Nelzy (EUNE)
: Perma banned for flaming
UPDATE: Riot support just told i got a 14 week suspension last September and apparently going from honor 0 to honor 1 in that time didnt lower my punishment and the account will stay perma banned I made another account and it is already plat 4 with a 80% wr But again getting reported for smurfing when i crushed low elo players XDD so basically because one or 2 players reported me for "ruining their gaming experience", i ruined the game for like 100+ players in solo q really nice system riot, keep it up XD
: Same thing happened to me lol i got perma banned for saying words like noob or stupid
Did u try to message riot and ask for an appeal?
Smerk (EUW)
: It takes a lot of time to be seen as reformed player by the system after 14 days ban. And after 14 days ban it doesn't matter how serious your misbehavior is, even smaller thing can lead to permaban. Now you can only hope that support will be in a good mood and will give you 14 days again
I hope so.. :c thanks
Casuia (EUW)
: I agree with all of the above, that was like a minor harrassment and not worthy of a perma ban, not even maybe 14 days ban good luck on getting ur account back
Thanks for your support bro :c
: ***
I know I deserve to be punished for what I said even if it wasnt that harsh but I dont think I deserve a perma ban for that even after my 14 day suspension of last year cuz I showed good attitude and broke my honor 0 :(
Afelers (EUNE)
: For a while after a 14 days ban you are flagged and are banned permanently even for the smallest offense. You did say it happened last year so you probably don't play League that frequently to have it removed from your account by now but send a ticket to the support they might do something about it. If you get an automated response replying to that should reach them I think.
I play League of Legends almost everyday got d4 last season and d4 like 1 week ago and this is like the first time I flame after that 14 day suspension of last year I was very nervous and that adc really triggered me.. Its my fault I know. I sent a ticket, I hope this will work :c
Smerk (EUW)
: It seems not enough time passed since your previous 14 days ban to drop you to lower punishment tier. And that is why you got permaban, you would get chat restrictions or maybe even nothing at all if not your previous history of misbehaving
I got a 14 day ban like in last summer and broke honor 0 so it means that I am really making a progress in getting reformed It was just this game man and I didnt even flame alot :c
: True you dont deserve a ban but riot never looks into their ban appeals seriously and wont lift any perma ban only like 1% so im sorry for you
I hope that not true :c
nidh13 (EUW)
: Sucks to be you man but you shouldnt get perma banned for telling something "u suck" or "idiot"..
Im not saying Im not wrong here.. I know its my fault but perma is too harsh :c
: Riot needs to fixing their ban system like wtf permabanned for this???
Ikr :c I hope I will get unabanned, I feel so bad and this really sucks
xsims24x (EUW)
: I agree with the above, you dont deserve a perma unless u got a 14 day ban recently or u flamed in other games harder
I got a 14day ban last year and got honor 0 but I reformed and I am no longer honor 0 I just flamed one game :c
: Try sending a ticket to riot, that was worth of a perma lol
I already did, hope they look into it and remove it or atleast make it a 14 day ban :c
Bronen (EUW)
: I dont think what you said in that game deserves a perma ban tbh maybe it was something else and riot didnt send the chat log
No man this is the only game I flamed in since a long time I swear
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