MorroWtje (EUW)
: A comprehensive guide to support Lulu.
Good guide my friend :) i'm a low elo pleb and just recently found out how good Lulu actually is (low cooldowns, spam potential, low mana costs later in the game) after spamming {{champion:412}} for a good amount of time as support and getting countered numerous times by Lulu in lane i decided to give her a try, and i was not dissapointed. This guide definitely has some useful tips and tricks on to play with her at her full potential. I often forget about the ADC in teamfights and i focus on shutting down the wrong target. It usually ends up in my adc dying and flaming me ^^' so yeah... keep it up, lulu is love {{champion:117}}
Kareina (EUNE)
: I bought 2 champions, it took the ip, but i didn't get either
I also happened to have the same problem with Xayah, got her from the store and it did not unlock. I opened a discussion board and a support ticket too. Rito pls halp T.T
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