Arnoter (EUW)
: Oh, right, you are the first one that came up with exactly these kind of words in this Game :^) Do you really think I talk about my Age with some toxic scum, that has just got banned (again) ? Exactly this Attitude will get you banned over and over, so good luck on your next Account.
no i got those words from lol chat itself... and the rest of the jokes like yas main. also you call me toxic scum... hahaha, i am not toxic just becouse i get frustrated with u nskilled players, and im very certain you are toxic and 15 or less. and this may get me banned becouse riot tryes too hard to keep the age under 18, you cant exploit a grown up tha easily.
: >what exactly is worth for a perma ban on this chat? This: >Pre-Game Molens: need brains mainly In-Game Molens: lost xp................ Molens: %%% Molens: kill xin Molens: gank bot Molens: ramus has 2 kills Molens: how do u ping the vision one? Molens: yas main Molens: and this yas Molens: 1st timer Molens: on ranked no less Molens: nasus fail Molens: tristana can u fu cking play pls? Molens: tristanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Molens: pls report this tristana Molens: pls Molens: go %%% Molens: bronzes Molens: l2p instead of crying rep Molens: kid Molens: 3 deaths becus u dont know how to play Molens: u cry Molens: %%%%%% Molens: i culd have not died 3 times but gotten 3 kills Molens: go baron now Molens: solo it Molens: i tell u she is so bad Molens: i know what to do Molens: tristana is the oproblem Molens: if gp jumped with me it was gg Molens: this team Molens: i feel gp and tristana are together Post-Game Molens: my mmr must be low to play with such scrub like tristana Molens: ffs Next: >plus ive only recived a suspension once no other warnings and nonsense. The suspension was your warning. >what is this nonsense here? perma ban for being mad at someone, this is not flame. ITS A GAME for crying out loud. That's flaming, you are a very negative player hence why you got banned wich is ironic to see you write that it's just a game when you get mad in a video game. >moreover why are you not showing all the chat? Because that's the reason why you have been banned, it doesn't matter if someone else broke LOL rules what count is that YOU broke LOL rules, also there is no "but he started first, I'm only defending myself !" >Unban my account! They won't since you deserved the perma ban. > this is rediculus! and this is the 2nd account. you are the worse riot. After having your first account closed you did not have learned your lesson I see, next time don't break LOL rules and you'll be fine, also this is not Riot fault that you got ban it's your fault, so you can only blame yourself. My advice is that you should be more positive because flaming a player won't make him play better.
i am not a negative player, i aways try my best, never rage quit, aways listen to someone smarter then me in the team, aways surrender if its an obvious loose and so on, things that make sense. ofcorse im not pro, but im anything but a negative PLAYER. swearing on the chat is not negativity. its common and its justified in 90% of the cases. in this case with this tristana, everything i described in the chat was true. she had no skill, she left me for dead multiple times and she was pretty much useless. and she took no note of it. dont jsut attack me simply becouse i have the bad guy sticker from riot, this system is overly sensetive and banning someone for so little is ridiculus! if i was spaming and actually flaming like just curse curse curse nonstop, then i accept that, but this is not the case obviously. a player frustrated me, i showed them my frustration, thats all. 30-40 lines of text with only few lines in which theres swearing. and you call that flame? please take a moment and think for a moment. adn the rest is just pokin jokes at others. thats not toxic nor negative.
: > ITS A GAME for crying out loud. what makes you think that, during a game hosted on RIOT servers, playing with total strangers, you are allowed to use such language? > plus ive only recived a suspension once well who is to blame for not having taken the suspension seriously?
becouse its common language, this is not somthing unique and i havent learned these words from the street, i dont talk english on the street. and again noone means what they say when they swear.
h3pho (EUW)
: ***
i know.....
Strigina (EUNE)
: How about telling people to kill themselves? That alone is part of zero tolerance phrases. Anyway, the system works like a ladder. If you had 14 days ban and didn't change your behaviour, ANY kind of breaking rules will result in a permaban, even less harsh chat would.
the system is shit and riot can go %%%% themselvs. ban for cheating ok, ban for sayng %%%. %%%%% please, im not your son.
Arnoter (EUW)
: You dont have to say sorry to me, you are the one who lost his Accounts. And if you continue this way, more will follow. And if you cant see what is toxic in this Chatlogs for yourself, you really need to stop seeing toxic Streamers and Stuff that is making you say such things.
what streamers are you talking about? when anyone gets mad he swears and says such things, what are you on? these are just words and obviously no1 thaat says them means them. how old are you? 15?
Arnoter (EUW)
: >what exactly is worth for a perma ban on this chat? That you had your last chance after your 14-Day-Ban, but you still didnt change your Attitude.
well sorry for not being a damn zombie and having a soul. im asking whats so bad about these words worth p[erma banning? dont tell me shit about changing my attitude im not some 12y old kid that you can push and pull.
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: Why i must download 9GB for patch?
not to post another topic, currently my patching is ETA -16 mins 46.2mb / 30.4mb and the download bar is full. why does this happen? shuld i just close it? or perhaps it wont stop untill it gets to 9gb/30mb?
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