: untargetability should remove malzahar R from me , u can test , if teemo blind on master yi then u press your Q when blind is in way , lee sin shoot sonic wave and u press q in middle way or jhin or any adc autoattack you or tower shoot you and you be untargetable in middle of way the damage and cc will not apply on you, this case is bugged
Malza ult is a channaled dot with suppres. You were already ulted when u used Q. Same thing would happen if you got ignited, you can die mid alpha due to applied damage, and malza constantly deal damage as long as skill last wether you even cleanse suppres part of it. Untargatable means you cant be hit by new source of damage but it doesnt make you immune to already applied damage. Vlad can die in his pool in the same manner as well as fizz if timed in the same moment malz used his ult
: [rant] Thanks for backstab, really appreciated it
Ive got challanger ahri from that yellow box, bought her on last personal shop :|
: this is why gangplank was reworked. i remember the time when parrrley did over 3k damage. then riot decided to hit him not with the nerf hammer but with the nerf machine gun and made him a %%%got barrel trowing Donky Kong. riot will not say Zoe is to strong cause its their new child, but after a year or more i can see a rework comming. int he mean while perma ban FTW {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Same thing happened to Nida for the same reason, full ap 0 risk q spam. Miss 99% hit once 80% hp gone. So they shifted her dmg forcing her to engage in cougar form. But how long did it take till Riot aknowledged that problem people whined about? Loooong very looong.
: A quick way to get all the expensive champs
Trololo nevermind, I was considering buying those mystery champion boxes but now this option is GONE FROM THE SHOP!!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Biscuit Bite,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tnrRPXEE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-09T17:17:54.829+0000) > > Those re random and they are only there because of the blue essence shop. That shop will be gone and you won't be able to buy them again. i know, but if you stack up on them now, you can use them later each time a new champ is released
Does it only roll champs you dont own?
: A quick way to get all the expensive champs
But you know you can't reroll champ shards anymore right?
Jemânsen (EUW)
: Do I get perma banned dor using announcer packs ??
You are altering the game files using third party program which is forbidden in eula.
: What was the best Skin shard you got from a Free chest?
Dragon trainer Trist (disenchanted), Black Frost Anivia, Final Boss Veig, recently Star guardian Syndra and Jinx.
lnsaneeez (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GamingSimon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xhhp8rPr,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2017-11-06T13:34:40.332+0000) > > Not really, the hell comes from getting rid of the Platinum playstyle. Diamond elo is on a whole other level than any of the below devisions. What's the platinum playstyle? I'm p5, i wanna improve :D
I think biggest difference is macro, ward/vision, objectives, rotations ect more so than champ mechanics. I found myself climbing faster when I learned to aknowledge that I'm not gonna win my lane against certain opponents and to stop trying to do so and focus on how to win the game. Not gonna lie that it still works every time, but certianly works when i play my main when i can "feel" my power level at certain points. Sticking to champs you know how to play surerly makes the difference. I was Diamond last season, and in this after meta shift and rework of most of my mains I felt the lack of champ I could climb with, my last main {{champion:99}} dragged my at most to around PI and then i got stuck in mid plat. What made me get out of it and climb back to Dia was {{champion:6}} after rework. I played him few times (Never played him pre-rework too much) and I felt like this is gonna be my new otp. So now i sit on around 60% winrate with him on 120 games atm.
: Welcome to the Boosted animals elo! Hope you make it out of D5-D3. I myself couldn't so i turned into an animal. Feelsbadman
Can't beat them? Join them. :D
Krubaver (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=A Red Herring,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FEEjITX4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-02T06:34:42.158+0000) > > If you assume that everyone on your team is really bad, there's a higher chance for the opposing team to have more bad people than your team Why?
Because you are suppose to not be a bad player so your team always have 4 slots for possible bad players while enemy team has 5 slots for possible bad players, you are suppose to make a difference if you want to carry and climb. If you sit on 50% winrate that means you are making 0 difference in long shot of games, let alone sub 50% means you were lucky to even get where you are atm. As Red Herring pointed out, sure there are games that you are simply not gonna win no matter what, I had a planty of them, even in around 50 games your true winrate might not be noticible cause randomness still influence it, but around 100 and over ( the exact numbers are propably different) everything statisticly evens out, and considering your skill is in fact above your current place in ladder you are gonna climb, thats all. If you have even 51% winrate in big pool of games you are gonna slowly sure but climb up even if in lets say 20 games streak your winrate is poor % sooner or later it should even out to 50% if you are where you meant to be with your current skill. Sometimes taking break from the games for a while, chaning your attitude, maybe changing main champion can make your winrate skyrocket. I was for instance DV last season, then this season i started in high plat but was unable to climb back dude to most of my mains getting reworked or being heavily out of meta, now mid season i went back down to PV craphole and lost faith im gonna get diamond back this season, but then I turned into the new urGod {{champion:6}} and savior which made me climb like crazy and now with over 60% winrate I'm back in DV
Ksysioo (EUNE)
: I just got permad for this
You didnt get permaban for that, you got permaban for everything up to this point PLUS those games triggered the final punishment. After 14 days ban you can get perma for calling somone animal or cancer (as you did) once in one game and get reported by only one person. It's enough.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Default muting doesn't mute champion emotes.
While i understand that emotes might be used to bm, Think about it that way. Was it possible to mute them by default, and most people would set it so, now you have just blocked a cosmetic feature that is purchasable by rp only which is kinda main Riot income source. Now who wouldve bought them anymore. Now imagine next thing, where people that want visual simplicity and clarity would ask for a feature to block all skins visuals by default so that you can only see basic skins all the time . Imo now i think that the whole idea of emotes considering what most people use masteries ones for, wasnt rly a good one to begin with (quoting Trump meme "sounds good, doesnt work"), couse now Riot has cornered themselves with it, and will either (more likely) just keep adding new emotes ignoring feedback like this thread or (rather unlikely) will add option to perma mute them which would automaticly mean that emotes were stupid idea considering most league community.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: what is that reason ?
Map assets and most animations of champions are made to be visible only from that perspective you currently play on, Had you rotate the camera you'd start to see blank spaces between some map parts ect, its done so to conserve PC power ( you don't need to fill out holes noone can see, its like shooting tv news dressed only upper half :D). They would have to revamp almost whole game to do it. It was explained few times I believe.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Second activation is not automatic. You have to press R again after they fall low to do it.
Yes it is: FIRST CAST: Urgot fires a chem-drill forward that impales the first enemy champion struck, dealing physical damage, leashing them for 4 seconds and slowing them by 0% - 75% (based on target's missing health). PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 50 / 175 / 300 (+ 50% AD) If the target is below 25% of their maximum health, Fear Beyond Death can be re-activated, **and automatically does so after 4 seconds if the target is within the threshold.**
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: I do not think that you can stop the second activation unless you silence him. Stoping the second activation while he does it is only possible if your team straight up kills him when it happens.
Second activation is automatic if enemy falls under 20% before it ends and yup nothing can stop it unless you kill him or heal thr target.
: Sometimes it is wise to stop pushing under enemy turret after the first gank, actually. And yes, sometimes it is wise to check if your jungler is early game type or late game type and play accordingly.
No doubt, getting ganked toward enemy turret is always your fault, and people crying after getting %%%ed while doing so are silly, but when enemy lee is doing 5 dives when you try to freeze the lane, especially with a help of heavy cc/burst lanemate, your are %%%ed, and you cant do much against such camp.
: Jungler is not your training wheel..learn to lane on your own.
I dont blame jungler when I lose lane to enemy 1v1, but when enemy jungler ganks your lane 5-6 times in first 10 min, and yours doesn't either your lane nor tries to balance game out around other lane but instead farms 24/7 and then game is basicly beyond saving. It's like playing 4v5. 15 min mark - "Ok guys Im ready to gank" Meanwhile enemy jungler ganks count: 5 dives top lane, 2x mid, 3x bot. So unless your are hypecarrying player and can turn game over with your farm sure, but otherwise dont play 15 min afk champs, ESPECIALLY when enemy picks early ganking champs.
: I dont care how they look. But i got them and they are annoying as %%%%. I LOVE THEM
I main Lux therefore i instabought dat annoying Lux emote. Tho I try to not to spam it into enemy face 24/7 Only for special outplay occasions.
: Why is Yasuo still perma banned?
He is simply plain annoying and makes playing any heavy skillshot dependent champion simply not fun. Had it require any bit of skill, preperation or conditions to use that windwall to instantly nullify some champs **whole **kits It'd be a different case but lets say you play Ahri and one skill makes your whole kit for good few seconds deal literally 0 dmg and not only to him but to any enemy near it which is the worst part, none champ should have a skill that protects whole team from most long range skills **Including ults** for so long without any drawback. Add to that sick amount of mobility, very, very short cooldowns, no mana, and its just pure frustration. It'sa bad designed champ, thats all. Compare it to other skills that are somewhat similar in defensive manner, Jax? his dodge protects only himself, he has also mana and it doesnt stop skills only reduces dmg, still can eat cc, Shen? need to use Q first, still doesnt stop any skills only negates AAs (Yasuo does both on a wider range), Braum? He is the center of the skill it moves with him, cant drop it and run the sideways, still doesnt destroy skills, can be hit and cced with them, doesnt nullify aoe of them (like jinx ult) he has counters ofc and is not overpowered, at least not currently, but he simply shuts down too many champions people want to play.
Catbug (EUNE)
: Patch 7.19 - Champ Select confirmation stuck on the champ select
I dunno why the server is up at all if its like this.
: Rankeds
antibes (EUNE)
: no why? no rune no mysteries childs playing ranked and feeding never punishing? i now 1 game normal play 2 game troll feed playing problem? i m noob and feeding? my bad sorry for feed?
You cant be banned for feeding unless its clearly on purpose.
Snaidro (EUW)
: Wait longer but get my role Button
Now most people press that button and boom 1hr queues.
anastashs02 (EUNE)
: find me one player that doesnt complan . even if i overcomplain it not a reason to permaban my account i dont insult people by saying them that they did something wrong evrything is in the game i didnt ever call someone bastard or %%%%%% just arguements in the game which always happen. its a competitive game . do u think the chat is a world of happines in ranked games? never
Hello there account since 2010 never even warned for in game behaviour, key is to ignore people, and never swear in chat. Forget about your account its not coming back.
Ghadi (EUW)
: Zac is dead
Hello there!{{champion:90}}
: So you take away his shield, what are you gonna give him as compensation?
Ask Malzahar what he got as compensation for recent nerfs, oh right more nerfs
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Irimort, I'm not ruling it out entirely as a lot has changed with the new client, but personally I don't recognise any of these files or their locations. Would you be able to provide more info (IE: Screenshots of the errors you got?). I'm a little suspicious as I don't think these are ours - but again I can't say for certain with all the changes that've been made recently. With more info I can check internally with some of the teams and see if anyone can give me a solid response :-)
Ok Now that ive put the file out of quarantine the error is gone but ill try to reproduce it. Edit: Weird, Ive took the file out of there, renamed folder. No error so far. Seem suspicious if it doesnt ring a bell for your. AV doesnt seem to see anything wrong with any of the files now that I scan the separately (inlcuding the previously put in quarantine by it). I guess its indeed false positive but why it was giving a system pop up Edit2: Ok I seem to figure it out. It's indeed seem like some sort of virus. It puts some dlls into the Windows "AppInit_DLLs" registry value and it simply run those dlls whenever **ANY** program is executed. This windows error included is one of it's signs couse the program has no idea why certan dll is sterted along it while it doesnt belong there and is not needed. Seem like i need some deep scanning after all.
  Rioter Comments
Conyboy (EUW)
: How you can play LoL even with a disability
Mabons (EUW)
: I've also had a few times the bug before the loading screen. I just get a black screen, alt tab then close it and reconnect again. Meh.
I have this literally every game, every time have to close game and reconnect. Not a big deal but once i didnt notice and joined too late couse i didnt hear game started at all.
: Will das alte Lol zurück
All I understood with my vast knowledge of german is "hurr reworks shit darius op shit reworks new champs shit durr" Somone plz confirm the quality of my translation.
: So sad that Riot don't allow us to report for refusing to communicate anymore. Sometimes this is just the only suitable report reason, but since they removed it, ppl can stop refusing to communicate with their team as they want sadly....
Hilariously enough currently on eune I havent encounter anyone not capable of speaking basic english or straight up refusing to so in a loooong long time, and it was always eune that was this "hurr noone speaks englando there durr" platform
: The ping for EUNE and EUW is exactly the same https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/360/1.0
: Yasuo mentality explained: Why Yasuo mains seem so salty
Sure main part of this sitiation is whole playerbase's default aversion towards yasuo pick,but truth to be told there is a noticable regularity in toxicity when it comes to "big plays lcs" champs like mentioned yasuo, riven, yi, ect. Mostly I suppose from the fact that those champs mains expect to do some crazy plays so when they get cocked on lane they tend to excessively rage. No lie tho is in saying that it's still more of the stereotype than 100% ultimate truth and what youve mentioned contribute to the illusion of such. I myself had two cases of yas in my team recently. One typical "report my team" type when somethint goes wrong, and one complete opposite, who after doig alright in lane while rest of us not so much, he was the one to keep the morale up until we managed to turn the game in our favory. And it didnt include boasting like "Im gonna carry you scrubs" but constructive points to how to win and not to give up too early. So its not a champs fault ofc but peoples mentality
: I went from gold 3 to silver 1 went 6-4 so not too bad
True, not a far off drop. I'm quite surprised myself plat I is the highest seed you can end in and I had dV last season. I expected like plat iv maybe at best even with my 8/2 placements
: Why is it EU NORTH AND EAST (EUNE) if you see more north ppl at EUW
Wait on west you have French peeps Germans, Spaniards ect well known for their native spam. Bout scandinavians playing on west, well those countries are in fact western countries, so if those people are fine with latency then whatever floats their goat. I still remember the fine sides of original eu platform as a whole, the Russians spam, Turks oh man good old times Beside I wonder how much is this migration and playing on not designated by your country of origin platform affecting euw couse its already quite a meme that this serwers oftenly acts like a baked potato and dies. If the situation is gonna escalate and people will flood euw instead if playing on eune Riot is gonna propably move them :D
: Ranked
Stormrider on Janna opeh opeh, and that echo first (and only item) daayum son 21 min everyone else runs same warding trinket, what elo is this? Im affraid nothing can be done, shiet happens. Move on, gl on further games. Btw I would edit names out on this ss couse its violating terms of boards
: 8-2 and plat 1- But what elo was you before?
Same spot 50lp in preseason.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: Season 7 started...
8/2 placements got me plat I
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: I never cared before, so what does: Camille will be released later on during patch mean?
BexXz (EUW)
: Cant duo with my friend?
OPs problem could be a system derp but Plat2+D5 shouldnt be an issue.
kjono1 (EUW)
: Should I take an adventure in the scary world that is Ranked?
Rioter Comments
: Patch: 6.23, Elementalist Lux skin Q extended range
Noticed that too few times, It's not stricktly a bug but as somone already wrote down there badly designed animation, that ends and fades too quickly before actual hitbox ends. It's greatly missleading for enemy as well as player itself couse you dont combo couse you think you've missed and then its usually too late to follow. Need slight adjustement in animation fade out.
: If I read this correctly you got hit by combo and then he ulted you for the whole duration. Tbh if a person gets hit by the combo and a full time ult then i think it's really fair to even burst down a tank. Also having more than 2 secs to get out of the ult with either cc'ing velkoz or flashing out isn't really a thing of the impossible. So I think it's actually pretty fair that he managed to do that. EDIT: Also made some calculation afterwards cause i didn't even think that velkoz had that much dmg. IF i assume that EVERYTHING in velkoz kit would do true dmg you need AT LEAST 600 AP to do that amount of dmg. which is far more difficult to get. If you also take into consideration that you need even more pen becuse i didn't calculate mr then you probably need something around the 700 to 800 ap mark. and tbh I think any champ with that amount of ap should do an insane amount of dmg. Even to a tank.
Especially Vel with his tank busting passive. Thats what he was designed to do.
Trekkorm (EUW)
: Flex Queue sees a lot of Diamond vs Silver matchups
Flex queues use hard reset elo. Meaning everyone and it means everyone is in the same pool of players.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: kayle with atack speed does more dmg then a leblanc..+what is this excuse top/mid?????????If i go play jgl i play better then him even if i dont mai jgl ok..IS master a good player knows to play all roles..I play mid np i still play better.
Wrong. I play Dia level on some mid/top champs, meanwhile I'm totall bronze in jungle and mediocre and low plat level on adc/supp. Master player or even pro players are strickly playing few champ pool and one role most of a time. You cant perfect even 20 champs overall on master consistently up to every change on those champs with patches and expect equal results. I oftenly lose against weaker enemy playing champ i played like year ago or something : D Like I cant play riven for shit, nor yasuo or most of assasins/bruisers, couse I play mostly mages and even there only selected few. Thats how you climb up to the top, you gotta specialize at some point at few champs and rly master them. Besides Flex is more like normal draft for now and considering everyone that is top ladder just waits for soloQ to open up, me also, expect people to try out stuff and have fun in this queue until Solo will take those off it.
Loonsta (EUW)
: This pre-season
First of all flex has its own elo second at the beginning of season 7 there will be another reset and placements for every queue
: Elementalist Lux : Icon Art vs Login Splash Art
I on the other hand rly hope they are gonna polish the animations couse they are way too transparent and got no "substance" like compare Brands fire or Liss ice with this lux spellss they are bland and kinda like without form just some particles and colors. I rly rly hope its work in progress.
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