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: Need some high(er) elo help.
the feeling when you can destroy someone in 1v1 and help out other lane = u deserve diamond. Or similar skill.
: Sated Devourer's passive works best with which champs? Need your inputs.
Try kog maw.. his W does 12% instead of 6, combine with runan aoe = 1v5 easily
: a build for kha´zix
{{item:1301}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3931}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3074}}
Naru1994 (EUNE)
: Tahm is the best champion to troll with.
imo that kid did it because it was "fun" and riot allowed such troll ability to go live :D...
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Neonchan (EUW)
: Laningphase never mattered in pro play, if you pick twitch, you put him in a 2v1 lane anyway
so ur admitting twitch is weak.. ok. I see ur point.
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: soraka mains
hi im diamond soraka main. What I do is buying pure AP item and when they focus me, I use silence and Q to heal instant 100% hp and then R for 100% hp again, and then Q heal 100% hp again. ;D
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: games in diamond are so bad
there so many ebay and elo boost nowadays which ruins rank soloq QQ
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: Servers down again?
typical euw.. worst server ever. Always getting DDOS.
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ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: Ezreal or vayne
ez + 1 + 1 +1.. until cinderhulk came. Gl killing tanks with 5k hp +
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: Idea for runes.
riot will never do that.. because they want people to buy IP boost, its all about money...
Philip24th (EUNE)
: A Serious/Funny/Trolling Team
Support here. I love troll team About me: I'm fat if you know what I mean :))
hormigaz (EUW)
: LP in diamond
I dont believe you. I want a screenshot proof.
Khâmul (EUW)
: For those who play adc and don't understand something
only LB and ZED need a nerf and the game will be much healthier. And maybe rengar oneshot , riven, fiora.
: As ADC how bad is "Kill for contribution" at 41%?
41% is better than nasus who is always at 0% #fuck nasus player
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: My typical ranked game.
ok nice. You can always scare those kid with tracking their IP -adress through riot server . And threatning them ! "I will find where you live and burn your house" Kappa. Or something.
Harima (EUNE)
: What can you do when your team refuses to end the game ?
splitpush all the way. easy even if u have troll team.
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: What happens to players who DC'ed for like.. 10 minutes?
Dc once. You get a warning you have to type in " I agree" on not going afk. Second time U get penalty 5min queue. third. 10min. fourth 20min. fifth permban GG WP.
: Why do I lose so much?
Yo Diamond 1 player here. My advice is to find a champion you really have fun with. And just playing the game for fun and you will eventually improve. I swear once u enjoy something u become much much better as a player. good luck out there
Vingthór (EUW)
: I have been smurfing in lower tiers from time to time and I can wholehartedly disagree with your statement. There is so much less toxicity in Diamond than in lower tiers, especially when it comes to things like intentional feeding, afk and so on.
My perspective bronze-gold are considering as meh/average players. Therefore people expect lesser from you. But in plat/dia one misstake is flaming nonstop. OR WHY DONT YOU INSTANT 0,1 silence/stun that champ. Now im going to flame you whole game and point out all your misstakes etc. Happend every game,.
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: Elise's Rappel Underpowered
I dont want riot to buff elise dmg. But she could use some more tank buff/MS/utility. Like buffing her hp regen/hp mr/armor etc.
: cant go back into game
: Noob question
U guys are all wrong. Its because she is broken (KAPPA)
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varucu (EUNE)
: Getting disconnected from game
Atleast undo the leaverburst penalty O_o / As compensation of riot failure I also want RP giveaway to everyone and IP boost 10games +.
: firewall error
I got the penalty already after 3 attempts. I though it was a bug on my side. #fuck leaverburster
Raikoh4986 (EUNE)
: Again, "firewall" problem, its getting annoying...
EUW is working. EUEAST is fk. And I already got the penalty after 2 attempts of joining a game.
varucu (EUNE)
: Getting disconnected from game
fk! I already got the penalty! Because of this bug >_< i tried to connect 2games, both failed!


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