: Summoner name Related to katarina or related to assasian? Any help
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Choréx TCM (EUNE)
: Nice idea! :) {{summoner:6}} !
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: Nice idea
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: Summoner of the match
: It's an awesome idea, i think voting is the best way because sometimes the system will give the summoner of the match to someone who doesn't deserve it. Of course you will vote to the one who carried you to victory or to the one who made the play to win ( backdoor, 5 stuns etc...) so i think it should look like this : when the game finish, all the other 4 summoners icons appear with their summoner name and champion name then you choose 1 of them and the one with most votes get the summoner of the match, if its a draw then write all the summoners who draw
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: Really like this idea! 1+
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: i like this idea hope riot accept it :) {{summoner:32}}
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: OMG !! WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA.., this will be so awesome in season 6 > thumbs up "
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: Make a system that makes the player with the most assists (or something like that) the summoner of the match. People won't be ks'ing and people would be trying to cooperate more (I hope so, maybe some players are too sad for it and - I mean the group of players that starts complaining why they would never become summoner of the match)
Summoner of the match not about kills man .. it's about how the summoner play in the game .. he helps his team to the win or he feed you to carry them .. or maybe you can win the lane without any helping so you will get summoner of the match ..Also support players can get summoner of the match by there plays and feeding his team
Kageryu (EUW)
: And how would that be decided?
Riot will decided this man.. I rly don't know what will happen yet .. it's just an idea
: FEEDER of the MATCH.... oh iam laugh so much pls... i imagine bronze teemo rumble and much more ;G just watch the alst moment and image his face https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeV5Eto3CPM
Cypherous (EUW)
: How do you define who carried? KDA is not a valid indication of who carried and a voting system would result in most people not voting because they can't vote for themselves and why vote to give other people something you can't have :P So while the idea is interesting its not realistic to add as there are too many definitions of "carrying"
It's not about vote .. Summoner of the match will be chosen by the system ..
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