: It's not something you will notice at first unless you play her and see the dps missing. You can see from the clips how it looks like and it happens often. Everyone from Rivens side has sent a ticket and reported bugs multiple times, but we either got an answer like "There are more important things to resolve than this" or "Devs will eventually look into it i guess, we can't know for sure" . Reporting bugs has done nothing either since it has been years. And as you can see even posting on boards with video evidence about the issue, gets downvoted for no reason.
: You don't know how the hovering works for Riven so here.. When you press the key Q and you hover, it SHOULD Q where you hovered and not where your cursor later is. If i move it quickly like it always was with the Fast Q combo ( AA Q move AA Q move) i will hover the target press the Q and quickly move my cursor behind me in order to cancel the animation of the Q. It was like this every since Riven was created. If you watch frame by frame you will see the cursor always being on top of the target. The issue with Riven recently is that this rule "if the cursor is on top of the target when pressing the Q key, Riven will follow" doesn't apply always. In fact she goes wherever she wants, sometime she would bug out and start to moonwalk with Qs. Literally doing the combo backwards, you can search it on youtube for clarifications.
had some games with and against "rivens' "didn't see anyone with this "bug"... and ik how the hovering works - im just suggesting that high ping + fast cursor movements might explain what u experience. even if it's a spike. but nonetheless try opening a ticket regarding this matter and contacting rito. if it's something that more peeps encounter, they'll try and fix it. Tbh, anytime i had a report bug issue - i always got response from rito's support after contacting them via the ticket/report bug forms.
: Uh. When you hover with a cursor Riven should Q there. The issue here is that her Qs don't always follow this rule and often go towards wherever they want. Also Q often fails to follow the cursor when the collision happens with a unit or when she is on top of the target.
From the above clips it seems like it's working properly - it seems like a q following the last place u hovered with the cursor. That's why I suggested - try changing the q from just going where the cursor hovers to a q-click and test the results. From my little experience with riven - when I q and sort of scramble the cursor or move it too fast it seems sometimes as tho she q's to different places rather than where I "wanted" it to go. Keep in mind - the q still has a cool-down time since the 2nd and 3rd q's only begin when the last q has finished its' animation. so it's possible you "smash" q too fast and while you think it's going to the last place you pressed q and hovered, it actually goes to where your cursor is at the moment of actually pressing the q. i.e. you move your cursor way faster than the q-cool-down is up and while you "smash" q repeatedly, you also move you'r cursor to different places...resulting in last q going to weird places. Again, I'm no expert, I'm just sharing my experience... But try what I suggested - changing the q form quick cast to q-click cast and test it...If the bug occurs also - then you'll know for sure it's a bug... If it doesn't, you might want to re-think the whole "Riven has a bugged q" theory. In the heat of a battle players sometimes aren't aware of what happened - cause it happened so fast - try analyzing it through a slow motion program/replays ... it might shed some more light on the issue. ofc, could be I'm wrong...
: Riven has unprecedented amount of bugs but no resolves in sight (it has been years)
To me it seems like you just q in the direction of your cursor, try doing those q's with a click - i.e. pressing q does nothing until you click the enemy/place you want to q. that might give you an indication whether or not it's a real bug or just you moving your cursor too fast - that the q's just fail to keep up. If you have high ping - it could also result in the above description. I'm no expert, just expressing my thoughts.
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