Enjutsu (EUNE)
: So which hextech person are you?
I buy rp all the time and i wanted to buy a bunch of hextech boxes and keys and open them for fun but i saw a redmercy video.The dude owns all champs and kept getting champion shards.Its not worth spending any money on hextech when if i truly want something i can just buy it.
: Nope, not at all. What i am saying is things like that should not be mocked or joked about and that it is also quite shocking
: Bronz 3 gets easier!
I actually think that a lot of people in low elo know what to do just dont know how or skill wise arent up to their knowladge.
Elkzahr (EUW)
: ***
I have friends from different contriues that i play this game with aside from my real life friends.I havent seen them in real life but that doesnt make them anyless real.I speak with them daily skype with them etc.Try not to limit yourself
Follower (EUW)
: Can you tell me some good champions that can go top and mid lane ?
: > [{quoted}](name=MonstaX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ExvKOAa1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-06T10:51:14.560+0000) > > Find friends.Problem solved. The point isn't looking for friends, Solo Q is testing your abilites not 4 arseholes who decided to go full knock up team to support their bronze 4 400ms yasou player
If this was 1v1 i would agree.This is 5v5 it shouldnt be 1v9 or what not.Luckily my bronze days are long gone.
: Well sure but it depends on degree of dogma, so i wouldn't say it's fair to assume low IQ over lacking the right lens. Also straight up saying he has a low IQ would be quite rude and uncalled for, he is a bit taxing on the nerves but one should keep their gloves on.
Is it rude?Yes it is.Do i care?Nope i dont.Posts like his and his opinions only remind me of what i fight for in the first place, which is eduacation and progress.The only thing i risk is a ban here which is worth since someone simply has to point out his stupidty.So being nice to him is as same as being nice to a murderer etc because and i qoute him on this "Yes religion can be somewhat quite shocking at some points, thats also another reason why it should not be mocked or joked about".Wonder if he owns a slave, hm.
: Eh i wouldn't say low IQ, It could just be that his world view is in some way hindering from seeing why people thought he was genuinely asking about religion. But in essence yes, poe or not a poe.
Peoples IQ is highly connected to their belifs and recently what i discoverd its also connected to certain pshycological needs. I know i am blunt but there is no point in sugarcoating this one.
: Yes religion can be somewhat quite shocking at some points, thats also another reason why it should not be mocked or joked about
Whatt are you just saying that its okay to KILL a woman because she wore wrong thing???
: So if i were to be a very close friend and supporter of (insert x lifestyle here) or family member of it, and had someone say derogatory things towards it, i'm not allowed to be offended and have an opinion on whats said about it?
Okay i will be blunt here since everyone is beating around the bush either you are trolling or your intelligence is extremly low.
Elkzahr (EUW)
: I must say, SoloQ has never been more Solo before
: You don't need to be smart to prove god exists, you just need understanding and knowledge of esoteric symbolism and a general knowledge of how the world is ran, after you gain an understanding of this along with evidence discovered through your own research only then you can truely believe god exists and say it with truth of knowledge. Also i agree, i know somewhat enough regarding the history and historical events base around the bible, i am aware that roman pagans took it and held onto it for a high number of years until releasing their own self-repoclaimed version of it. I Also know that we'll never see the real bible However that is not what this thread is about, so please stay on topic. Hope that answers your question, also i'm under no obligation to answer any questions regarding my own religious beliefs unless there was an OP asking me what mine where, i am not here to preach to people, i'm only here to get answers to questions that were asked in the OP. Need i remind you that the point of this thread is not religious beliefs but is "people referring to an in-game character by using a filtered in-game word" that filtered word just happens to be a religious one.
This right here is the reason why i want make the world a better place for future generations.I pity you i truly do.
: because i do not have to be a follower, to claim i would have to be a follower in order to have an opinion on the matter or some kind of say about an issue people are exploiting (chat filter cheating mentioned), would be religious discrimination by "not having the required beliefs" in order to state such opinion
Yes you do.It would have been better to say why isnt god censored in game while satan is at least you would get more positive feedback. Which is an actual good question both words dont need cencorsing since its kinda like not being able to write harry potter
: Oh definitely, the major religions today don't have many redeeming qualities and I'd be happy if people i debate with stop justifying genocide by claiming it was the only option. I mean seriously to genocide or to be genocided is a false dilemma Oh also all the vile practices like stoning children that disobey their parents. I got most of my research on the Abrahamic religions.
I am the same.Lately i was shocked when i saw a women being shot in the head for wearing the wrong jihab(hope i splelled that right). Anyway it can all be solwed with proper education but i can only dream of that especialy as someone who comes from a country where religion has a huge impact.
: and if people would have actually bothered to read and learn about conspiracy and esoteric symbolism (including its most frequent usage even today) would know that god exists and that i myself am right, but thats not what this thread is about, this thread is not about religious beliefs so please don't try to turn this into a realgious debate thread as thats not what its intent is. The point of this thread is people reffering to an in-game charcter by using a filtered in-game word, please try to stay on topic and if it helps forget about the religion part of it.
Actually a smart person would say you cant prove that god does exist and i cant prove that he doesnt. If you want to talk about symbolis i can say then that the entire bible is wrongly translated and that god is actually aliens who came so at the end it depends on person what they will belive in considering their mental needs. Actually this thread is about religious beliefs have you not read what you have written? If you wanted for people to forget that religion is a part of it you wouldnt have written it in such a manner, right? Also love how you ingore everysingle question directed to you, might i say classic beliver ;)
: Eh I don't think all religions are bad, the flying spaghetti monster and Discordianism don't really have anything wrong with em.
: > [{quoted}](name=MonstaX,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YKpfTZNJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-06T09:35:06.371+0000) > > I dont get it.We live in 21st century where anyone can at least use internet and look up information.For example about your religion who is a basicly a copy of old pagan belifs not to mention that the whole story os Jesus is stolen.Have you even read the bible?Do you also belive the earth is flat? time does not justify this, nor the age or advancements of technology also i never stated anything about "my religion" and infact even said i do not have to be a religious person to be offended by it. you seem to assume i am a beliver of whatever religions use the "bible" as their self proclaimed book of reference, by this it is clear that you are attempting to pigon hole and bully me into a position by attempting to self proclaim your own thoughts onto me in form of assumed accusations assuming i am the in the position of a bible follower, nice try but not cigar. Previously i've been an athiest for a large portion of my life so what you're doing is'nt going to work on me Instead of actually contributing to this post, you'd rather attempt to mock me as form of justification to justify reffering to teemo as satan. Also what have my own religious beliefs got to do with this? it looks like you're so offended that you're trying to turn this into something personal or against me. Don't ask irreverent things that have nothing to do with origenal post > [{quoted}](name=MonstaX,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YKpfTZNJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-06T09:35:06.371+0000) > > Its not a religious figure its a fictional figure! > > Also by your logic god( the dude that doesnt exist) is responisble for detahs of what ever you think satan is since god created him and has the power to destory him. Not even going to bother to entertain this, i'll let the moderators do that as it is clear that you have shown what your intention is with it.
Actually time does.If you arent a follower why did you make a post about this? My only intention in life is education i did not offend you and what you are trying right now to make it seem like i did it shows who you are as a person. With all that being said you where never an atheist and if you are a beliver in the bible or any other book shows that you didnt read at all.
: ok I have a few points. 1. In the original version of the bible the snake is not Satan. Saying Satan caused the downfall of man is not in line with the christian mythology. 2. Have you actually read the bible? God has a higher KDA than Satan could ever dream of. I mean seriously Satan hasn't even nearly done anything rivaling a global flood. Or casting fire from the sky to burn an entire city. 7. You say that "you don't have to be religious" and then you go on to list examples of 2 other religions. 4. It's really disgusting that you Compare Satan and Hitler to Allah, i mean that's the only "offensive" thing i could possibly see here. I mean you already explained how you think that Satan is so bad and what do you do? You compare him to the Islamic God. 5. Your structured post is offensive to my religion as a disciple of Eris I am greatly offended by your text being orderly and not having anything that would confuse people
Who ever downvoted this guy( i upvoted you) only shows how much they dont know about their own religion.Everything that this guy said is correct and if you guys bother to actually read and learn about shit you belive in you would know that he is right.
: It's not ignorance, it's pride that keeps people from admitting they are wrong. How would you feel having to admit that you've been wrong this entire time about life. I mean personally I'd change my world view but yeah that's why we do have converts. Oh also the bible waas written to combat another bible that was written at the time, the other writer was murdered but not before he could hide his work.
There are over 2000 so called gods that are known to us, that people belived in what makes his right?I dont need a god to have a moral sense and do right?I dont belive in a god that is a sadist, i refuse to belive in any religion that treats women as second class citizens and guess what christiany is just as bad as muslim becuase if people actually read the bible they would know what is written there.Christianty is adapting to modern culture only so they can be popular.They are againt gays but rape kids. I wonder when people will realise that religion is bad and opressing, and its only makeing people dumb and brainwashed. Oh yeah i am against all religion i have nothing against faith in a higher being but religions to me is equal to evil.
: Is this another forum created meme? or just an insult to people's religious beliefs?
I dont get it.We live in 21st century where anyone can at least use internet and look up information.For example about your religion who is a basicly a copy of old pagan belifs not to mention that the whole story os Jesus is stolen.Have you even read the bible?Do you also belive the earth is flat? Its not a religious figure its a fictional figure! Also by your logic god( the dude that doesnt exist) is responisble for detahs of what ever you think satan is since god created him and has the power to destory him.
: There is a division limit. Bronze can't queue up with a plat for example. And if you read the latest patch notes, you'll see that they changed it for high-ranked players.
I saw that and i still think they need to limit for example silver 5 shouldnt be able to play ranked with gold 1.
Estti379 (EUW)
: No, just a volunteer^^ An [instructor](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/new-player-advice-euw/qErTeZ5P-instructors-who-are-they-and-what-do-they-do) to be more precise.
Thanks for the info i havent been active here for a while so i didnt know.
Steel (EUW)
: Reworking Taric Is Racism :@
"Who is gonna represent us now after Taric?" You sure you want a stereotype to represent you? Vi is considred to be a lesbian but i hate that she represent my community since its a stereotype.
: It's not even that, it's not even choosing words. To choose means you don't know. How about you learn.
Beautiful username
3rd Age (EUW)
: one of them is diamond and one unranked lvl 27. welcome to normals. go play ranked if you want a fair MMR game
Ranked isnt that much more fair especialy in the new dynamic q.Not that i dislike it, but there should be division limitations with who you can be premade with.
Spunned (EUW)
: what overlay is that?
Web site called lolskill
Steel (EUW)
: No I think that too. But I also think that applying LP decay to all divisions and tiers except bronze 5 obviously will do the same job.
True.In all honesty i was pissed when i got placed in bronze 2 at the start of this new season( ended 5 as silver 1).I tought it took a lot of time from me since the only thing i wanted is to get back where i was, but then a lot of division skipping happend and now i am plat.But i still think its a waste of freaking time and boosted people will mostly fall back to where they belong.
Estti379 (EUW)
: Hi Nooblord! (well, you picked that name yourself, I am not calling you the lord of all noobs, even though having an army of noobs might be usefull xD) I know it only all too well that it is a frustrating experience to get matched against smurfs during your few first matches. Their experience alone is enough to win against players that just recently started. Riot actually has a system up to prevent it from happening. The matchmaking system tries to figure out which accounts are played by experienced players, and ends up matching smufs against other smurfs. Because of how it works, you'll still end up playing against smurfs that the system hasn't cached yet. But that will slowly change while you gain levels. Let's just not forget a thing: dying in league of legends is a thing that will never change. Even sometimes when you fight a enemy of same skill as you, he might just need to get a little advantage over you to snowball out of control and kill you over and over again. My last game had a total of over 110 deaths, with nearly each player having died 10 times or more xD
Never seen a guy with blue name?Are you a mod or?
Steel (EUW)
: Ranked Is Not Worth Playing For Me In Its Current Form
Hm am I the only one who thinks that with the reset which happend it was clear who was boosted and who wasnt?
: But remember, the most important tool, is respect... AH, GAYYY {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Are you jokeing or not?Cuz i would love to know what is gay about that?
Obitoo (EUNE)
: Why '' Zed '' ??
They nerf a champ that has counter play and its somewhat hard to play i dont get it.While some other much stonger champs are left untouched.Its pretty standard for riots logic.
: Plat including dia, master and challenjour are the highest 8% of all ranked players. Plat is very high elo.There are very few above them.
Still i think plat players cant be compared to high diamond and above skill wise.
: Just Wow Rito...
It just shows current state in community and how they take everything in a negative manner, brainwashed by riot.
: ah ok, thanks for letting me know. I have also seen people get close to 10 suspensions all for toxic behaviour. Seems like intentional feeding is 1000 times worse for RITO and I immediately get a 14 day ban. lol
Nah i went straight to 14 day ban didnt even get a chat restricion.When u think about it in competative enviroment feeding should be worse then flameing, but that might be just my opinion
: Well I basically said that I understand the decision in a way and I was not really asking for opinions if the ban was deserved. What I wanted to know was if the two week ban was normal as a first time ban and how close a permaban would be to that
Perma is usually the after 14 day but not always since i once got 14 days right after 14 days i already had(i was toxic)
Càsstiel (EUNE)
: RIot Dynamic Queue is Garbage
Am i the only one who thinks its funny that people cry about dynamic q in a team game?I personally love it it ensures me that i wont have a troll or afk on my team well at least chances will be less since i still play with max 3 premade that is me included.There is a simple solution restrict divisions when playing premade.Its stupid that a gold 1 can play with a silver 5 etc.
: Thats better than Plat III on EUNE rofl....but not like it matters anyway. I know I am bad at the game...just saying this is a bronze problem.
But but i am plat 1 on EUW :((((((...anyway you didnt get the joke...oh and plat is still low elo.
: Can i get ban?
That username...
: First time ban immediately 14 days. Next time permaban?
"I can't deny the fact that at some point me dying turned from a bad game to a lack of interest and giving up" In my opinion the ban is deserved because you have gave up and ruined the game for the rest of your team.
: Bronze problems. Also that part was funny: _Playing Lux...meaning if I misplayed I was pretty much dead_ lmao
: I hate flaming premades
desalmada (EUW)
: league of smurfs or why casual players leave this game
The only thing i have to say to you is if you are a casual player play normals keep away from compatitve play so we dont have to encounter you.Thanks.
Suriv92 (EUW)
: Finding this funny MonstaX?
Yes i do.You wrote you want to play in solo q where people in your opinion dont troll, afk or are toxic.Have you failed to see stupidty of that since it all also happend in solo q unless you are a new player so you have this flase picture.Guess the great dynamic q is there so you can play premade with trusted people who wont troll u, go afk or be toxic.So yes that sentence was very funny.
ScouseKid (EUW)
: ***
You are or you're not your ;)
Suriv92 (EUW)
: What can you do riot?
"So i ask you RIOT what can you do?!?!? And i don't wanna hear about promoting parties in game ...i want to play in solo queue in without fearing troll, AFK, feeders or generally toxic people." HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
R1cin (EUW)
: It is a good idea to quit. Riot has a silly system. On this account I can simply not get higher than silver, cause I'm always matched with real solo feeders. 13:1 warwick and I can't carry. Almost every game I'm ahead. But then 4 peops collapse on me and start teamfights with their 13:30 lead after 20 minutes. I know the struggles.. You can't carry 4 or even 3 complete noobs and if you're not lucky you will always be matched with noobs no matter what as there simply is the fact that you can only influence 20% of the game, when nobody is listening to you. Now it is even harder as you get matched with 3er and 4er premades in your or the enemy team, that will not listen, even if they feed hard. A simple tip which is also applied by the pros as league system is unfair and retarded. Buy other accounts. One of them will be on the winning side. And you'll climb. This is Riot. One Account is silver the other gets over diamond. Yep. That was the reason I quit too. This game is just based on luck and a little quantity (really little, because pressing 4 buttons and dodging some spells (which is also dependent on luck, wheter you predict it or not doesn't really matter as there are 4 others which you depend on) of skill.
Much bullshit in one reply.
: I suck? lol I wish you my teams so hard. Playing darius. you are skilled men
Yeah you hecne you cant climb while i for example skipped a division.As for lack of skill in playing darius what was i suppose to pick on my third best role vs garen?Maybe that is why you suck at lol cuz you cant even master basic champs ;) Edit:Now i understand why everyone dropped so hard in placements so boosted people like you are put back where they belong.Yes i went and saw your stats ;)
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Yeah, good luck mate i really hope you will never get your permaban as long as it is really not deserved :).
You too mate :)
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Even if you get that permaban, keep in mind my friend you didn't deserve it. Riot has rules and we all have to be following them even if in some cases they are unfair. Once had a guy who picked teemo, went lane with me and was stealing exp on passive. Not enough when he saw me doing good, he started feeding on purpose. When i flame him and get banned, it seems like he is being protected even though he is the reason that flame came to chat in this match.
I know i understand had same stuff happend.I had laners stealing my buffs at level 1 i had people going in my lane feeding i had people saying oh "monstax" you are in promos guess what you wont win them so they troll the shit out of them etc.And people like that never ever get banned.But i must say its nice to see likeminded people on this forum :)
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Well and you shouldn't be. I don't think Riot believe that flame comes from nothing, if every of 10 players in game was putting whole effort to do their best, respect each other there would be much less flame.
I completly agree with that.But considering that i am someone who hates unjustice one day i will probably get a perma when i start exploding at trolls and stop careing about this game.
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