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Arnoter (EUW)
: First thing you should do is.. _**git gud**_.
Im BrOnZe 6 bUt i PlAy LiKe ChAlLenGER
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Fientelo (EUW)
: I'm really losing my temper what can I do?...
If you play adc and state that you ''farm well and don't feed'' get a support premade and carry. I literally saw matches 22-22, where the adc and support had all the 22 kills and they carried the team. Also, you get matched with gold because either : you play on flex (I got matched with all diamond team once) or if you play solo/duo, that person has low mmr and gets placed with silver tier.
Coreil (EUW)
: will i get placed?
The rank you will get will be reseted, however, it will be counted in season 8 as for your MMR. E.g if you get silver in preseason, you will have a higher chance of getting to silver in season 8.
The 1v9 (EUW)
Do you think that if Riot adds such a mechanic trolls won't abuse it? In lower elos where are tons of players (and many trolls) this mechanic would be overused and eventually become frustrating cuz you won't be able to find a good team cuz someone is gonna leave and they won't get punished. Even now I find it frustrating when I can't play a goddamn game because some people decide to leave. Hope you will consider my opinion. A hard stuck Silver 4. With love, Moonpie.
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