ImMaleLol (EUW)
: ure*
no idea what u just typed
: It is a potentially permabanable offense.
all offensive words except for the word ''bad'' are potentially permabanable according to riot, even the phrase '' I hate you'' is a bannable excuse as long as the guy on the other end of the screen is 10- year old.
dont bother (EUNE)
: wishing death
How old are you? 8? 10? I am sure in no country or games s allowed to say that to someone but you just want to write it here so he may be banned after all
: 14 day suspension for a single game - Previously honor 4
honestly, man, I don't t see any you got banned, I can only see your frustration in this game and nothing more, furthermore, I would like to tell you that there is only 1 game chat log because you may were negative quiet some time ago but chat logs can be within 3 days but your negativity never goes away no matter the passage of time
IT Scout (EUW)
: you obviously tilted your teammates and sometimes u insulted them. so deserved ban dont cry kid
explain that a bit more where when how because as i can see this the more i realise that i dont know what i did wrong
: Have you been punished before? Any punishments prior to this one?
i had gotten chatban 3 years ago
: we can't do anything, message support
I don't want you to do anything just answer with a comment if I deserve this ban and if I would offend you by saying any of that above also vote up so more people see this
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