Shamose (EUW)
: I'm used to toxic people, but this person just crossed the line.
: > [{quoted}](name=Neon Phoenix,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=aIl5gYX6,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-03T17:25:24.555+0000) > > No, it is random. This is just counterfactual. See here:
well, i was hoping to get victories skin for ADC or support this season ,but it is what it is. Don't think Riot well cancel the new 1.
: > [{quoted}](name=Neon Phoenix,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=aIl5gYX6,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-29T12:35:35.833+0000) > > Dear Riot, please cancel the new Victorious skin and make us at least vote for the new one instead of giving us a random skin... The skins are chosen to be for Champions who were prevelent in proplay in that season. As a ranked reward - a competetive game mode - this makes perfect sense. So it's not random.
No, it is random. all i ask for is just a vote..
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: every champion in a nutshell (NO LORE INCLUDED)
Oh my God bro what was that !!!! Clap for your work... I'll give you a period, regardless of your gender" {{champion:122}} hahah
: Celebrating Birthday in League of Legends
Noxelus (EUW)
: what is the actual size of mordekaiser?
Lαdybug (EUNE)
: Orange essence inssuficient
Yes they have to take this setp Even some missions they reward us BE instead of OE despite the fact that OE is what we need more !
: > [{quoted}](name=Neon Phoenix,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=8Bv3HBWu,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-05-26T21:12:42.599+0000) > > IK it was really hard 1 ,but with the best rewards too. Yep, this is why they gave skin shard and the gem, high difficulty, high rewards. They said they will do another event as big than odyssey, so we most likely see the same kind of event/rewards
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >Will Riot reward us a another skin in an event ? If they do, I hope that they will get it right. I am still waiting for the Odyssey Ziggs Chromas to be made available. All availability - individual Chromas, bundle, everything - disappeared from the shop the moment that shard was enchanted.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Probably at some point, you'll just have to wait and see, they aren't going to announce them until the event starts anyway
: That event was the hardest (to complete 100%) and the most worked on, we had a new map (actually more than one), we had new abilities on the champions. That was the best event we got so far. We probably will have the same kind of rewards if they do something similar than odyssey (They said they wanted to do it, so we will see)
IK it was really hard 1 ,but with the best rewards too.
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Seeko94 (EUNE)
: I tried everything . Disabling Win 10 things to improve performance . Also its not on power Saving mode . Like the game is playable but still way too bad to have low fps on a good GPU for this game .
i had a lower FPS once when i switched to power saving mode instead of balanced ( recommended ) ; i suggest playing on medium graphics and turn off shadow in the video setting.... if u done those so i suggest install windows 10 pro better for gaming than home edition. Feel free to ask
Flavius S (EUNE)
: Please pay attention : I said username, **not** summoner name . The username that you use to login. If you know a way to change the username please tell me so I can change it back..
That is so weird, there is no way to change UR username only summoner name
suviii1 (EUNE)
: Game downloads ~5GB of 'something' everytime I launch the client.
This is weird; if I were you I would delete the entire game and re-install it again. And yea don't worry u won't lose any setting I delete league 3 times per year
KlarkizmO (EUW)
: Ping Increase
Yes I am still facing the same problem high ping I can't play
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: GTX 960 2GB
I donno know tbh ,but your GPU is still sufficient for league However, is suggeste that you make sure that UR PC is NOT in power saving mode
BläzeD (EUW)
: ***
Of course not his GPU and CPU are more than enough even with the new updates
King Lego (EUNE)
: What is Mundo's favorite day of the week?
: Who Was Your First Main Champion!
I started play LOL as support with my friend as an ADC ; I used to play lulu was a lot of fun. However, my first main champ I reached it to lel 7 was Sona
WAVenom (EUNE)
: loot not working,chat not working,game fps dropping
UR right... i am expressing a hard lag and the connection to server is......... upvote
: All skins available in the Practice tool?
This is good idea upvote ,but sadly Riot doesn't listen to all good ideas
: Ban New Champs in Ranked Games
But how I suppose to know that... So, I ban the new champ to avoid tilting
: competitions "sponsored" by Riot games. Its in the community tab in the website. You can play in online tournaments to earn RP and other rewards like Triumphant Ryze (limited Edition skin that is only awarded to people who win in competitions). Most of these compeitions require you to play with a team. So you need to find people. However, other competitions allow you to play "solo" but you risk getting matched with bad players in your team.
: new prestige Aatrox was a mistake
Iam sick of these new skins and champions with no balance for the old ones !!
: Why shouldn't we abuse bugs?
Riot has to take an action about this ; players want to hear from riot !
: To everyone who didn't get to abuse the loot bug
: I actually still have 2500RP that I won from the snowdown event and wanted to buy the Blood Moon Capsules. Now I don't want to spend it because the value is below 0.
Can u please tell me how to play event and get RP ?
Suptra (EUW)
: BloodMoon Capsules and Upcoming events
What a bad company !! Pff not fair not even fair !!!!!!
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: THey will give you 1 BE Bug to compansate :)
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: THey will give you 1 BE Bug to compansate :)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: About this 1BE scandal...
Riot reputation is in danger ; they have to return the bug once again so all players be equal !!
owow (EUNE)
: About the capsule abuse
Riot return the goddamn bug at least for 1 day so many players can be equal !!
owow (EUNE)
: About the capsule abuse
Agree, give us 5 permanent skins OR make the blood moon capsule worth 1 BE again so everyone be equal ... that's not fair Riot !!
Rizer (EUNE)
: Middle East
Hell yea :D
: agreed, i cant care less about these things. and so i also hate buying a chest and a key only to find an emote or icon inside.. waste of my money
Emotes were bad idea in the first place at lease they should add option to disenchant them OR remove them from the game.
PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
: They should let us disenchant champions/skins we own as well, that would fix refund issue on top of being useful.
I agree too ; I hope Riot sees my discussion and the upvotes and do something about it.
ArsoBog (EUNE)
: I Agree, as PRoxy oQ, told, ''they should let us disenchant champions/skins we own as well, that would fix refund issue on top of being useful.'' and i hate buying chest & key and getting an icon. it makes me very autistic
*I hate buying chest & key and getting an icon. it makes me very autistic* The same thing here.
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Beckiyana (EUW)
: Victorious Skins Border
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: The newest champion "Neeko"
I strongly agree with you. It is so insult name
016 in EU (EUW)
: About ranking system
Look, when UR MMR is higher than UR actual rank, U earn more LP win U win and lose less LP when U lose and the vice verse.. For example, If iam gold player but my MMR ( plat player ) so I will earn more LP when winning and lose less when losing that's it
G2 Mati (EUNE)
: Help pls
Aye I faced U in match u were playing project zed I think !! :D Rare to see people u face in game and found them too in boarder Anyway, this problem happened to me before ,but riot fixed it. U can try to fix it by hextech repair tool.. Or if U have a good connection delete then fresh re install the game
: Yes, I didn't realise this and used preseason to play for funsies. Never play ranked for funsies.
Smerk (EUW)
: Yes, ranked games during preseason still affect your MMR as usual. That time can be used to get better(or worse) starting point at the start of next season
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SwagZz41 (EUW)
: If I'm at 7LP and lose (for example -15LP), is there a chance that I can demote?
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