Cosmian (EUNE)
: Did you get your rp in the end ? If so how long did it take because I'm in the same situation myself.
I got them in the end in 19dsys. But right now im waiting again for another rps and its more than 20days... It Is a huge problem, but it seems like riot can't rly fix that. So we have to W8. :(
Wıck (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline is a mess
Well, tere are lot of 3v3 player, who would not like to lose their map. :)
Screwed (EUW)
: ***
Are you kidding me or? I hope this is just a joke. I´m playing tournaments on events for more than 3 years. You are telling me all things that I already wrote in this post bro. And yes: "The organizers has a 14 days time frame to submit the results and the rewards can be delayed and therefore take up to 21 days due to many inquiries," as i said Admin send restult day after tournament so riot had 10 days to send RPs that they didnt do, so its more than you just said. And of corse i know how the reporting system of tournament works. Ive already wrote that in my post. But the thing is, Its not one week as I said in my post. Last time i wrote them it was 17.2.2019 and they wrote me back 4.3.2019, so it was like 15 days after. I dont rly want to w8 15 days for reply from riot email support. So dont try to teach me basics Screwed, Thanks! :)
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ElFlorin (EUNE)
: Tournaments RP Prizing takes too long
I have the same problem... There is a special "tournament support", but last time i wrote them about the tour that took more than 14 days to send rps, they wrote me back more than month after :/ I think that this is a serious problem and some1 from riot should atleast send all tournaments rps once a week... Im currently w8ting for my rps from tour and riot has results submitted 10 days and they still didnt send any rp.
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