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: Well that would mean you could just rotate with skins each week... I do agree however that it should probably state it. I'd be pretty pissed if I got a skin I really wanted, rented it because I didn't have enough essence to craft it, but really wanted to use it as i've wanted this skin for a while, only for it to disappear after, so yes- It should be stated. In the future, if you arrive in this situation again, there are plenty of skin spotlight videos and pictures that will showcase the skin for you, and you can decide through that if it's worth saving for it! Good luck summoner.
i dont mean like have it stated i mean that you can use it like terial 7 days and within this 7 days you can upgrade it as you could before that i just didnt played nida and got a rly good skin so i wanted to try nidalee and this skin i saw 7 days terial so k was sure i would have a way to take it for permenant with the esence and nope now that skin gone iam not that mad but that kinda stupid and confucing why wont they do the option to try this skin and within the time you try it (7 days) you can also upgrade it buy the full price that you had that would make no diffrence its not like i gonna but every skin i try or never upgrade any skin that i played for 7 days... so yeah that kinda stupid i just see no logic in this how ever this crafting system is amazing that would make people have a reason to play and to get good scores and not only for ranking
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Arcadeath (EUNE)
all you can say is ahri but what about ashe :D :D :D
Fajerk (EUW)
: Controlling stacks would be still unreliable and very difficult, right now if you need, you just wait several seconds and they all drop at once, you also don't need to be afraid that your dmg output suddenly goes down. And no there is no problem to make those timers, problem is if I have 5 timers on by board, I will scream of numbers which I happen to lose in anyway. In fact working with one timer is much easier than working with 4, 5 or 6 of them, if you are target to make kassa harder to play then go ahead, would not call that an improvement however.
i mean you can show only one timer the one that has the lowest time left. you would clearly see when would be the next power drop. and that wont make kassadin in anyway harder that would just make the possibility with kassadin make an better use out of his ult. and if the timer time left increasing by every rift you use then you can easy menage to rift it without drop and the next few second get mana drop.
Larry (EUNE)
: that 15 second mark is what defines the term "chasing" someone. i mean, if kassadin is fleeing away, your only bet for him is to run out of mana. So if he rifts every 10 seconds while you are chasing him, you basically gifing him alot more rifting than he would normally do. Im saying this because i;ve actually done a kassa-leesin chasing and i could barely catch up to him at around every 10 seconds and i was waiting for him to run oom. When i caught him he always rifted away. I believe 15 second penalty is fine and i believe riot made this 15 second mark for "chasing" purposes
you are right but there is always a way to avoid it like for each rift increase the other timers by ult cd time and then if kassadin always rifting he's reset timer are delayed each time. this way he still will run out of mana in the exact same point, after 4 rifts you would get in the perfect timing 4 timers that are exactly the same and are 15 seconds till drop. so that would be exactly the same
: ok but heres my point again if i am late to a fight i use my riftwalks to get closer while charging it up so i can pick my target off quickly and safely however sometimes im chased and after a while my mana starts to run low because im spending alot of mana on riftwalks but if i can play it out well i can often avoid them for a while possibly use zhonyas to stall for the reset and start hopping off with my low mana walks again :\
that thing would only change the fact that in some point after using 4 rifts in a row. lets make it less op: for each rift you use all the timers get about the ult cd time to their timers. so if you use it 4 times in a row overall they should reset all in the same time 15 sec as riot planed. but if you use it still in delay 5 sec per rift you can rly go zonya avoid for 2 sec get one stack down and rift again by halved mana.
: so you want to not be able to reset your riftwalk to 50 mana when you really need it rather have it go back down to 400 so you still cant cast it and die ? besides the point of the mana cost increase is each riftwalk is stronger than the last meaning he can use the early ones to get there and then the later ones to increase his burst
normally to get close and then go for the kill you dont have to wait this whole 15 sec that normally very fast and you wont go in tf when you have 4 stacks because its then impossible to disengage. you normally use your 4 stack to run away or finish someone, either way even with 3 stacks you get the same result.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Kassadin atm is about mastering ulti stack, have the full dmg and not waste mana in right time just when you need to kill someone. If you do this it saving mana would be easier, getting max dmg a bit more complicated and CLARITY. This would require separated timer for each ultimate cast, so you could have probably up to 6 or 7 timers on your BAR in same time. In fact I was wrong, this would be a nerf and made playing kassa pain, especially tracking all the cd which is very important. Still no unless you plan to only drop manacost and not dmg but that would make 0 sense and would be broken as you could have 50 mana cost 1.2k dmg spell which could deal up to 5k AOE dmg in about 2k mana and approx 6 seconds, nah nope still a no
you can say it a nerf by that point. but lets be honest the old kassa had the exact same power. but ult range of 700 rather then 400. and even then he had less reset timer. you would be still able to stack fast 4 stacks. the main point is make timer for each stack. and they can make any formula like: 15 sec + cd time for each stuck. or maybe for each new stack increase by cd time any other timers. so when you ult and you waited 14 out of 15 sec. you would have to wait exactly 1 sec after your cd is up again to reset the mana. i mean if you do it like this or there is countless possibilities that could just improve the gameplay with kassadin.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Too OP, no
and why is that op? you still would get the same mana punishment every thing the same except the fact that in the overall after over using his ult you would wait a little longer for the reset and it wont drop it to 50 mana cost just reduce by 50%
Larry (EUNE)
: So what you are trying to say is, give kassadin a perma-flash.
exactly as Bus Load Of Kids said that wont change anything specific he still be the same kassadin you will have to wait 15 sec per mana reset the only change is that its individuality so if you just need to use ult after 14 sec and not 15 you wont get punished by X2 mana and again to wait 15 sec and next use X4 mana you would just get punished by using X2 mana x4 next use for 1 sec and then reset to x2 mana for 14 sec. and something else when you get to the max mana cost every time you use your ulty you reset the lowest timer for mana reduce if your first ult was 14 sec ago its resets it so you wont get a mana drop after 1 sec (that would be bad)
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huckasex (EUW)
: you leave, you get marked as afk whats so hard to understand about that?
404Logicnotfound and wat that have to do with the fact that i just got afk? so u mean riot see u inactive so they put a people who most likely will go afk? that make no sense its just proves that this game is fuked up
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Well,ye u got afker, but u fed aswell. Even if that guy wasnt afk, your low skill wouldnt help either.
dude that aint work that way we were fed early then we start losing so why not? and i didnt rly cared about wining this game or not i just saying this is rito league system FUK U that the system i just wanted enjoy this one game and i just got remembered why i hate this game so much... and wanted to share with all of u guyz why does this game eventually would crash and be an history it was fun s3-s2 i just wanna say one last thing this game is unbalanced AS FUK do u even so that ridiculously shit about MR and armor in this game? full mr build would give u max 320+- mr 2-3 armor items would give u 320+- armor then goes the void stuff 33% mr ignored means with 6 mr items u got 200+- mr THAT IS NOTHING normal apc with +- 700 ap can fuking almost one shoot u not only that the ap scaling is fucking high when max ap item is 120 ap max ad item is like 60+-? so yeah if they wanna fix balance this game MAYBE FUCKING NERF APC?
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