: 1v1 BO3 style fights on the top lane. Whoever gets: a) 2 kills b) 100 minions c) first tower first, wins the game. **Defend your pink:** Both sides agree to place a pink ward somewhere in the upper/bottom JUNGLE and the first one to kill the enemies pink ward, wins. Something to note: both sides start at the game with a pink, are not allowed to buy another pink ward, HAVE to set it up before the first minute is over, and go to their mid tower afterwards (meet and greet in the middle maybe to show you are there), after the first minion passed your mid tower you are allowed to do whatever you want. Some tactics are: - level up in the middle first, to be able to fight your opponent, taking ignite and exhaust. - get tp to safe your ward, if the enemy finds it and because you farmed mid you could dominate the enemy. - etc. (will not spoil it too much)
The one with the pink sounds interesting. Thank you friend!
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