r a cunnin' joke why the Faker
: kassadin
Rework kassa already. Half people complain he is trash tier. The other half complain he is still op af. Truth is your rework sucked ass
: Runes + Rune Pages need to be free.
Alternatevly we should be getting more ip from games. Why do some people judge your point? We all know the game can't go on without donations but 6300 per rune page cmon..
: Kassadin Season 6
he feels underpowered for sure. i play him many years and i know his nerf was fair. in a few games however im copletely useless for my team with kassadin mostly because of the opponents correct positioning against me. in these games i feel like a mage not an assasin. i do strongly believe he needs rework
ArTanis4 (EUW)
: He IS underpowered, he is currently the worst assassin in the game, his laning phase is crap even while facing a mage, his power spike at level 6 is too weak to compensate for his crappy early game. Rito nerfed his basic abilities again and again, in order to avoid making any big changes to his ultimate. Then they nerfed his Riftwalk. And they forgot to buff his basic abilities afterwards. To sum up, unlike the other assassins, he scales really poorly with level, his ratios aren't that high, his mobility at level 6 is so so, he needs to buy a RoA first in order to survive long enough to get to the carries, he can't really snowball... (I am a Kassadin main)
and i completely agree as kassadin main
: Olaf, Katarina or Kassadin?
i can tell you for sure who is the worse among them
Baib12 (EUW)
: i guess kassadin need a new skin
who buys a skin of a champion that sucks he need rework first and then a skin
ar0pupu (EUNE)
: Kassadin Champion rework
yea he used to be so much op and it was fair to get him nerfed but riot threw him completely off the game. when the assasin rework was announced i was expecting kassa rework because both i like this champion and he deserved it but it didnt happen. maybe if his riftwalk was obtainable before lv6 he could be more useful to his team. do something riot make him ad..whetever just bring him back balanced. i ll ask too much though because i want his animations changed too they feel so underpowered
ultimate905 (EUNE)
: Kassadin should get some love
just rework this champion already

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