: Updating your graphics card drivers should fix the issue. Although I have no clue where you can update them for MSI graphics cards.
Its not MSI, its XFX besides developer is AMD :D XFX/MSI are just brands which released their custom card of AMD
iSuzuken (EUW)
: I've been noticing some FPS issues as well, I have gtx 1050ti i7 7700 and my fps drops to 70 in team fights on medium high sometimes
Yea I think DX9 is broken
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Only thing I can think of is, check your graphics card settings, maybe its not set to maximum performance output
I've already set it on MAX PERFORMANCE Also i added Legends in Radeon Settings and adjusted for max performance same s**t
: How the fk did u manage to get 160 fps with a GTS 260? Was it in 2009 while the game still looked like Runescape or what?
You need to optimize windows for max performance Try to install Windows 7 because old gpus work well on 7. And you need good GTS 250, mine was in perfect condition (no overheating and etc..) And NO :D It was few months ago I changed four graphics cards in 2-3 months
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