opappi (EUW)
: that's not what I meant. Search for a dude with the same skill of yours. If you both are too good for your Elo, you'll get out eventually but more easy then before. If not you have to stay there and accept it. If you really have as many S as you seem to tell and carry so often, you should be higher elo or at least have higher mmr. Also don't take the honor system as it is. With the old honor system you "rarely" got honored. I only got a few hundred in a few years. Also stay nice and don't reply to flame or insults. Always keep chat clean and try to answer kindly. Greet ppl in your team when joining chat and try to be kind. If they instantly reply with insults, just do /mute all and it will be fine Also if you start to get annoyed. Mute all, you will tilt less and there will be less ppl complaining/flaming you if you muted them. But on the opposite you have to stay quiet or kind aswell It really helps.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
If u play in eune, u know my nick ... u really don't help me with nothing...
opappi (EUW)
: play rankeds with a duo premade and get in higher elo
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