: Looking for a team, mid main and currently s3
We can play if u want (i am s2 ) on eune but have acc on west ...its 21 lvl but i will play so ir can go 30(it has ban for 10 days) jgl main ..i also play sup
: I can't find a champion that I enjoy playing, let alone a main
Try my boy shaco...most satisfying thing ever
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
oblivous (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=NightHunerR,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=B0IcI9BG,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-12-04T00:01:33.923+0000) > > Well i main jgl but i do play sup as well ...the thing is that supp cant solo ..the bot lane doesnt depend only to sup so u have to find at least an average adc (u cant find in s3) depends on who you're playing zilean is a beast support when you build full AP, throw bombs and kite for days I had a 13 kill streak just running down mid and kiting
Well i dont play zilean...i play supps like...blitz...rakan..soraka...janna..thresh brand
: Noone wants to play support?
Well i main jgl but i do play sup as well ...the thing is that supp cant solo ..the bot lane doesnt depend only to sup so u have to find at least an average adc (u cant find in s3)
: Skarner and Diana (as an old Diana main, I stopped playing her because well, some champs do the job just better than her)
jalilo123 (EUW)
: Refreshing shaco Q cooldown whenever he kills someone in less than 3seconds
Come on guys lets be honest ...shaco is not the shaco he used to be...so he definately needs a change or a buff...he can trick u etc ...but those tricks wont last for long or wont be enough to carry the team ...So help my fellow shaco mains here.Rito plz
: nunu tbh my fav inting champ he needs some love thoe :(
True...i respect the full ap nunu tho :3
Endellion (EUW)
: Rammus and Anivia
Tbh i see lots of rammus nowadays...but anivia...wow....i forgot she existed :P
: I dont play on EUNE though.
I have an acc on euw as well :P
: Rek'Sai (i still play Rek'Sai top and jg) {{champion:32}}
: {{champion:82}} I've been the only one playing him in my games since... _FOREVER!_
Ikr XD i saw just one time a mordekaiser....i think it was u :P
Spearki (EUW)
: Well according to op.gg ivern and voli has such a low play count that they don't even have any stats for them so i would say they are forgotten champs atm there is champs with 0.50% pick rate with stats so ivern and voli most be incredible low play rate atm
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: velkoz ,_,
No there are lots of velkoz players :P
: Tahm Kench because he is frog-otten, get it?!! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Nah man, Skarner I guess. Noone is really forgotten, I enjoy all champs in League. But people not playing him then it's skarner According to http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.playPercent&order=ascend the least played champion is Ivern. Surprisingly. followed by Aurelion Sol
Yeah i havent seen an ivern since his release :P aurelion...is that even a champ?:P(jk tho)
: Tahm Kench because he is frog-otten, get it?!! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Nah man, Skarner I guess. Noone is really forgotten, I enjoy all champs in League. But people not playing him then it's skarner According to http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.playPercent&order=ascend the least played champion is Ivern. Surprisingly. followed by Aurelion Sol
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: Is there ever going to be a reason to level mastery?
Guys commoonnn the most important part of the game is not when u outplay sb but when u spam ur mastery lvl7 like a boss with low hp....
: Can i have a list of champions that can play 2 roles?
: Can I get banned if I trolled 1 time in 2 years ?
Lol no..I got 2 acc perma banned ..but i flame and troll almost every game...and it took me like a year..so u are safe no worries (how is possible to flame and go troll only once lol)
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Phrase (EUW)
: April fools skins [IDEA]
Yeah nc idea it would be funny af
Megimu (EUW)
: Janna or Soraka?
I vite for soraka ..first of all i think she is easier...and her mid game and late is broken her teammates are literally immortal ..so thats pretty cool..janna is a diff champ but her e is weaker ( i think it got nerfed so long cd) and she has only cc but lets be honest guys...sorakas ultimate is %%%%in global...omg i so want to play soraka right now XDD
: No problem, mate i hope i helped :) Just be mindful of the enemy and while you learn in normal don't be afraid to experiment ALSO ALWAYS - Smite + Ignite :)
Οκ bro thnx a lot
Sontax (EUNE)
: Litteraly im so on Red-Black I m going to paint the room like that xD
Ahahha ok i get it..me too..i am changing my room to red black and grey..i wanted it to be a little cute but i guess it cant like that with these colors..but whatever :P
: Looking for someone to play with(rank dont matter) IGN: fuzziondrax
I am bronze 5 and toxic af also i think i am the lost child of t1 since i was diagnosed with 111110% of autism ..am i good enough?
Sontax (EUNE)
: Quick poll for gaming setup enthusiasts
I voted for red black ..but a purple black might be a nice one
: we are 4 need 1 more bronze-gold elo any role
What lane is left ?(i have acc on euw as well)
: I'm still leveling my account and looking for someone to play with!
Yo ! I have an acc on west (21lvl)i would like to lvl it up with ur help if u want (my normal is s3 if u dont mind)
: Is there any way to see how many key fragments you have gotten in a month?
jiveJitSu (EUW)
: New Player, how to avoid being trash talked?
Lol ...league is league its salty af ... no matter if u are an old player or a new one u will get trash talked ...just dont mind them ...they flame because they are bad ofc u make mistakes as well but its not always your fault ..there is nothing u can do about it but just get used to it...best of luck buddy
Soni (EUNE)
: I could write a novel on this, but ill try to be short as much as i can. Also u can add me in game if u want some help/tips etc. I hate to say it but he falls behind ALOT compared to other assassins. Why? Beacuse if target isnt isolated from its team u become just a pawn. And u will often realise that if enemy team starts grouping up u cant do much unless target is low and u can get a pick. But lets ignore this facts and talk whats good about him and what u can do to make enemy want to uninstall the moment they faced u. There are two types of Shacos, 1st is the most basic type which runs ignite for cheese on enemy jungler because you lack dmg to kill them without. Basicly u start red and go to enemy side of jungle, take all you can and wait for him to come for his buff and kill, or kill while he is doing it. Then you control him, go back after u killed him buy items and wait him on other side of his jungle. Kill him again on camps or counter gank him so he falls even more behind. Repeat this over and over until your team groups up and u go split push other lanes. 2nd one is more advanced cause it focuses more on teamfights and u run flash. So u dont counter jungle, u do full clear and gank or counter gank if u can. This is more late game oriented, which i dont recommend to no1 unless u are super experienced with clown. So basicly u play around objectives, go solo drake at 6 or even before if 1 teammate can help u. U always want to help bot to get 1st turret. So lanes can rotate and u get herald after or before top turret. After that all mid for 1st turret or 2nd (preety much basics until u win). But heres where flash comes in most handy, u know those moments when u have to q in for baron or dragon steal and no team around or even teamfight. If u go in u cant get out so flash saves u most of the times (u are not a pawn anymore). Basicly Shaco is nerfed hard but with proper playstyle and manipulation he is still a force to be reckoned with. I really tried to be short xD sorry if i was to negative about him. Retired Shaco main with over 600k mastery waiting for rework. Peace {{champion:35}}
Thank you for ur short reply(jk) i will prob add u tommorrow(finally found a eune player) snd u can teach me because 600k mastery...i mean ..wow..i respect u without even knowing u ...also thnx for the tips u already gave me ..^^
: The girl we all want
What about urgot?
Rismosch (EUW)
: You thought I didn't knew I was talking about, didn't you? :P I did main him. In fact I have Mastery Level 7 on him with 84k mastery points, so I do have some experience. And honestly, Riot killed him with the rework and all the nerfs. I dropped him after they destroyed him, because he just isn't what he used to be. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Yeah i get that i main him as well i used to play him only ap but then with the chabges i switched to ad...i know he was really powerful b4 and now he is .ehh.... but thats the main reason i made the most...shaco is in my heart bro..cant throw him❤️❤️XD
: New Loot
Get the yellow project capsule ..i think it costs about 48 (not sure) if u get it u can get 2 of them if u complete all the missions..personally i got that ..first one gave me another capsule and pool party lee ..the other one gave me snow day malzahar and i do t remember what the last one gave me ..but it was totally worth..u can even get 4 skin if u are lucky
: Why players never FF?
Because we are MEN we FIGHT! JK i am not even a man...personally i almost never ff because i feel really useless ..like why the %%%% would they win and not me..so i try my best....other times i accidently vote no because i am used to it :P
MrFaker (EUW)
: LF Silver or Gold team
All day...seems depressing XD
: good news we can get BE from capsules
I olny receive stupid champs and sometimes 50-100 BE ..except that can i get sth else?
Rismosch (EUW)
: He is garbage. Shaco was a cheese champion. Insanely good jungle clear, cheesy counterjungle, awesome level 2 gank which often lead to first blood, and incredibly brutal snowball. That's what I loved. And Riot got rid of all of it. You can't stack boxes on top of another anymore, which hurt his early clearspeed. His Q was super nerfed, making cheese level 2 ganks impossible. Early counterjungling also hurt alot, since you can't 1v1 champions anymore. Also it's damage got reduced drasticly.They nerfed the E scaling and compensated with a %hp missing scaling, which destroyed Shaco's snowball. Also his backstab got changed to a crit, which also hurt his snowball. And because his Q is so weak, you can't afford maxing E since you can't abuse your invincibility. His Ult was always a gimmik, and still is. I guess it is better now with it's tripple box mechanic, but it feels off, just so off. On top of that his E now deals physical damage, so don't even think about going AP and building magic penetration. If you go AP, only your boxes can do significant damage, which in the jungle is almost impossible to pull off. Shaco is dead. Not even mains can get a decent winrate with him; that's how garbage he is.
Wow ok i pass ..i will still play him tho
Saibbo (EUW)
: Because then they can be called cute or say to be cute all day https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-E86uUNlscr4/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAMw/NZ5WqIAhZ28/s36-p-k-no/photo.jpg
Rismosch (EUW)
: I used to main him. I dropped him because of the "rework" and all the nerfs he got. He's garbage honestly. Play Kha'Zix, or Rengar. Both do his job significantly better.
Hey dont call him a garbage -.- yes he needs some buffs or a change but still he may be difficult to play but i think shaco will always be my favourite champ
: The problem is that you build full ad, thas y you dominate early but fall off late game. Both early and late game are easy for me. I can almost 1 shot adc or apc early and easily kill jax, renekton, nasus, darius late game in 1vs1. I build full ad in the first 20 minutes, after that there is no point of building more ad, so I build armor and magic resist instead If i do well both early and late game, why am i still in silver 3? It is because shaco is not great when it comes to team combat. Most games nowadays finish during mid-game period, and my shaco is not tanky enough then. You Q in to kill adc, if you are unsuccessful finishing their adc in 1 shot, you can't get out and die
Thank you ..i will try building some tanky items ..but there are lot of people in high elo playing only shaco..so i think we need to main him more XD Gluck buddy
: Remember when i told youthat you need ballz and patience - in Late more than anything :D 1. While in Teamfights, get your clown copy (_I shall name him - mini me_) to be in the Teamfight, while invisible you sneak and take out their ADC behind the lines. (my advice - plant a jack in the box in the tank's feet so that they can't come and stun you) 2. Splitpush (if you have an AD BUILD) In general you can teamfight if you have a moderate item like: {{item:3147}} {{item:1412}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3380}} treads (could not find the picture)
Thank youu
Saibbo (EUW)
: Just let her play Taric {{champion:44}} . KappaPride. https://giphy.com/gifs/you-have-nice-titties-for-a-little-boy-xUOxfhpZO0neA4EE3C
: I'm not a pro player, but for a Low Elo i can say - Shaco requires 3 things: 1 - know yourself - you are not there to kill (except squishies), you are there to terrorize and disrupt. Clear waves between their turrets, take their Blue/Red, Scare them away from farming/baron/dragon, steal dragon/farm. Best thing to do is waste their time - backstab, shiv then dissapear and they will waste 1 min looking for you while you are happily clearing a jungle somewhere safe 2 - know your opponent - know when to fight and when to counter 3 - Remember - you are not WW to sustain, you are not Yi to penta kill, You are not Sej to stay there forever - you come and go and reak havoc in between. Moral of the story - have balls and patience to pick your fights. (and don't trust meta all the time - get a hextech gunblade ;))
Thank you for your tips .Do you have any tips on how to play shaco late game ?
: I main shaco. Only silver 3 though, so I wont be qualified to share any pro tips shaco is the most difficult champion to master. He is very squishy, you make one mistake and you die in an instant. Other assasins are ability-based, whiles shaco is basic atack- based. which makes thing more difficult.
Thank you for your answer..the problem is that i start really good with shaco ..like 3.0.1 at 6-7 min..but i dont know what to do once its late game (also s3 btw😂)
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Anyone else cringe when you see a post of somebody looking explicitly for a girl support?
Yeahhh its kind of annoying...also the fact when there is a girl in the team and some are like ..getting crazy over her...ame goes for some girls ...playing only sup like lulu lux sona etc and saying words like cute ..:3 ..etc so they can make it visible to everyone that they are girls...i mean.....if you want a gf bf u can go out u know...
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