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Valzuuuh (EUW)
: No, Riot never published their MMR calculation algorithm, so MMR on 3rd party sites isn't accurate.
Is it close though ? or not ? cause usually it showed me my MMR to be lower and now its says G3 while im S1
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: Well, you should have a 3rd votation vote and that would be, depends. First things first, if your mid laner is always dying and so on, no, just don't give him because he will probably die again and give it to the enemies, no matter the flame or the elo. On the other hand, if he is doing good, probably you should give him because he will be able to poke more spamming his abilities and chances are preety high that he gets a kill or just a good cs lead besides of a good push as well. If he is 50/50 well, give it a shot, probably the blue will help him, if not, just don't give it anymore. Now, mid laners aside, this also depends on what champion are you playing with. If you have a champion without any mana needs, or if you have a champion who uses mana but is very mana thirsty or not. Also is important to say, that if you invade enemies blue you can give it to anyone who wants it, sometimes i take it, sometimes i call my midlaner, sometimes i give it to my top or my supp/adc, depending on which side of the map you are. The important thing here in this step, is to cut the advantage of their team by taking out the blue. It just depends man, i wish i could be more specific xD
Im trying to learn Nocturne for now in Jungle,i found my playstyle with him,and its do frog,wolves,scuttle,blue,red, than see if i can gank or not,if not than i go back upgrade the jungle item and go back to farming and having an eye to gank someone pre6,when the buffs spawn again,i always steal the blue for my self and share our blue buff with the mid,but that dude was so rage monkey xd even though he was good and fed he died so many times to the enemy jungler that i could not countergank or get near to his jungle cause he would 1shot me xd
Encrux (EUW)
: It's always: The one who can make the most out of it to carry the game gets it. _Most _ of the times that's the midlaner.
I Can Agree,cause i pref to play mid/top and i understand the mid laner's,but the problem is the guy does not ward,enemy mid is babysitted,my mid gets fed by enemy mid,but feeds enemy level 3,enemy is level 6 with 5 kills from mid only,and mid is level 5 -.- and he asks for a blue,but with flamers attitude XD
: It's the jungler's jungle thus he gets to choose who gets what... that's his job. So no your not entitled to give your blue to your mid laner... It's polite to do so and does help but if you don't want to give it to them for what ever reason then your mid laner should respect that choice and work around it. And in this example you made the right choice, if your mid laner is dying a lot be it from ganks or just losing lane then giving them the blue is the worst thing to do. Also slight side note, this is also why if your playing mid and your jungler gives you the blue buff you thank them... It's not your privilege your jungler is just being nice and giving up his blue for someone else so it's polite to thank them for it.
He was good he could carry,but he was not polite,i lost my 2nd blue from a counterjungle and needed the 3rd and he started flaming,so i did not gave him anything ;) also i'm not a main jungle,trying to learn some junglers so i can help my team at the select screen if they prefer other roles so that way we could work out something and everyone is covered,anyway,im playing nocturne for now,and i always take the first blue buff,steal the second from enemy and give my blue to mid,at lvl 6 and when i have the full jungle item,i dont need the blue buff anymore,cause at least with nocturne i found my way to spam my abilities but always have enough mana for a next combo if needed :) ty for your answer
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: Same problem, I was in a game, My ping shot up to 500, it's always a stable 150, And now when i'm trying to reconnect this bullshit appears on the screen, that game was basically a piece of cake and now i'll have to deal with this.
Did you find a way to relogin ? or the problem still persists ?
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: 1 No 2 0 3 0 because I don't play him 4 Always 5 Never 6 Everyone 7 Feed 8 I hate him because he's bad in my team and annoying on the enemy team (but still bad) 9 Yes, a nerf 10 Everything should be nerfed 10 (counting is hard) So no one will ever pick him again 11 Yes, he needs a new passive that instantly kills him on spawn 12 Wood V The god in League of Legends is Sorag, Ghost of the Forest. I've mained him since the alpha.
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: ...or that ADC that trailed behind in farm, or the top lane trying to catch a wave of minions. You speak like you never do it. You do it, I do it, everybody does it, for that last CS, for that one more wave. You do it even without noticing. More to it, people go to farm the jungle, most of the time unaccompanied. You only need 3 seconds to get some summs or a kill. As I said, stalker, camper. Works!
Nahh mate,i play duo with my nephew and i always have 2 more eyes to tell me that someone is coming my way especially cause we are on skype :D 3:) also i always farm 2 Creep Waves,near the turret and than go to my team,and i never facecheck the bush ;) but yeah there times that you need to go solo,and you are right ;) But can you tell me your way to play Teemo jungle ? :D
Blazed Hat (EUNE)
: 1. I main Teemo. 2. I have mastery 7. 3. If you talk about Teemo Top, then around 100+ cs, unless my enemy plays too much defensively so i would roam more and go help mid instead, my cs will be lower in that case. 4. Do not pick Teemo if enemy has tanky champions and/or gapclosers with hard-cc. Teemo's ability to survive exists only to his passive speed from W and Blind from Q. If your abilities are simply nullified through pure tankiness or you are not even able to act thanks to hard-cc, you are pretty much defenseless. Irelia and Garen are supposed to be good matchups for Teemo, but currently i see this is not the case, at least in my elo. 5. Pick Teemo if you need map control/awareness and security. Shrooms offer excellent defense and can stop the enemy easily from pushing. Very annoying for ad champions with not easy gapclosing abilities or speed steroids. 6. High-Burst assassins with cc or silence (Leblanc i.e.) or tanks who dont care you exist (Garen if built properly i.e.) 7. Pantheon has a good poke potential. Harass him only at level 1 or 2, but play safe after that till level 6. After level 6, prepare your lane with shrooms that you can retreat to. Zone pantheon and don't approach him. Use Q once in a while to show you are ballsy. After Liandry's Torment {{item:3151}} (which you should build against pantheon), you should burn through his health more easily. If pantheon gets fed he will probably ignore your blind altogether and kill you with his spell rotation, so please be careful in that case. 8. I love Teemo cause he is a simple champion with need for planning and zoning to win. I don't have the reflexes to secure kills like yasuo, zed or vayne but i certainly can prepare situations that will be in my favor. 9. He needs a buff. He is an annoying champion, now and always, but he can't compete with current meta. Teemo's playstyle calls for strategy, while the current meta wants reflexes and wombo-combos for the views. He just doesn't fit and the rewards are not enough for the risk of playing him. 10. Teemo's Kit is a mess. His shrooms last 5 mins and can be deactivated by red trinket. So the enemies can complety ignore your shrooms for some time and do what the hell they want to do. Heck their damage doesn't even stack, just refreshes. Your passive speed disappears when you get attacked by a champion, which is the time you need it most. Look at all those champions with dashes who don't give a $ if they are slowed or not, because they will travel the distance of the dash anyway. Teemo has low health but no serious escape abilites. He is not a mage or an assassin who will deal that huge burst damage and/or lockdown an enemy. He is oriented around Damage Over Time which doesn't compete with Burst damage. Better have 1000 Burst damage rather than 1000 Damage Over Time. No sustain. He can't peel tanks. He is not about teamfighting. He is only good at splitpushing and 1v1 adcs. That's pretty much it. 11.Not sure really. The shrooms must become more of a threat or of higher strategic value, and/or Teemo actually has better chances to survive champions. 5 min shrooms are definetely not a threat. 12. Currently unranked. Season 3 i was silver and stopped playing ranked. I'm playing reguralry with golds and plats so i would guess I'm in the higher silver tiers.
You my friend reached Perfection ;) I wanted to another post directed to Rioters,but i could not post it from my sister's Laptop,it was a Rework Type post for Teemo...I think his passive should become the 2nd old passive of cassiopeia,but he would have 300 stacks and gaining at 100 stacks Movement Speed (that he has on W) at 200 stack some AP% and at 300 stacks some Armor% and MR%,also his w would become his passive,but it would be like Twitche's ability he would go stealth and can move for 5 seconds,or stay in one place stealth for ever,also when he comes out of it he would gain some Attack Speed (Just like Twitch but a lil buffed)...The mushrooms should have a Anti-Red Trinket System so the Red Trinket don't show the mushrooms,cause after Red Trinket the schroom's are some kind of useless.And after if the enemy buys Pink Wards they can see them,so that's more fair deal for a champion that needs the enemy to step on the shroom's and not get R-Canceled cause of a Trinket..also some Buffs on all cooldowns and nerfs on some mana ability costs,so he would be not broken ;)
: I really think teemo isnt satan but the grim reaper who punishes people who pick no skills auto attack champions ( there are a few exceptions of course)
Hahaha nice opinion :D but who is in your opinion the no skills aa champions ?
: Yeah but finding isolated targets at this meta is pretty rare. Most of times adc knows the dangers (pretty much the same like picking kha and doing this). Being invisible and doing this..well i never saw that tbh. Maybe can work. The base reason why i am talking about teamfights is because riot is trying to make all champions work "as team" and not split pushers .
> [{quoted}](name=Achates NamiXxX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LzVWmAK5,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-09-02T01:17:57.637+0000) > > Yeah but finding isolated targets at this meta is pretty rare. Most of times adc knows the dangers (pretty much the same like picking kha and doing this). Dude is right only newbs go solo at this Moment of lol,or someone so Fed that he can 1v3 or 1v5 even-
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: Teemo is not a teamfighter. Is more of a splitpusher or a camper. Late game, even midgame, go for that solitary target, that lonesome adc that wants some more farm and burst him down in the span of one blind. Game over. I play Teemo jungler and I love it.
Dude you must teach me on Teemo Jungle,I can lane on Top against everything,even against pantheon i was 0/0/0 till 15 minute,i was under tower the most time,no gank at all from our jungle xd,jungle,mid,bot fed everyone,and than i tilted and fed also,but still got a triple :D On mid i can kill Zed easily xd 1st Item {{item:3512}} and GG or {{item:3157}} supp the same,invisible get my xp,let my adc farm and when the enemy carry is very close Q and gg,but Teemo Jungle i suck xd tell me your secrets,where to start what to build ? ;D
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Same thing as me ;) Need one more Token for Level 7 mate :D I would agree and disagree about Yasuo and other Assasins,cause if you play it right against yasuo passively and w8ing a gank you can always manage to win the lane,but it would work only if you have a good jungler.As for the general assasin part..yeah..i prefer to burn in hell than to lane against someone like Fizz on top XD Dude Poppy is far the easiest one to kite,and push her all the time,just like trynda or nasus :D and im at silver xd Also agree about WW my lonely Wolf does not get some Love from Rito :D We must w8 till Season 7 to see his Rework {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}} . LOL at janna :D
S0kaX (EUNE)
: 8: SHROOMS EVERYWHERE AND POISON EVERYWHERE 9: He needs a hard nerf or rework 10: His stupid poison basic attack and R needs a hard nerf 10: BECAUSE POISON
: Taking into account the games i show him i can tell the follow (plat-low dia elo but also low elo games from the past) 1-7 :Idk cause i don't play him. 8:He lack of a decent mid-late game imo. 9:Buff or nerf no. I believe he should be reworked .His gameplay doesn't fits . It's like old gp/master yi ..Really old and meta will never help him to become viable imo (unless riot bush {{item:3115}} as f## and make that item broken) . 10: His w should be chanced for sure(like gp e i think that totally chanced) . And hid e maybe. 11:Yeap he has a bad mid-late and he can't really help his team at a teamfight. He lacks of cc(his blind is a joke for me at teamfights) .His r can be easily countered with pink wards/sweeps etc(something that everyone is using at that elo). He lacks of high brust damage.(he is not an assassin). He lacks of being as least off-tank imo.(nida can deal more damage than him with better sustain at teamfights ) 12:Normally d5 .But i feel i deserve something between plat 3-plat 1 . 666:God of league of legend..Teemo for sure.He used to be simething like mascot at season 1-2 i think. So yeah he deserve it.
Nice Ty for answering ;) Personally i was Gold 5 and fell hard to Silver 3,i still think i deserve G5 but that is another story :D I would disagree about mid/late game,cause i think that's the time when you really are powerful with him,at least if you start with {{item:1056}} + 2 {{item:2003}} and than you build {{item:3146}} > {{item:3115}} > {{item:3151}} as core items,than its really on how the match goes,last games i was dominating in teamfights cause of right mushrooms plantation scheme and right selfplacement and the enemy team started focusing me after 3 triples and Aces, than i buy {{item:3157}} if the game is still running i would always go for some more AP...{{item:3089}} (Extra AP from Passive) or {{item:3285}} (Extra Movement Speed) and last either AP Item Again or {{item:3026}} for the survival. Also i agree about his W,they should just make Teemos passive his W,like Twitch's ability (dont know what key it is). and his passive into something like Cassiopias 2nd Old Passive,each time the enemy is poisoned or lets say Blinded he would gain some MS,not OP ratio,lets say 1. As for the blind,if you time it right,you can easily kill the enemy ADC,or make someone AA based worthless ;) I hope more people would answer some topics about Teemo,but they hate him :(
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Sevixys (EUNE)
: Your premade is decided by LP which is completely different than MMR. MMR is the thing that really does the matchmaking. Most likely you have a high MMR. Check it from here: [](
1,312 and average for Silver 1 is 1,425 :( also imagine that when i did that post i had gotten to Gold 5 later in the days,and had a better MMR than the Average of Gold 5,those trolls and feeders tho made me fail in each match,not that I'm pro,but dude says he is Vayne main,and than you know what happens :D
Jhyntu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MorbiusV,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EvFJJhs6,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-07-17T22:03:37.272+0000) > > Hmm does that mean i have a good MMR ? or that they have a low MMR ? > Also i cant play a ranked with my friend that is platinum,but it can match me with platinum in the same team ? thats stupid right ? ur boosted. thats it :6 )
Yeah I'am boosted :D You found me :( I pay myself to boost me ;)
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Probably you have low mmr.
Can you explain that ? XD I mean i'm Silver 1 and got matched with Platinum 1,does that not mean that i they have low MMR ? :D
: someone play party :)
well yeah,but im silver and the other is plat...i should not be in a match with plats (cause i cant duo with a plat friend) :)
Sevixys (EUNE)
: It's all MMR. My friend is Gold IV but gets matched against high plats.
Hmm does that mean i have a good MMR ? or that they have a low MMR ? Also i cant play a ranked with my friend that is platinum,but it can match me with platinum in the same team ? thats stupid right ?
: boosted animals and dynamic que
lel,well idk,they played good,our plat i mean,enemy plat was more of a silver rank
: Of course it's normal. Silver 1 and Gold 5 aren't that much different.
What about Platinum 1 and Platinum 5 ? XD
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: So hard to win against premades in mid silver while being carried every game by fed teammates. WOW. You must be challenjour.
WOW carried by fed premades all the time you are so right mate,so right...there is times when my teammates will be fed there is times i will be fed...also when you have a 75% kill participation on kills and you are not even a fking support you cant say that you are getting carried by no crawl back to EUW ;) (no hate) :D
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Dynamic Queue For Solo Players And The Icon Rewards
For some reason i play solo got matched against premades and 70% of the games i win ! I really cant understand the problem that people have with Dynamic Q...(also i only duo sometimes with my nephew)...its like the same thing with before,you could play solo and be vs duo or duo+duo+solo,and after all its not difficult for you to find some friends and enjoy the game together,not only irl friend but also in game friends,you could always speak through skype,curse,ts etc.
Arcessam (EUW)
: How the hell did you come up with those numbers? To get 500 IP you need to win 1st of the day + roughly 4 more normal games, for a total duration of 2-3 hours at least. You think they'll allow that amount just by *logging on*??? To get blue or orange essence you need to disenchant about 3 shards = 3 chests and 9 key fragments, that's like 3 weeks' worth of chests and keys. You'd think they'll allow *double* that amount for just *logging on* for 3 days??? Why the hell should you only get 1 champion shard on the 4th day if you got tons of essence already? It'd be better to not log on and start over then... And then, *double* the IP you got on the 1st day by still doing nothing???
you do have a point xD maybe 100 ip and essence than ?
Nakhishia (EUW)
: >and no man,not 4 skins,you can open the boxes and get 4 times a champion shard,or 1 skin twice,everything is possible . >That alone gives you a chance to get 4 skins a month. "A CHANCE"<------- see that. It means that, if you're lucky you can get 4 skins in one month. And rito stated that you are able to get 4 full keys during one month. Although getting the 4th key requires a little bit more patients. > i want KEYS but im stuck in silver 3-2 cause of some afks,feeders and trollers for that reason Ever heard of normals? ARAM? TT? >Man that hextech thing is not helpful at all And Rito finally made a system that so that we can earn skins, wards skins and champs without paying real money. If you don't think that it is helpfull, then yes. You are greedy.
Lmao,do you read the half things that im saying ? i said i want to BUY RP WITH REAL MONEY FOR KEYS !!! but i wont until i reach Gold V...for some special reasons i manage to get 4 full keys in 2 months just like many people that i know...nvm...if you think that im greedy its ok,its your opinion,even tho i put money in the greedy thats fine. And i did reply to you...i understand that RP are much to ask from a company that makes enough money,but at least boost the IP per win,or if there is a chance,give gifts per login each day, give IP and Blue/Orange Essence because those things are hard to get... Also even heard of people that dont like ARAM ? or that dont play Normals because they want to reach a Rank first ?
Nakhishia (EUW)
: >FREE skins yeah...4 hextech boxes each month That alone gives you a chance to get 4 skins a month. And I like the grind system. Then it feels like you are actually achieving something, And in LOL You don't have to spend any real money at all. You can still get all the champions and thanks to hextech, you can now get even skins without spending money.
Man that hextech thing is not helpful at all,i mean, i have 2 boxes now for 1 month and 0 key fragments,i even started collecting new boxes and still the chance of getting a fragment key is 1 in 50 games...and no man,not 4 skins,you can open the boxes and get 4 times a champion shard,or 1 skin twice,everything is possible ;) also about the greediness you said,i dont have problem to buy RP,i buy when i can,or when i want,lets say now i have the money to buy rp cause i want KEYS but im stuck in silver 3-2 cause of some afks,feeders and trollers for that reason,i will put money only when i manage to get to gold 5 (in 2-3 days i hope) ! Also you cant buy orange essence so you will disenchant 2 skins to get 1 ;)
Sontax (EUNE)
: 500 lp would be nice it would boost me to the gold :){{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
yeah man :D but i mean IP :D
Nakhishia (EUW)
: >and so go on,and on the 30th day lets say 1000 rp ? lel, You're probably going to get all that anyway throughout the month, except for the RP. And how greedy can people get? You can get FREE skins through the hextech and people still want more.
FREE skins yeah...4 hextech boxes each month,the keys are so fucked up,you get like 1 key in 50 matches -.- ok lets say the dont give rp but at least give some IP extra so you can take the champ shards and break them for blue essence! also in other games that are F2P like LoL they still have that kind of system inserted and you dont even have to put money to buy items,you can still take the items with ingame currency,also the ip you get from one match are way to low,at least give more ip per win,it takes forever to collect ip and buy champs ! And i dont say give the gifts just like that to everybody,only for the people that will login each day and play,if someone does not login lets say the 5th day,the counter will reset to 1st day !
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: Yeah sure,I still do a lot of damage.Her tentacles have a decent scaling.Without any offensive item that gives you AD one of your tentacle deals at least 408 damage (without runes,masteries).So well,you don't realy need damage.You also have most of the times (when you are ulting at least 2 enemys) 3 tentacles around that together deal 1224 damage and depending on the skills you use they will at least slam 3 times dealing overall 3672 damage.This is in most cases enough. I prefer tank illaois as you don't have many problems with damage output and you aren't the best champion at following someone. As tank she (in my opinion) never lacks in terms of damage.As Off-Tank she may get killed to fast to actually use her tentacle regeneration or she maybe gets CC'd a lot. Yeah,Tryndamere matchup is not the best matchup for Illaoi.Against Voli I am not 100% sure.
Than i will try to go tanky now,does {{item:3025}} help her at the start ?
: I usually buy {{item:3025}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3111}} and the last item either {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3068}} . And yeah,you propably win most of the matchups because they will always favour you as Illaoi.Those are champions that want to go in and fight you.Something that is just perfect for you.Teemo is a different story.There is the ranged vs melee problem.Yes you have ranged spells but when grabbing the Vessel you have (if not played bad by Teemo) 0 percent chance oof hitting both Teemo and his Vessel with the spawned tentacles.Besides he can easily kill your tentacles. Well,I think she may get a little bit nerfed.However she is not as strong as many people say she is.
I see you go tanky,do you still manage to do dmg ? Got one tryndamere today,first blood my,but later he was a beast,also voli wtf is this bear doing xD he needs nerfs not illaoi
: I see her nerfed. Expecially because of that: It's no surprise, however, for a juggernaut to own assassins. It's this trend of throw assassins in the top lane, thinking they are freelo even if build tanky, that it's ought to finish sooner or later.
Also i think better no nerf at all,she was not viable for too long,its her time to shine again
: I see her nerfed. Expecially because of that: It's no surprise, however, for a juggernaut to own assassins. It's this trend of throw assassins in the top lane, thinking they are freelo even if build tanky, that it's ought to finish sooner or later.
With the nerfs that Riot does,i think it will end fast,but man like really wtf did i just saw :D under turret so low dmg from turrets just wow,i posted my build as an reply to DLNZU and even if i do dmg i cant towerdive like that,tho i have played her for like 10 games only!
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Support {{champion:420}}, tanky build. Not best option, but annoying and can do damage.
I thought about it,but in my elo (Silver 3 stuck for a decade) most players will start {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}}
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: {{item:3025}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3053}}
Last matches i go more of a {{item:3812}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3065}} i take SV only if mid or ap jungler is fed tho,normally i would take {{item:3143}} ,i think black cleaver is not helpful but im new to her so ty ;)
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: gg banned for haxxin client report
LegendxMe (EUW)
: gg toxin haxin prayer
why toxin man ?
Larry (EUNE)
: In your place i would shut my mouth and spend my ip somewhere else :P
and where exactly ?
Charibasa (EUW)
: > i have invested enough money wont help ya if u do something bad edit : not that u did, but for the future
Thats for sure,but just saying,if they want us to have a moral code,they must have one 2
: Make sure not to run any applications in background, just to reduce the chance of being instant perma banned... Ban wave is still on...
Hmmm,well i just downloaded overwolf but its not bannable as i know
: maybe make a support ticket incase under technical difficulties and then client issues, better be safe then sorry.
the support ticket is too much time for me xD they check the forums,so they must see it
Alex3995 (EUW)
: after buying phanteo with ip did you actualy get pantheon? becouse it meight have been a visial bug where the ip isnt displayed prperly after the buy. and thats why it told you to restat the client.
Yeah man i wanted to buy Olaf,it stuck i got him,than i bought Pantheon the IP were take normally,than i restarted and had both of them :D
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