: > [{quoted}](name=MsDoubleTap,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jqN6LhFo,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-23T08:51:56.859+0000) > Update me about what you did. XD Good Luck! Yeh you see like I said, I don't know her. I don't know what school she goes to, where she lives, her name, age, etc... She was pretty much a complete stranger, tbh I just wish I did something because it is eating me up inside that I didn't do anything. I'll just do something next time I see someone like that, male or female.
Don't feel guilty for not helping her. A moment has passed and you learned something from it. That's all you need from such situation. You can't go back in time, so beating yourself up about it won't help her either. The right thing to do is to focus on your studies and your life is well.^^ > I'll just do something next time I see someone like that, male or female. Exactly!.
bleyzet420 (EUNE)
: How to stop being agro in chat
Your thinking has to change. You have to accept people have different learning curve. You have to accept that things won't go your way. You have to accept that some play poorly. The world will never be perfect . You start with changing your way of thinking, your behavior will be changed. Accept defeat and you will be Victorious. It will be the hardest thing to do. Also. Find smth that will suck the stress out of you. Sports, drawing, screaming. Whatever it is. Smth else other than this game.
: I have something that is bothering me....
Finished college and currently working. I'm 25 years old and no honey it's not love. It's your human nature or instinct. Let me tell you a theory proven scientifically. Yawning is contagious, meaning if you see someone is yawning, you yawn as well. If you see someone is laughing hard you will find yourself laughing or at least amused. We as humans can read emotions, feel them in other people and we are bound to reflect it. This girl was in deep sadness that's why you noticed. Some people don't let their sadness show easily in day. Maybe her sadness was huge enough for you to notice it and be affected by it. That's why you noticed her while you never noticed others. You hesitating isn't weakness, or shy. It's consideration. You see her sad enough and you didn't want to annoy her. You sitting sad alone and suddenly a stranger comes at you and talk. You would feel wierd or surprised. I'm guessing you just didn't want to freak her out. Love doesn't start this way. Or that's how I see it. Love is a complicated emotion. Maybe we get attracted to each other. Maybe her behavior just drew your attention, but your humanity called you to act. That's all. I'm still 25 and trying to understand love too xD. Take a breath, calm down and next time try slowly to talk. Some won't talk easily. So be patient and try be her friend. Also sadness can cause mood swings and irrational thinking. She will confuse you, so be patient. Update me about what you did. XD Good Luck!
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion makes you feel happy when you play it no matter if you win or lose? ^.^
DunQ (EUW)
F for Flash! D for Dash!
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Lmao all I meant is you can do all the right things like you did in this game and still get the blame.
XD oh. Well I understand now. Thank you for clarification.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Lets be honest, lol community is bunch of %%%%%%s with braincells less than 0. We would get less those players if the game wasn't dumbed down so much an infant can play it
Hey calm down xD. It was just a small question. I just wanted to understand junglers more so i can help as much as I can. XD
: Hey ! Support / jungle main here. You did the right thing ! Your jungler wasn't going to get it anyway. It's always better that it's someone on your team that takes it instead of the enemies. That goes for everything, not just red buff. Don't mind that jungler really.
I was really wondering what kind of perspective he had. I don't main the role to understand how much camps affect laning phase. XD. I mean it was one camp to affect the whole early game. The strange thing is that he ignored all types of communication at the beginning and later he asks what happened. Like dude maybe u got a cup of water while waiting, but as u leash the blue buff, certainly u can see what's going on in bot side. XD
: You never noticed that when you spell EUNE backwards it says CCCP ?
Hahahahha xD well thx to you, i noticed now.
: botlane lux+morgana
I wonder if you played thresh and blitz against them xD. That would be interesting.
: You did everything right. But just in case: sometimes when you see the whole enemy team in your bush, it is cheaper to invade on the other side instead of trying to beat them. You would run there all the way, then they retreat easliy, and then you run all the way back (losing time and cs). But of course a jungler should have reacted in some way. Either join or say "no", or ping "retreat"...
True. I mean communication is important too. They were only three. Enemy bot and jungler so we were 3 vs 3. (my premade, me and our midlaner vs their bot and jungler) xD
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: In communist League of legends, it's not your buff it's OUR buff.
XD what community you belong too?
: Every action you take in game that is in what you think your teams best interest is a good action. EVEN if the result isnt a good one. Then you learn something instead. The only scenario this action would be a bad one is if it is a bad choice and you KNOW that it is a bad choice and you do it anyway with the INTENT to ruin for the jungler. I mean the result of that action might be good economically or even be a good one for that game but it is not how you team work or win games. As I see it... you only compensated for the fact that your team was short handed atm. And trust me that play will never cause you to be punished by Riot in any way or that you should put up with being flamed for it.(mute, do not flame back)
However, Do you think a single camp can ruin a game? I know some junglers take specific paths, but he wasn't really behind. I don't know. I don't main the role to understand how to recover from a lost camp xD
Mada (EUW)
: You did excellent. You merely slightly messed up the landing by not muting the jungler when you learned he was a talker ^^Would have reported him for negative, verbal and afk but that's just me. I report most players for afk...
Well. I did mute him after a while. His actions were indeed strange. He didn't get very verbal but I didn't need the distraction too. Our midlaner was really helpful, so we had a good game even though we lost XD.
Rioter Comments
PhoPhoW (EUW)
: Who's at work right now but is checking LoL Forum like me?
BlueEziboy (EUNE)
: Post your images with how many times you died/killed Yasuo.
Killed him 521 times Died to him 611 times {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: You can live in LoL universe anywhere together with a champion,with the abilities of a champion.
I would like to live in bilgwater, because yes I wanna live like a sexy bounty hunter. So bilgwater is right place to hunt some gold. I would live with leona, cause who wouldn't want a badass side kick to aid you in catching bounties with BLAZING SUN.... As for power( neko's passive) good for blending into environment, infiltrate enemy bases... Easiest way to go in and out unnoticed. Perfect for a bounty hunter.
Cavalier707 (EUNE)
: A Detailed Reply To These Low Effort "Players Should Not Be Banned For Toxicity" Threads
Why some people choose to disrespect their enemies? They are humans too with souls same as everyone. It's kinda strange to hate an enemy because some algorithm put you against each other and start verbally harassing them (I have seen both. Better skilled flame low skilled and vice) just because they lained against you. That's not being competitive. That's being toxic.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: About this 1BE scandal...
This is a bit exaggerating for a mistake done by a bug. It's not like they favoured some people and left others out. Be human. I don't understand people who demand justice while ignoring the humanity of it. I buy skins with actual money and no i don't feel offended or my right wasn't taken. If riot made this on purpose, I would have been angry like you. I suggest to cool down, but after all this is my own opinion.
: Catmeleon {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Kits you Thematically disagree with
Well if Eve is a demon disguising in a woman's body to lure prays wouldn't neeko passive for eve more suitable in theme xD. Since chameleon copy their background to blend in. Hence neeko's passive makes her invisible and Eve takes form of other players to luuuure them xD idk.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You have just enrolled into Runeterra University, which two champions would you want as roomates?
Rioter Comments
: What were your dumb thoughts about the game when you just started?
I thought jungle role was usless. The Perfect balance was 2 tops, 2 bot, 1 mid and the camps in jungle were all for everyone to take. I didn't know much about champions so I convinced my premade (long life friend trying league with me at that time.. We are still playing xD) to play jax bot with me as MF and if bot taken. We would go top or mid. We didn't know which champs for which lane. The strange thing, we never got flamed till we reached level 25 I think. We had so much fun not caring for anything. Good Times xD. Side note : i thought Diana was ad because she wasn't a ranged champion and was shocked to find her ap oriented xD
: Kits you Thematically disagree with
Hmmmm surely I am not the only one who thought neeko means cat and was stunned to find out she is a chameleon :'D... Japanese language. Neko means cat and i was like.... Oooh a cat and boom.... Chameleon xD
: GGWP to you :3 I find if I'm not in the best mood and want to just play the game, muting players that clearly aren't going to provide any kind of decent feedback are muted, and it's just like playing any other PvP Videogame where you can stomp or get stomped on :3
: But then again why do people get punished for defending themselves? A lot of people are only toxic because of other toxic players. Basically, Cure the disease, Not the symptoms.
Look here you beautiful human being. Fighting negativity with negativity makes things worse. They flame, you try defend your self (even if your replies are peaceful) they flame more and you enter endless circle with no improvement. You want to cure the disease? Cut it out. Make it stop at your end. The flamer will never see your side of the story so no matter how many times you try explain and defend yourself , it will only fuel him to say more and provoke you more, till you snap and... :( flame back. So. Curing him is impossible. Then cut that negativity at your end. Mute. Play peacefully. It doesn't matter what people say about you, it only matters when you decide that it matters. Defend smartly my friend. #**_~~GG~~_**#
: Kits you Thematically disagree with
Miss Fortune W should symbolize her mobility. She is a fast bounty hunter who needs to be fast and dashing and goes here and there... In game... It doesn't satisfy enough... Ashe E is kinda awkward too. Vision is important but to take a whole slot of a skill, it needed to be more of a passive, since she is an archer with good vision.
: 1) Talkin out of experience, each time someone flames me i check them up and 99% of the times they are gold. Thats not me claiming gold for being a toxic rank, but each time someone flames me they are in gold elo. 2) Keep putting it out there, but he was trolling, flaming being toxic. This is not a person playing "casual" this is a person who wants to ruin the games for others. 3) I know they cant keep up with my skill levle, and thats not why i made this thread, im talking about him flaming and being ignorant.
1) I understand your frustration you beautiful human being. Alot of gold players are toxic but in same time, so is most of the ranks. But anyway flaming is wrong and so is trolling. 2) I can't judge from your point of view only, but it's true I have seen it happen 1000 times. 3) your skill level makes u know better than him. That's why you see him ignorant :'D. He doesn't understand why you backed. But who are we talking about, even if you told him he would have flamesd anyway and trolled xD.
: Maybe he needed help from the jungler to get towers? I guess that's toxic if you expect anything from your team in a team game. What happened to playing around strong team mates? > I needed to farm and secure objectives. Then do that together with your mid laner. > dude you are fed and won your lane, what do you want?? Teamwork to win the game, plain and simple. There really are some special junglers out there jeez. > Rages. Inted. Flamed. I don't really buy that tbh. The fact that you opened this thread shows me that you had something to prove.
Look my friend. We pushed mid. Took first tower and knocked on their base. I did help him. He would ping for help and kill his enemy before I reach him. His behavior from the start of the game doesn't actually show rational behavior. You need help? Sure I will help you. But there is a team here buddy. Stick to it and come help. Wining your lane? Awesome! But am not gonna miss my farm, sit in that bush and ignore the game just so I can babysit you while bot side are getting wiped out. He was afraid to be camped, But he wouldn't even see that enemy jungler was actually bot side. His irrational behavior and toxic attitude got him what he deserved. And yes people rage for slightest reasons. {{sticker:sona-playing}} If you don't believe it, that's up to you. ^^
Rioter Comments
: More goldies ruining the game, why are they so ignorant.
First of all. It's a normal game. You encounter all types of players with all types of Elo. Second thing his rank isn't connected to his attitude. Every one flames, Unranked or bronze or diamonds or platinum. You disliking a certain rank makes you focus with every gold ranked player while ignoring that others could be doing the same. I advice you to be more flexible while playing in normals since people play more casually in it, (and I know that will frustrate you since you actually play in competitive queues.) Also keep in mind others will not be able too keep up with your skill level in a casual gameplay, so be kind. Thank you.
CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: Demacian Justice
Omg that was really excellently written! I enjoyed it alot. Please continue and good luck with your exams!
Zmyxal (EUW)
: New skins
I'm really happy Leona got awesome skins this year. Yeah yeah would have been better if Diana was involved and got a versus but still I'm happy. I really would like to see a good creative Kindred skin indeed. Maybe Devil Shaco in next Halloween.
: The problem with ADCs is a problem about team play
The game is about teamwork mainly. The problem is that most of us don't play as a team. Most of the time, we chase kills solo on enemy team more than achieving an actual objective. With how kill share was "adjusted" couple of patches ago, essence of team work has vanished. You can even see how many want to carry "solo" and how in the current meta you can't hard carry your team alone. Adc's aren't usless in good hands now. In fact, they would need to play within a team to actually win. I like that more than just one adc wins the match without the need for help from his other teammates.
Masantha (EUW)
: Fanfiction Contest - Snowdown Showdown!
Best of luck to all writers! All of your stories are so cool. ^^
: 3 Random Questions !
1) photoshope 2) Jade 3) Sapphire
: A comprehensive guide on how to get ganked.
Why is no one talking about warding??
: Which champions you think players play less? Like which champion you almost never see in-game?
I haven't seen a kogmaw for a very long time in bot. Ekko, Rumble. Fiora. Katarina.....Any normal supports except Blitzcrank
: Yasuo's W
Feels unfair when he stands in his windwall and goes back and forth. Untouchable.
isindarcyne (EUNE)
: Only I get jealous?
I can't quite say it's jealousy. For me jealousy is feeling envious of something you don't have. It's more like possessiveness. It's mine and only my main. I know they have the right to pick it, but I can't help but feel it. I don't play aggressive or flame. I won't mind if an ally picks it (if i didn't hover on it or I wanna try another champ) but if an enemy picks it, challenge accepted!!!!
iBleend (EUNE)
: PROJECT: Diana skin
I would like to see elderwood Diana or Coven Diana. I actually think there is enough futuristic skins. Headhunters, Project, Program, Mecha. Etc.
: Fixing Akali with just a few tweaks.
I'm not Akali main, but I play her regularly since her rework. I could agree with all your suggestions but keep ber E the way it is. It adds a lot of fun and can easily turn tables on her enemies with it and also good way to escape. I find her gameplay really enjoyable than before. Even though she is hard to lane against, she isn't impossible to defeat.
: Still an annoying asf problem imo
Check the stats in your client and compare what aspect you lacked in. It helps a lot.
xTigax3 (EUW)
: Stay outside of enemy minions while she has her W, when she jumps on you use E instantly you dodge her W dmg as well as getting a chance to trade back and get priority with an HP lead, also you outsustain her and you spike harder with your early part items, be careful if she rushes pen over Ludens, as that means she wants to kill you in one combo, LB usually maxes her W so if you dodge that you avoid most of her trading potential early on, for the chain stay in your minions until she tries to jump you, most LBs will also use Q before that so you have a bigger window to react, if she has Q and W on CD her E is not as dangerous for you either as there will be no follow up dmg and thus you still winning the trade, later in the game you can go hexdrinker or banshees and LB will not be a problem unless she got very fed
Rioter Comments
: So apperantly wishing someone death and ebola and the like is not punishable
My guess the system catch it, but the flamer has to repeat this action in most of his games (and get reported for it) in order to get heavily punished. I know it sounds unfair, but I suggest to report it without replying to the flamer. I learnt this the hard way.
: A small replica of k/da akali kama
Kamille W (EUW)
: Akali VS Ahri (Discussion)
Don't stand still while farming and just last hit minions. Keep in mind to sheild your self behind a minion in case she tries to charm you. Don't panic trying to sidestep her Q. Ward well so you can move easily in lane and remember that her Q comes back if she misses you. {{item:3065}} I don't rush it, but it's a good item buffs your healing. Try ganking other lanes for extra cash.
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