: Although its the unpopular opinion on the boards, all the pros and high elo players agree withn nb3. So it's not a bad thing. It's scummy how he got the guy banned by having a riot employee directly do it. But nubrac shouldn't be doing strats like that without his teammates permission.
Teammates permission? Wtf? So now we have to ask people in our team "am I allowed to do this?" L-M-A-O
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: Unpopular opinion, but I'm firmly defending NB3 in this, and I'm not even a major fan of his. Please hear me out, I think you'll most likely agree. He definitely gets far too carried away quite often, especially if something triggers him. I selected overreaction in poll however, because tbf seeing a roaming Teemo support would be an automatic trigger for most of us, and that guy playing it is clearly very aware of this fact and is potentially revelling in it lowkey. I strongly believe he needs someone from Riot to tell him personally that his behaviour is out of order, so he can be better. I think anyone would agree that successful streamers like him do deserve to get a personal warning rather than be slapped with a penalty, since he does it full time and a penalty will bear major financial consequences to him. In turn, this may have major impact on him mentally for the duration of the ban. Everyone makes mistakes, and I'm sure he can understand, apologise and improve. Sorry for commenting even though you said to not, but 'should receive a personal written warning' was not one of your options. :) EDIT: Thanks to everyone who is joining this discussion with me. I'm sorry for not being more clear, I do believe that NB3 deserves to be punished - I've decided I would give him a 2 week ban from streaming LoL. Also, knowing more about the Teemo player I fully believe he deserves to be unbanned and should receive apology and compensation from Riot. Btw, I played almost exclusively Teemo support in seasons 4 and 5 :D
Don't act clever bro.. This just aint the situation for it.


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