Fawkz (EUW)
: About Skins and Refunding.
While it's interesting you saw the skin video and still liked the skin until you actually had it but I can relate to that. Myself can't think straight until I have it. Also there's a discussion about the T1 new skins and their bad quality from PBE feedback, had you put some research before purchase, but it's true the skins don't at all match their price category. The point you have is very valid, however, it seems quite some percentage of riot's income is from regretted and impulsive purchases, that's why you have hyped skin release videos, leaks, to the point that people would just headbutt that purchase button, which is exactly what I do. Riot has responded to it and refunds aren't happening, they said free stuff they give away compensates for that, like yearly events, rewards and loot, or something along those lines.
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wildfetish (EUNE)
: you can create a custom game and it will show the same ping as if you play vs players (you dont even need to enter the game just the loading screen)
> [{quoted}](name=wildfetish,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=PmFFmeeN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-07T11:57:40.446+0000) > > you can create a custom game and it will show the same ping as if you play vs players (you dont even need to enter the game just the loading screen) Probably, so it's like a ritual, start a test game before you play, and if the ping is bad, you're done for the day or redo several times. Still I think it's a better idea to have an indication or way to check in client.
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: They came a week ago, with patch 7.1
Thanks <3 you're a lifesaver
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Undine (EUW)
: Yeah, it feels somewhat strange to me too, but i don't really get what's the problem, i mean, does it just miss because the animation is off or is the skill box that's bugged?
I think if you notice in videos or your replays, the ability hitbox will always start from character model center (for almost all abilities). When you fire W, it starts from above model head and that's where it comes back, so hitbox should possibly be way below the visible thing.
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: What does mean RT ?
RT = Right Click LT = Left Click
: You are just like me!! After 3 years of this game, I found this attack move and now started practicing it :D But yes I have the same problem when using A + LT I sometimes mess my Q with it.. Been wondering what quick keybinding people are using
lol Hi5 bud
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Anraton (EUW)
: Runes and masteries are both very subjectiv ... If you need some inspiration .. take a look at my rune plages (care some are outdated)
What I learnt from your runepages is ... some crazy runes exist in LOL!! Ok, the thing is, I need some generic pages that I can use for any role I'm going to choose regardless of champion, say for trying a champion out. For the mains, of course I'll make individual runepages. Also, I wouldn't care about about the playstyle precision as I'll be playing vs bots only :) Runes, sure I can make, mastery is a mystery {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kageryu,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=eE8GGHZ6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-23T10:23:55.241+0000) > > No. But Kageryu, please?! On a more serious Note, may i ask why Riot should do that?
How happy will you be if several of your team mates left the game, for every game you played? And you are stuck in ranking forever just because of that.
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: I don't think it ever resets: Lets say after 5 leaves you get a 5 min Low Prio Q, 50 matches later you decide to leave 5 times you get 10 min, x amount of games later you leave 5 you get 20 and so on, these leaves do not have to be in a row either, just in total.
Pretty sure it's not 5 games. I got disconnected from server for 1 queue, not even game and I got the delay thing. And another unfair thing is, in your next queue, your whole team suffers the delay. Quite unfair in my opinion. No matter how dedicated you are to your game, life has problems and genuine ones, like you won't leave an injured person to play your game etc. So the game being so inconsiderate is negative in itself.
CV Blood (EUW)
: Hey! If you're looking for people to play with and you are over 16, I recommend joining a community called the Chaos Vanguard. Essentially the Chaos Vanguard (CV) is a multi-gaming community for Europe and NA that aims to provide a fun and safe environment for players. We have recently expanded to EUNE. We have a large website and teamspeak. Competitive teams also get their own channels on our teamspeak. Also we have separate channels for people who duoQ, so they won't be disturbed in the middle of the match! If you ever get bored of league you could just jump down to one of our different sections for games such as Counter Strike, Heroes of the Storm, Warframe, Smite and many more. You can find us at: Website: http://thechaosvanguard.co.uk TeamSpeak: ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk
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Luis Sc (EUW)
: Everything I read in this topic, bar the OP concern about people demanding solo-lanes, is so wrong I can't even fathom --! Let me highlight those points in the order you guys are proposing them : - let's punish players that can't play like a team, because they should be in custom games -- their ignorance is worthy of a bannable report - better teach them a lesson by aggravating them because, in all fairness, they seem like someone you can reason with so why not return in kind and behave like they do - again, returning behaviour in kind to prompt a flame so there is a valid reason to report - let's forget what these "co-op vs ai" games are all about and why they're there for and ( find ways to ) report people Don't get me wrong, I know exactly what is being discussed here and I don't agree with calling solo lanes : there's solo custom games to do practice. Playing a co-op game means you will have to co-op, rather you want it or not. What I condemn is the community "fight fire with fire" and it's why it'll never be a good place to be around, unless you've made your friends and don't need to solo-queue.
"fight fire with fire" I agree is not a worth-while or praise-worthy act. But then again taking the high road and being Mr. Nice means you are probably being a punching-bag. Having pings muted and person muted is very pleasant experience of course. But seeing the other laner play just to annoy you can possibly not be muted. We all know what that is and some people don't calm down, they try to make you regret laning with them. So playing for fun turning into a nightmare for you while the other person is flaming and trolling - not a fair trade. Queue dodge when you know this is going to happen annoys riot. Going afk because it's a bad game, against rules. Worst case, you picked support and no one wants you - happened to me a lot and I felt like a dead weight unable to do anything unless I play Morgana. With all that frustration, the best you can do is report the person knowing it won't mean much, hold your head for the next hour or dive back in queue and have another horrible game. I have tried few ways, like promise myself not to say a single word whole game and just play. Not declare a role and fill last remaining position, play passive role like tank or support but some people just know how to break it. I think it is dream-scenario to have a full team to play, without it, it's just sad.
: If someone flames or says something mean, just send a "<3" who cares what he says xD
I promised myself to stay quiet and not say a word in games, but sure if someone flames, will do this :)
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: Hearts vs. flame!
I am so not sure how I can answer a ping & rage storm with a <3 it is always answered by "Report this noob {{champion:84}}"
Naruto Leo (EUNE)
: Ping Volume - Sound Settings
I reported and they said it will be fixed and I should make a bug report. Thought I'd throw some insight ;)
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: RIOT - Is disabling the ability to mute pings and make the UI smaller (old ui) intentional?
Same problem - sometimes there are ping spammers and I now have to mute the whole thing.
CV Surge (EUW)
: Hi there, I see you are looking for a team and if you are over 16, The Chaos Vanguard is a gaming community with over 100 League of Legends players of various skill levels, so you are bound to find the team that is right for you. When you make a ranked team in CV you will receive your own personal ranked team channel :) If you think this would be of interest to you, please contact me on LoL or sign up to the website. If you get tired of LoL, we have other sections for games such as; Counter Strike, DOTA 2, Smite, Archeage, Path of Exile, Minecraft and H1Z1. Thanks, (Name) Website: http://thechaosvanguard.co.uk/ (Needs to be updated for new site) TeamSpeak: ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk
Hi, thanks so much. I will give it a try and signup on website.
: I was hoping to find such team where we can gather and play for fun, with no raging and flaming, instead, we should constructively build each others. I saw your post and give it a thought, maybe we can make a team if you want, and I'm sure one of my IG friends will join. What do you say? Btw, yes, I am a low level, but I consider my performance fair enough and a bit above my level.
Sounds good, I have few IG friends that we can get to join as well. See you in game.
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: I love bots :3, don't know many people that do sadly or rather that would purposefully wait for a 5 stack to do em, that said count me in (I'm DrSnuffles on EUNE)
I have added you, hope we can duo soon {{champion:119}}
MirzaKiller (EUNE)
: Why not play ranked with my cousin and me{{champion:51}} {{champion:222}}
I feel bots are less pressure {{champion:117}}
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