MindWard (EUW)
: Change password, smash the keyboard, copy ur new password to confirm it. It will still be yours and if you really want to play again you could just make a new password and tadaa. Never sell it
You underestimate my need of money.
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Akaśhí (EUNE)
: People who buy accounts
So, if I waste my time and level up some accounts and get them to diamond, will I become rich?
: plat 4 adc looking for supp main duo! (gold 2+)
Well I was looking for a proper ADC. Too bad you are in euw.
Kudore (EUW)
: Happend to me just a second ago won't work full repair does not work at all now i got low priority queue ban purely because Riot has not fixed this yet ??? Come on
Just happened to me as well. First in a ranked game, my teammates did a remake but I still lost lp, tried a second normal game, same sht. Let's address the elephant in the room and talk about how riot is making an already depressing and unfunny game into making you feel even worse.
Hiyoko (EUW)
: Revitalize on zac?
It Does work, althought my guess is that the difference is quite small to see in early game, getting a visage should maximize that effect.


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