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: I... > ( only for support mains ) :'( Okay, then I'll Limit it to 3 questions: I mainly Play {{champion:40}} and {{champion:16}} if I get to support, and as those 2 are considered to be passive supports (for a reason), I always came to wonder if I should *only* peel. With Soraka there isn't much else to do, but in general if I should try to do things like Janna flash Ults to split their Team (if I see an oppurtunity), or if I really should just stick to my ADC like glue and make sure they (and ofc other Team members) don't die? (Ofc still zone in 2v1s and the likes) Kinda connecting to above, should I roam with those picks? When I got nothing to do on bot I usually just go ward, or help my jungler invade if he's about to, etc. But I hardly ever thought about ganking mid... for kinda obvious reasons I guess, but is it still worth trying? And last but not least: Are the new 'Support item + Sightstone' Items worth it? I tend to go coin on both Janna and Soraka, and I feel like Talisman's active is way to powerfull in midgame to not get it. And the amount of games that actually go untill fullbuild is kinda low, worst case I could sell it and buy the sightstone one? Not sure if I have a correct Approach to this tho. :s Every answer is apreachiated. ^.^
Hey, i'm also support main and i can give you some advice, cuz Janna is also my main. If you are playing vs Leona, Thresh, Blitz, Morgana or something that you can have a good trade with better use {{item:3092}} , but if you play against Lulu, Sona (something that can poke you down) play with {{item:3301}} . I never roam with Soraka, because it is risky. But with Janna i sometimes roam for example if my ADC is doing bad and he recalls when i am in the lane with full HP i just go and try to help mid. Also if you have the binding tip. I mean in the control settings you can make your E (shield) as not smart cast and put your ADC on some special button (for my is V) like player 2 = V. So in teamfights when i press E + V i shield my adc very very fast and i don't need to look for him around all that massacre. It really helps me. But i am not sure if it's only me or there are other Janna mains that do this. Maybe Support Man can tell us if this is a good idea or not xD
: What Champ makes you tryhard the most?
It's VAYNE. And it's not only me! I swear that EVERY Vayne main thinks that he/she can 1v5 every single match :D
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: Who is the most OP champ in preseason 6
Top: Garen, Darius, Tryndamare, Lulu, Fiora Mid: Zed, Kassadin, Azir, Yasuo Jungle: Rek'Sai, Hecarim, Evelynn ADC: Graves, Vayne, Caitlyn, Support: Soraka, Tahm Kench, Janna
Antony9 (EUW)
: Annie,heimer,riven or ahri to carry solo q?
It is so easy to carry with Annie, so if i must choose between these i will go for Annie :)
Sylrael (EUNE)
: [Poll] Muay Thai vs Pool Party Lee Sin
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: TEAM Looking for support
Hello, i am dedicated suppor who play often i main support since Nocturne came out and i am very good at it. If you decide yo can try me at normals i don't mind. IGN: Nòaa Counter: Bulgaria Age: 21 Main Role: Support Secondary Role: Jungler Times Available: Depends on my working time (yes, i work), but i always tell when i can play. I often play minimum 3/4 hours per day. Top 5 champions in each role: Support - {{champion:40}} (70% win rate with Janna) {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:98}} jungler - {{champion:28}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:102}}
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: I really need help choosing a mid ! I can't figure who to choose big confusion almost 1 month
I think the best mid laner for you from that you have is Orianna, she can carry basicly every teamfight if u land a nice ult. Also i sugest you to buy Ahri she is awesome and very fun to play, also you gonna need something tanky if your team decide to troll and pick only assassins so swain is a good champion too, and ofcourse do not forget the assassins, Zed, Fizz or Yasuo.
: Your facepalm moments in LoL
I am katarina 5 players of the enemy team are low i jump and ult then my teammate Janna ulted too saving them all ... That costed our game
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Rustilol (EUW)
: A League of Legends Joke
What is {{champion:1}} after first blood? A woman
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