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: finally some counterplay besides running away tho just touching does not make sense. knockbacks should work as cancel mechanics(Hint thats a wqishful thinking.) In reality this is a huge bug.
running away is actually pretty powerful way to get rid of ulti knockback cancel ulti and put it on cooldown is really big bug making illaoi almost uselless because her jump takes a lifetime and even bronze 5 can react and knock her with CC shot and she dies in the crowd instantly
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: are you for real? if you were that good, you werent in b5 :) its all about the skills and decision making ;) i suggest you to check Ghost to Lane's youtube channel for the 1 Diamond vs 5 bronze, or 1 challanger vs 5 bronze players :) they win 1 v 5 , this is called skill
You apparently cannot read or dont want understand. The challengers in videos dont go with shoes against bloodthirster OMG. If all your teammates make 1/9 on start and you do 8/4 on your lane, you get busted from all sides no matter what you do. Understand now?
Coopa123 (EUW)
: Plenty of games, terrible kda, negative winrate. > I am good with Ryze No. You are terrible
Come one on one, I will show you :-P but you are scared
Coopa123 (EUW)
: Terrible advice. Getting boosted by someone to a point where you are probably going to lose hardcore every time you play by yourself is just idiotic. Good advice would have been to improve at the game. Because checking his match history clearly shows that this guy is absolutely terrible at the game
YES, you are absolutely "right". Going afk or feeding as rest of the team would help me became better player, but no thx. I rather die alone against 5 and give it a try and dont care what my score is.
GI1tch (EUW)
: Listen, I'm not trying to bash you or hurt your feelings by telling you that you need to improve, and focus on yourself.. As long as you keep telling yourself that you did great and only reason you lost is your team you will be in bronze, I guarantee it.. As i said some games are unwinable, check out my last solo ranked game.. I played good, had a lead of 60cs on zed by the 20 min mark, and it didnt mean nothing since our adc went afk before 10 min mark because he died 2 times.. These games happend, and there is nothing you can do about it.. Pick 2, max 3 champs you like to play and practise them, focus more on cs-ing and not dying.. Dont try to help your teammate if they are doing something stupid.. I got of bronze by playing only sion top, got my cs to be decent and thats it, just farm and stop dying.. You should maybe try different champs since the ones you are playing now are just not working for you(below 50% winrate on all of them)
I am good with Ryze and winning my lanes on mid or top in 90%. Just the rest of the game is bad. I am not the kind of person telling - I play like gold and got stuck here because I am the only one playing well. No, I know my weaknesses and work on my game. Just telling I cant win or have good score if I dont go afk and all my teammates are 1/9 after 10 minutes which is most of my games.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: > I play better than my silver friends No you don't. You think you do but you don't. > I wouldnt mind, if this is my fault, but in 90% of games it just isnt. Checking your match history it becomes absolutely clear that many of your losses actually are your fault. Going 1-11 or 2-12 is your fault You are delusional. Based on your scores it's obvious that you are terrible at the game. You can't blame you playing horribly on anyone but yourself. Your top 7 all have a negative winrate. This is ridiculous. If you don't realize that you suck hardcore at this game nothing will change. So stop %%%%%ing and moaning and l2p
Watch what was written up. **Watch the game, not the score**. Or show me, how you win alone against 4 on your lane, or how you win with one finished item against two full build enemies :-)) "smart" guy. You know what? Make account on EUW and play with me. I will show you. Just surrendered game with my platinum smurf friend - "no more games - my nerves cant stand this" he chatted me after the game. Everybody says: you bad, you dont carry. But everyone plat-diamond tries b5 with me, we loose even they try to carry. So chit-chatted, you have gutts to try and show me you are not just joker with muscles on chat on not able to prove your opinion in praxis? And I know I am better than my silver friend, because I play with them and see it.
: Favourite part: "I finish 10/25. My teamfeeders refuse to resign"
Yes, because when I am the only one in team defending or doing something, I die under turret against 4 full builds. Guess you play 1 vs 5 and win easily :))
GI1tch (EUW)
: I get it, I was in bronze, and silver and now in gold.. There are some games you just can't win, some you just need to play better.. You cant really tell me that you can win your lane and then go 3-11,2-12,1-11 (scores from a guy that started this thread), thats not how it works if you know how to play at least a little bit.. Trust me you just need to focus on yourself and stop blaming everyone else for your loses, learn from your mistakes.. If you die heading top to enemy jungler, dont face check, ward or take the longer route.. If you see the enemy can 1v2 don't fight him and give him 2 more kills.. Everyone gives this examples of games that you just "can't" win, but nobody shares that game where you played like an idiot and got carried by your teammates.. Also i see twitch is your best champion, so play him when ever he is open, you got 64% winrate with him, and you should be able to climb out of bronze if you play him
I get carried in like 10-15% games. But imagine this - you are mid with Ryze and have 6/4 after being against midlaner + jungler, who is camping there all the time. Top is 1/9, supp afk, adc 1/9. You finish ROA and meet toplaner with 3 full items, jungler with 3 full items and your non-fed midlaner. Result: death under turret no matter what. And the fact I finish with bad score is that I defend and dont go afk. If I do, I finish on positive score but we loose the game fast. Got it?
GI1tch (EUW)
: Man i don't want to be rude but i checked your match history and most of the games you feed your ass off.. You need to die a lot less, stop blaming your teammates and focus on improving.. Last season was my first ever playing this game, was placed in bronze 3, ended up in gold 5.. This season flex was placed in b4,and now i'm in s4 (i dont play that much).. So all of you need to stop blaming the "elo hell" and confess to yourself that you are just bad and need to improve (not saying that i'm much better)..
Your opinion is just bad. Watch the game, not the stats. As I described, I mostly have a positive score until I meet fed enemies and face 2-3 while my teammates dont defend or stay afk, as Kaloutsidis69 describes. Judging people based on score and not watching the games is just bad and means you dont understand the teamplay at all.
: You are wrong here bud. Not going to downvote, just explain something. As he told you (and from my personal experience, currently Bronze2 and 30 LP I think, playing since August 2016) he is going well but then he dies from fed enemies. Let me give you an example. You win your lane, you have 2/0/x and took one tower. Then you decide to help other lanes instead of pushing your own because enemy jungler and midlaner are camping mid. You go top to help your Olaf who is 0/4/x. You gank but die because enemy Gangplank is 4/0/x. You are dead with 2/1/x. You defend mid and then roam to bot. You die again from enemy Ashe who is 5/1/x. You are now 2/2/x. A teamfight begins in midlane. You die because enemies had CC and they were fed by your teammates. You are dead with a score of 2/3/x. You now go and defend your toplane but when going there their jungle kills you. Now you are 3/4/x They push until inhib tower.You get flamed for loosing your lane and feeding. After getting flamed one teammate is afk, other one is running it down mid and the other one is pushing alone and dying to 1v4 and 1v5. You are the only one who is defending nexus towers. They towerdive you and you die. You now have 2/5/x. You loose the game. You have 2/5/x. It is not your fault but when someone checks your OP.GG he will see that score and hhe will say that you fed. Wrong. Know the story behind the game. I hope you understood me
Adama (EUW)
: I've duo'd with a bronze 5 couple a games on a silver 1 account. Result was everyone else was around silver 5. My bronze 5 mate fed his ass off but I really had no trouble carrying. I guess ur diamond pall may be very good in mechanics but when he has to lead a team he doesn't know what to do.
That has a point. Leading is important. But you cant force someone to play well. The matter of fact is, that when he killed 4 enemies and last one run away to heal, we could have free drake and free Baron. Try it with these players pls! No matter what you ping or what you write, they will farm jungle, chase one enemy all around jungle for minutes and dont come for Baron and you can stand there to the end of the game and ping. They just dont care. You can write you are diamond, you are Faker yourself, they dont care and do useless things.
Sephiro (EUNE)
: A big thanks to all you who deserve this
Wanna read something interesting and more important to the game than player behavior only? You should, because 90% of my friends from diamond to gold already stopped playing LOL they were playing for years and migrated to some HOTS game instead. Maybe Riot should do something about it?
Çhaòs (EUW)
: Elo hell is kinda a thing, but I think it's the match making mostly. Low elo is just smurf wars. 1 person can go into a low elo game and solo carry, then 4 people get a free win which means they get matched verses better players. I don't really know how bad smurfing is, but I think it's really bad.
Guess you are right. I tried to play with friends who dont feed and we met whole smurf team. Unranked to b4 players with 80-100% winrate. Smurfs are ugly and unfair.
: Elo hell and problems with pairings
PS: At point 1) I meant everybody in team 1/9 after like 15-20 minutes..(not rest of the team as whole)
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